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Winter attack 2.0

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Dear players!

Elia is back and is needing your help!

Find NPC Elia in Aden! She needs your help!


To take a place in the Event, hunt monsters level 20+ all over the map and get from them e4.pngGlowing Ice

e4.pngGlowing Ice can be used to summon a Snowman! 


To defeat it, you will need e3.pngDragon's Breath potion, which can be purchased at Elia.

As soon as you got both Glowing Ices and a stack of Dragon's Breath potions, get out of the peaceful zone, summon Snowmen and kill them all!

Each defeated Snowman will drop for you e5.pngBroken Ice, which you need to deliver to Elia.

As a reward for each 30 e5.pngBroken Ice, you will receive image.pngSanta's Pouch

By opening it, you will get 1 of random rewards.

The list of rewards can be found at Elia NPC.


Event duration: 20.12.2021 - 10.01.2021

NPC will stay till restart on January, 14


Classic Team

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Hello guys and Happy New Year to everyone.
I would like to ask you to make 1 hit to destroy the snowman, not 4. Because the event takes a lot of time. First, you need to get the pieces, and then beat the snowmen for 40 minutes to get 10 packages, well, you must agree that this is a lot, it becomes boring at all not fun timespend. Other events you was able just to trade at NPC event items and thats it

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