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  1. What you mean? bold text is bad to...
  2. I just need this soundtrack for my shit mobile to keep it up to date
  3. Manton


    Yeah, I'm into fitness .... fitness whole pizza in my mouth
  4. They say "don't try this at home"
  5. Manton

    dagger in wrist

    Hey, we did some tests. It will be available today after reboot.
  6. Manton

    L2 skills bar

    Just remove/replace them, just old stored data from old client.
  7. resolved in next reboot.
  8. I agree. VR still works fine on normal hit. But since i was Gladiator VR worked fine as well on all skills. And same as Mage What i need here that is a word from GM. If this is how the game working. I have no more question about it. Otherwise since i changed to Warlord. I also find it out that on aoe skills like Spinning Slasher and Thunder Storm didnt hit war enemies if they are not flag. Quick spear works but only the target that u choose got hitted. War enemies who are near the target didnt get hitted if they are not flag This is not a complaint. This is a comment how to make the game becoming better. Not only for myself, its for another players who choose Warlord as well ! ​We will take a look at it and verify, you can check our test server for progress.
  9. Manton

    Immortal Life

    Fixed, skill available in next reboot.