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  1. Server politics

    the truth is that Perkunas was never in alliance with china
  2. Server politics

    They dont understand that perkunas and china was never in real ally, we just happened to be going for same castles/farming zones and decided to fight against others and not each other, but they wont understand we were not an ally...
  3. Server politics

    On the subject of ally, Perkunas and china was never allied on this, or any other server.
  4. Server politics

    Thats what im saying, Perkunas and china was not in an alliance at any point of this server's existence.
  5. Server politics

    Perkunas and china were never allied.
  6. Server politics

  7. Server politics

    Yeah thats what im saying, even tho we met at same castles during cs, fought against same enemy instead of each other, made some mixed parties time to time to fight against same enemy, does not and i repeat, DOES NOT, make us ally.
  8. Server politics

    If u look closely you can obviously see some dead ws chars, obviously we were fighting against each other, you just 100% confirmed we were not allies. Thank you jerry.
  9. Server politics

    His shitty high score of 1,8k is laughable to me, hes no match for my facial expressions.
  10. Server politics

    Finally someone with some sense... like people who think we were allies with china makes me laugh... you were always a smartboi jerry, lets go 1v1 face dance?
  11. Server politics

    Dunno what this is supposed to show, we just met up in abg without pming each other, pure accident, we were not allies.
  12. Server politics

    You’re being delusional jerry, we NEVER were allied, just because we sometimes met on same castles and decided not to fight dont mean we were allies...
  13. Server politics

    My acc was given by vegetarian you can all relax. @Kure i was being respectful towards sm, wrote gf after each fight, but then you had people like kakar and others spamming right after how big of an idiot noobs we were, forum warriors like kyrios always downplayed us. Hard to be respectful when you get shit dropped in your eyes. I always liked sayomi and always took his cp seriously, there are people who demand being respected just like rip and there are idiot trolls like me and kyrios who dont want any of that. I like being an idiot troll, i have fun this way.
  14. Server politics

    We were never allied with china, all we did was bump into them by accident, thats my story and im sticking to it.
  15. Server politics

    thank you, it means alot to me.