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  1. Stream

    Another great stream, hit 29 viewers again, i hope its not rip with 29 computers. Not that great stream pvp wise, we sucked ass today. Not going to stream on saturday, we have day off, also im not gonna stream on siege, id prefer having more fps than stream. Thank you all who tuned in to watch, thank you all for follows, i hope to see you on monday, byebye ily!
  2. Stream

    Up as always
  3. Eu cp lf necro 72+

  4. Night mode for forum

    Well what i meant was to have an option, like on twitch chat, you can switch whenever you want to to dark mode. So timezones wouldnt matter.
  5. Night mode for forum

    Would be nice to have night mode deep blue or something of that colour to switch around. My baby eyes start hurting quick from reading all white forum.
  6. shitpost

    You probably didnt watch my stream today You'd think otherwise... And yes, im shamelessly plugging my stream, everyday 19 to 22 cet
  7. Eu cp lf necro 72+

    bump @BlackJack waiting for your application, mayyyyybe we would take a nub like you.
  8. shitpost

    Dude i just said i understand it now and i told you why it looked that way for us and why i rashely posted forget about it EDIT: is it just me whos illiterate or is there autocorrect fucking shit up?
  9. shitpost

    Chill my dude, chill. It looked that way too us, we were standing close to the edge on the hill and thought thats why you ran from us so we would get down, all good tho, no one is super proud of this pvp in any case. It was early in the morning when i posted and was abit groggy and that guy above was acting all like a superior speciment because he was BP triggered me. All good tho.
  10. Stream

    thank you all who tuned in to watch, 29 viewer at one point, 20+ constantly, insane pvps also. I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in tommorow, same time!
  11. Join the Goodlife!

    They aint taking shit
  12. Stream

    On, as always 19 to 22 cet
  13. Join the Goodlife!

    Its super hard to stay neutral, all it takes is one idiot to help enemy while we fight or say wrong word in a bad time. You had people from your clan who helped enemy or bashed us in chat, so its kinda obvious which side you're gonna go. Its not because you dont have a red tag, its because of your actions.