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  1. Sorry, i misstyped, i wanted to ask if con is good on dagger here*
  2. Reaper

    Time for new EVENT?

    Events are never bad. thats all i can say, it gives big boost for newcomers and bigger motivation to farm for older players. What do you mean "free items"? You need to farm those items, its like saying "BoP is free item, because it drops from banshee in loa", which is kind of stupid i think? Because you have to make effort to get that item, it doesnt magicaly appear in your inventory. My 2 cents.
  3. Reaper

    Summoners while on Mount

    Not adding some feature =/= making feature custom. For example, if they decided to put both of those but change stats/rewards, it would be garbage, if they decided to wait some time with those (especially things which affect whole server, not just some class), then its decision which can be made on private server which tries to be as close as possible to official
  4. Reaper

    To The RandomTalkers

    Since when randoms cannot have opinions? Just curious to know answer for myself
  5. Reaper

    Daily Rewards for Shamans

    Thing what san0 is trying to imply is proof that it should really be magic reward, because for whatever reason, it could be bugged on lvls 1-76 and you should be getting warrior only rewards whole time, because unlike other mages who get at the start mystic staff and >spiritshots< from newbie guide, orc mystics have fists and get >soulshots< from newbie guide, so it could as well be full warrior reward. There is 0 indications from you that the first part is indeed correct and 76+ part is bugged, rather than 76+ part being right while whole 1-76 part is being wrong. So i believe showing that orc mystic indeed has mystic rewards could potentialy change his mind that whole orc mage group should be "mystic" group.
  6. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    Trying to say "my character cannot beat DA/necro" is like saying "my PP box cannot beat other guys", same analogy. I also suggest to olympiad be more fair, everyone is allowed to go in there only in C equip+0 (armor,weapons,jewels).
  7. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    Good, finally we hear what this is about, so you cannot kill DA and necro which are inside of group of classes which compete on their own level (DA, necro, summoners), and for that you want to delete circlet which makes other match ups more interesting, i see.
  8. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    Almost impossible is 1%, not 15%. You are changing your phrasing in every second reply to fit "remove circlets", because everytime someone sees flaw in what you say.
  9. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    ??? And anyway, circlet doesnt fully prevent stun, so i guess its ok as you mentioned.
  10. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

  11. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    So olympiad is supposed to be fair unlike open pvp now? I am getting more and more surprised by this server suggestions, i am yet to see some suggestion which didnt come from mind "its my weakness, lets get rid of it"
  12. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    Guess what, i dont give a shit about other daggers, i care about my dagger and having those 6s more chance to do something vs most of the classes is really nice and can win me some matches. Just because you dont have castle you make this suggestion, i would bet that if JF had castle, this suggestion wouldnt even be here. Next thing i can see in suggestion is "hero skills on field" - dont you think its a bit unfair that some people can use hero skills in open field pvp? i mean, not everybody has access to them and they are quite OP and we dont have any in our clan, so i rather try get rid of them.
  13. Reaper

    Castle circlet in Olympiad

    Haha. Funny topic. Why there isnt cry about darkness cloaks being usable in oly, since only 1 clan can have them? Oh, i guess i know why, because only thing you need is 1 stun, so yeah, ban circlets and screw daggers even more, like they arent capable of winning so little matches even with this small help of circlet. I didnt know someone could make such crap suggestion.
  14. Reaper


    I like how 80% of this topic is talk about stun land rate being rigged and incorrect and this guy just randomly storms in trying to persuade people 8 lvl lower archer lands stun with 100%. Well, i wonder how many people will even try to take your post serious, because i stopped reading there and consider whole post bullshit because you obviously have no idea about things.