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  1. Summoner

    My last attempt. Please, MoDoy and GM, try to see this point. Just forget for 1 second the critique with summoners And try to understand the problem with range that only the classic club has. First of all, you guys dont play with summoners, and i'm totally sure you guys dont plays as destro or dagger too. just for example. Classic had mobs decreased speed and range to make AOE possible. But this affected players and pets too. Thats why class with no range skills like daggers destroyers almost dont exist in classic club. The same for pets. But how? With no range for physical attacks, pets, destroyers, daggers run forever following ppl and mobs. But if you are mage, warlord, archers tyrant, glad, you have AOE skill ranged skill. This problem is more then summoners pets. This is about other classes that you cant see in classic.club too. Dagger and destro can hit with theirs skills only when ppl/mob stop running. but, with correct range, they could start hits. I dont say to increase too much, but just to fix it. I'm totally sure, that you guys played classic just here in club. Other exemple: In mass pvp, summoner works nices, daggers do blows, coz ppls stop. but 1 x 1 againts archers ty, warlord, they are almost the time running, then this 0 range makes impossible to start hits. Like San0 said, in oly he saw pet hits only 2x against archer who has evasion and speed. but in club this happen agains mobbbbbssss omg, only start hiting mob if I stop and let mob hits me to pet comes to mob. PVP omfg, against archer, summoners will never do nothing, only bless escape. Destro will never come closer enought to start stun skill, daggers will follow forever and no blow if ppl dont stop. Range decreased , troubles for some classes. For summoners, is a little worse, coz pet go to back to start hit, with low speed and 0 range. useless. If GM dont want to fix it I understand. But its clear range has some bug, and it makes class with non ranged skills disappear from the club server.
  2. Summoner

    Modoy, is just all summoners players saying the same thing "pet bugged" Dont fix it and we will not play as summoners. Maybe in 2.0 it could be fixed byself chronicle... Are you summoner? I stop just here... dont need this... no summoners in classic club ... thx bye
  3. Summoner

    ​I Dont think so! Why active summoners in server if pets dont work!?? 9 in 10 summoners change class to mage, warlord, glad or just buffers Why I need beast ss, if my pet dont hit nothing? how I will wast beasts ss? only PVE? Classic is AOE chronicle, mobs/npc had range and speed decreased to be possible AOE partys. But this had affected pet summons too. Mobs hits from behind too, and this effected pets like range and speed. Fix it plz Maybe, some server test could be used to make this change and see how it works. Call some ppls to test and get some informations. In classic club, if you are far from target, summom dont attack or get back too master, but why? just to block ppls to make power level with pets far from master sending all exp to low level ppl. But, in official, pets are free to go target, but when master is far and pet kills mob, exp is losed. nobady gets that exp. If dont fix pets summoners, they will never grow up in classic club. Modoy says about post with videos with how summoners works in oficial classic. But I saw videos and I played in official too. If all summoners is saying their pets are bugged, why non summoners players and GM dont believe us? why? Maybe in 2.0 it could be fixed. But, we know classic.club had edited some features, I think this bugs will exist in 2.0 too. I really want very much to get back to my phantom summoner full bw light + Ecliptic Axe+6 and full BO. But pet will not hit in PVP. I will not have fun, and maybe I went to driver with song or EE again . No thx.
  4. Summoner

    Summoners in club Is diferent of Oficials. need to be fixed. Do it or will not have summoners in server, just like that! (to late for me) 1- Pet Range must be increased. 2- Speed Pet must be increased (already did?) was not enough, pets conitue very slow mod. Start hiting from back is a sht, pet need to hit when take range dont metter position. This makes pet running forever behind MOBs. most important fix to do. Maybe GM/ADM club can fix summoners class definitely. A lot of players would be very happy, maybe a lot of players get back to club. (to late for me) and.
  5. Summoner

