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  1. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    Well i knew on the start of 2.0 im gonna cry alot once daggers get focus death, that time is now. Good vid.
  2. "Dead CP" LF The Blue Man

    sign me up
  3. Warcryer Olympiad

    less speed wtf
  4. Disturbing the peace II

    didnt work out so well after scam did it? No matter what you're going to join now, you're just gonna be a bottom bitch.
  5. Disturbing the peace II

    how is your dead clan going?
  6. Disturbing the peace II

    scam success 100%
  7. Disturbing the peace II

    Nooo @BlackJack please respect me ๐Ÿ˜†
  8. Massive disrespect TKD!

    Pyeong chang 2018
  9. Disturbing the peace II

    @BlackJack you have past your time fuckboi, you can piss off now. I deny rmt, everyone keeps still bringing it up anyway, so whats the point of denying it, noone has any other arguments after playing for 2 years and being smashed. Not like you should be the one pointing fingers about rules anyway. I was strong with soes +3 and 72 lvl, did my job. Now keep barking while being non factor solo player.
  10. Disturbing the peace II

    Grom dominiruyet @Stiba007 ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Disturbing the peace II

    You speak as if i have something u didnt, as if i wasnt second 77 level, as if i didnt fought against 76 while being 72, i playd hardcore as fuc ask rip about it. We smashed all top cps with more epics. Now am i underplaying older cps? Fuck no, this server had so many good cps, but now they are outdated, just like one day our cp gonna be irrelevant. @BlackJack im not gonna explain why we recruited something or for what reason, you wouldnt understand it anyway, gl being a waterboy for sm, ur gonna have jolly time getting smashed. @Rizos this is not my char or video ๐Ÿ˜ถ srr about that comment, was groggy in the morning, sometimes i scare myself how big of a dick i can be.
  12. Disturbing the peace II

    I cought up in 6months and improved this ally more than he ever did. Try again.
  13. Disturbing the peace II

    Take that sm cock out of your mouth and look without biased opinion. This is not average what hes doing.
  14. Little Over

    Why are you barking again? You got smashed, your ally got smashed, it was silent for a while, now youโ€™re a big boy again?