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  1. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    I am sorry San0 but i am not shure you test himself how Sumoning hits mobs who have less speed then Pets,you will see how for exammple Cave Maiden run after SUMMONER , and Pet behinde mob cant hit him just folow him.Pet have 40-50 more speed then Mob.Just chek it and see how mobs and pets Acts.I was playng Summoner from very first day of server bring ONLINE 1.0, even on test server.And i will be happy if you chek and fix all oround Summoners adn his pets ,cuse i am bored to play Mage on lvl 60++++ with spell 35 lvl.And last thing my Questin about EWx and EAx is for A Grade Scrools I know very well where others drop ,and yes is have description on server info about this MOD.Exept OLY or maby somme RB`s,will have regular mobs to drop it? Maby is good idea to see how this Work on Offi servers.Cuse in the past i was play for a while on RU and EU Offi PAY servers and this Acts betwin mobs and Pets is lot difrent than HERE in this server.And i mean ONLY AUTOATACKS ,skill range is fine ! Ty for you patience to read my bad english.I dont whana snort,i whant to, you guys make Best server ONLINE for now
  2. Buff Scammer be carefull

    Ok my foult!I was epress miself wrong.Yes you "Can WHANA" ban this ppl bit is seen noone make it for this .My point is ,bether to loose 40-50k 1 time for no buf.than you loose you B grade weapon +++ for stuning or Paralizing from ppl when you make mob Trains.I thing this is BIGEST SCAM here.Somone invite tou to party to Tank the mobs and when you come with over 40 mobs in you back you recefe a styning arrow or Lightning strike.I was there.Fortunatly i loose only exp and party.
  3. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    Ani Info ,ar whe can buy EWx ,EAx from shop like offi servers or whe can get list of mobs to hunt for them?And when will be the fix of low lvl agro hit 1 mob and mob cant get agro from xxxDMG from aoe hits?Same to Sumonings have a 0 range to hit mobs,somme times sumoning pet and mob make a dance 3-4 sec befor hit together? Thats most buget stuff of this server ,redicilus Aoe making party.And mobs with higer speed then yours can't hit you cuse 0 range of autoatack hits! Bad Englis i know dont flame pls
  4. Buff Scammer be carefull

    it seen this char is lvl 1 human mage wearing the b grade set and only scam ppl for money.And how you get free mone on char wit digits names ?:) i know is bad English dont flame pls And btw you cannot whana ban ppl for scaming cuse is part of the game like high lvl pk low lvl ppls.Hardcore stile Just be aware of this kinde of acts!!!