    Hi, I used to play as Phantom Summoner here. Some times I take a look at the forum to see if anything has been fixed for summoners. Well, everything is the same. After having played here in classic club, I went to play in Classic EU Official. So I could see that the summoners in the club really need to be fixed. For classic to be an AOE chronicle, developers needed to slow down the attack range and speed of the NPCs. So it would be possible to lure all NPCs to kill in AOE skills. But this affected the pet, all, necro, DA panter, summoners, crafter. All pets had range attack and speed decreased.And to make matters worse, pets start the attack from back, like NPCs. That's just what needs fixing. I think it's a bit too late to go back to playing summoner at the classic club, maybe on a next server. GG/HF BY Sorry google english!
  6. Your pre-2.0 update suggestions

    Thats why Modoy, this is just to have fun in olympiads, maybe we can choose to join olympiad competition or only for fun without get or lose points. Its just ideas/suggestions. OMG! Some guys here are so aggressive. it could be less. In another case, I dont think ppl with better gear is really the best player. Classic is level, debuff/Fear/stuns and strategy. We know necro, OL and DA will fokup with everybody. You know! I lost much of my time in forun.. I'am leaving after this. I joined forum trying to solve bugs for summoners, but its did happend. So.. last post ..
  7. Vote for reward and receive some itens: Random 2 Coin of Luck 2 Scroll Buff 1 bless escape 1 bless ressurrect Sounds great! I could to save COLs for PA and use the other scrolls. Vote system will explode. COLs will get price decreased? I dont think, bcuz if I didnt get enough COLS for PA i will buy to complet for a month PA. About shopoff: Free shopp 1 per IP all cities, gludin, gludio, dion, giran, oren, aden. Would be very usefull for players and maybe profitable for servers. Cities full players. And who has PA, can set second shopoff.
  8. Your pre-2.0 update suggestions

    So, sir modoy, olympiad is only for hight level and best equips players, and for 61+ players its only way for feed points.. nice olympiad! We try to think some conditions to dont repeat the fail of euro russ did. Maybe balance olympiads would me better for all. first, second ...
  9. Your pre-2.0 update suggestions

    About olympiad limite of 30 matchs, Suggestion: Olympiad is the most fun thing in lineage. So, when ppl plays 30 matches, counter could stop and after that, player can fight but dont gain/lose any points. Everybody can play olympiad everyday, but by competition, only 30 matches. Question: Why player can join olympiad at lv61 against ppl 70+ 74+ or maybe 3rd class? non sense for this. Suggestion: Limite lv group, First = 61 to 65 (4 levels) Second = 66 to 70 (4 levels) Third = 71 to 75 (4 levels) Fourth = 76+ With this, all figthers has the same chance about level and debuffs. And if an dagger 64+ win better then the same class 74+ he deserve to be hero. if tie, hight level wins. Or we will see matchs only with high levels players, becoz nobody want to give free points to some hight level. "Sorry no english speaker. just learning."
  10. relog while in combat

    player H3R3G3 does relog while he have been hit by other player, pls check ​OFC ???? H3R3G3 have some bless escapes from event ... I play solo almost all the time, and some "good guys" like this one, try to stun me to see drops. So I have bless escapes. Yestaday this archer was PK, so I attacked him., after minuts he get back and stuns me while I was with 3 unicorns on me... 8)) relog.. I dont believe he lost time to open this topic. Result?? I have more 3 pvp points and -1 bless escape scroll 8))
  11. Summoner Cat OLY

    I'm still waiting for this I'm here! #manton #manton #manton I think we are near to gain this gift... #manton #manton %%%% MAYBE before 2.0 8))
  12. New shopping zone violated!

    in this case im sure adm/gm will fix it soon. If gm start am new event all will have to update. about new event ?? ^^ uhnmmmm
  13. New shopping zone violated!

    To do it they have to use exploit.. use exploit is ilegal, ilegal action = ban. whats the problem? they do it knowing its ilegal, they dont deserve get ban?
  14. New shopping zone violated!

    Do not know rule does not protect you from the punishment. If there is one area where it is not allowed to open shop, do not open. Even with exploit. 48h ban +1
  15. Summoner Cat OLY

    We can resummon in classic.club?? no. But this video is to show about range, she send cat to attack and cat goes, in classic.club if you aren't closer enough cat/pony/demon dont work. If u are far from target, maybe penality would be lost effect of transfer pain, and not cat full stop to work.