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  1. Bug

    It says 1 minute on debuff, but that means its for 2 minutes actually. About reasoning that cubic can kill you and thus should flag summoner, same could go for reflect meaning that if you reflect dmg, you should flag. You cannot affect those actions, thus they are not flagging people (I hope you can see what is behind this).
  2. Maybe it doesnt seem like bad idea right now, but i believe 2.5 update will come here and there it matters a lot, you want to see which kind of set (Now not talking about heavy/robe/light) is enemy using, because of resists it gives.
  3. Summoners while on Mount

    Customizing existing features isnt same as not adding features.
  4. [NOT BUG]Deflect Magic

    I am also suspicious that the guy is rather clueless about how the skill should work rather than skill being bugged. I wonder how he came into this conclusion, coz checking if skill like this works or not is pretty problematic.
  5. Macro loop topic closed

    It should be disabled like it was planned in first place rather than changing restriction for it everytime some new fishy method of using it pops up.
  6. Dissapear Clan Unity

  7. IDEA for our server

  8. Deadly strike

    Switch to proper database, this is classic not GoD.
  9. You cannot make anything about others being on wrong place on screen, but one thing you can do is making sure that you are on the right place on the screen (because like other chars can get different position, so can your character either when you run with arrows or when you try to go close to some object/trought the bunch of mobs). After you know you went trought the mobs or very close to some object, you need to click on ground somewhere not too close to you (but no need to click too far) and you let you character finish movement. Thats the moment when your character will sync position in game and on your screen.
  10. [FIXED]TOI tal 6 Lv (Blue GLoW) & CLOAKS

    Talisman lvl VI should have blue glow, not IV.
  11. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    So you probably didnt even try to fish anywhere else except giran harbor or aden i bet.
  12. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    So its like @Yomana said, its bugged.
  13. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    Not every Lake/River is suitable for fishing, you can see marked spots on map. Water=/= Fishing avaible.
  14. Ok, and? Where exactly i said its easy or anyone can do it? Only thing i said is comparing PoWi with PoF is really stupid, which is true based on gameplay on off servers. You are free to disagree with me, not like i care if some normie disagrees with me. Random player speaking without checking stuff, maybe people try to read twice replies on this forum, i see it happens quite many times people reply to someone about totally different thing, .
  15. Saying PoWi/PoWa is not as good as PoF/VoP is like saying haste is not as good as empower. You dont compare those on same terms, because they are used for different classes in different situations.