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  1. Useskillforce

    Yeah well, i didnt remember exact command coz i make those drag and edit Hope i helped tho
  2. Useskillforce

    I dont know if it is going to work or not, but until it gets fixed you could try to put aqua swirl on bar and then make in macro /useskillforce shortcut X Y, i know that was common for gladiators which couldnt put TSS into macro because the name was too long, so they had to do it this way.
  3. classes rarity

    PW is class. Dagger is not. There are 31 classes and 8 roles in L2 according to official info: Knight Warrior Rogue Archer Mage Summoner Enchanter Healer
  4. classes rarity

    1) I think rarest class right now is PW (I think there is like 1 PW i saw in town once randomly, while there are very few paladins/ETs, since they are still making their job in pve in pulling and few PSs farming solo). 3) Suggestion right from the start: Friendinvite as many people you are farming with early, so later on you dont have to look for fully random parties but you can pm those "friends" which are online at that moment and maybe form a party or ask them if they maybe have party and dont need XX class (What you will decide to play), that will make lvling with random parties much easier.
  5. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    I gotta go with Reason is simple, at some point its not matter of how much support/equip you can get, but the xp will start to be limited by spread/amount of mobs in the location, so unless someone was actively pulling mobs towards you, 18kk in 20 mins in FoM is not something you can achieve here at 1.5 without xp boosts
  6. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    You can make over 10kk xp in 20mins at that level if you know proper spot and have proper boxes at service. However its much less of a pain to make RBs i guess than box yourself to death.
  7. Unable to stream

    Dude, i know its not the best thing and that it wont work everytime, but as i said, 10-20 mins should be good enough. You see yourself, they didnt buff boss at the start, but somewhere in the middle, not many times people grief from start (tho after this topic who knows), so this 20 mins delay would be enough to kill it. Also if you dont pull it near the town, some spots are ~10 mins to go with PP which is like slowest character in the game (human mage). Not the best option, but i streamed in past as well, and even if i wanted to be live and didnt care about stream sniping my location while farming, i started to put like 90s delay, just because they started to snipe me at exactly the moment i was rebuffing, in which moment i was vulnerable and couldnt do much.
  8. Unable to stream

    Stream sniping/Ghosting happens in pretty much any game. Thats why if you cannot go with it there is this thing called "delay". I know its not prefect solution and sometimes you just want to be in touch with chat in real life so you can asnwer by speaking on stream and things, but puting 10-20 mins delay on it solves most of your problems. On the other hand, sniping/ghosting can be useful when you are looking for enemies, you can bait them so instead of you comming to them, they will come to you
  9. Class Change Service 2.0?

    Just for the gags i would allow mages to reroll to daggers at 2.0, however that would be 1 time action (meaning they wouldnt be able to reroll to anything after that) You could see them desperatly failing at dagger gameplay + their anger when they would realize they destroyed their perfectly fine mage character for it. Would be funny to watch
  10. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Who said i am WS you dumbo? You should go tell lies and fairy-tale stories to your party/clan mates, looks like they believe in those
  11. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Seeing how full of yourself you guys are, not really surprised you dont know who i am in game But dont worry, the time we will meet in game will come.
  12. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    You didnt really answer me and you have never challenged me to 1vs1. I am just curious but you are dodging hard.
  13. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    The guy has no party, just PP buffs, nobody else on screenshot. You were there and yet you lie? Could you please explain us what is the purpose of doing so? Does everybody do it just to feel better about themselves here on forum?
  14. Bugs bounty in OBT

    10 times more done in OBT? Dude, there are probably like 10 people who really try to find bugs on OBT, others are just screwing up. You want to tell me that if those 10 people were invited to CBT and were closely working with admins that they wouldnt do more than this OBT clown parade?
  15. Bugs bounty in OBT

    Except this is not OBT, just because they "call" it like that doesnt mean it is. If they really want things to be done, they can go back to CBT, invite those people which are actively testing right now and cooperate with them closely on solving issues. And then reward those players corresponding to how much job they did.