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  1. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

  2. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    You’re being biased. Easy to look good with 4x sped up video while playing most op class in classic, not the mention safest by far mage. Decent vid tho, song was lit.
  3. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    shhh, dont bust his bubble, he think hes good.
  4. CS

    i saw wk trying to steal our castle not yours, its nothing out of the ordinary to get 3 castles when chyna is braindead with tunnel vision on aden. With this situation you cannot get more than 2 castles and getting a castle against 2 alliances is decent. I wish i was there, seemed like a decent siege.
  5. Violence CP lf...

  6. Ripwalker CP recruiting again

    fixed. up
  7. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    you must be some idiot kid with acne
  8. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    *i proceed to spit, but the wind is so strong it blows the spit back on my face*
  9. Easy Farm

    is it better aoe xp than bs? and is it harder to aoe there than bs?
  10. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    why you guys steal my irrevelant meme?
  11. FightClub[TM] Recruitment

  12. How to make lvl 5 talisman (tutorial)

    failed 11 times just to toi 5, not to mention toi 4
  13. FightClub[TM] Recruitment

  14. FightClub[TM] Recruitment

  15. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    Giran Harbot free offline shop.