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  1. Legendary player is back

    Bitch please, this game is 14 years old, theres no such thing as top circle anymore, only ppl thinking they're good on privs or on official wallet serbidor. Stop dreaming
  2. WTS or trade +13 cursed maingauche *SOLD*

    Bump. Now +13
  3. Legendary player is back

    the only thing worse than your targetting skills is your song choice for that joke you call a pvp video.
  4. Legendary player is back

    legendary player
  5. For Drama Team Alliance

  6. For Drama Team Alliance

    u fkn wot m8
  7. For Drama Team Alliance

    good shitpost, rate 10/10 huehue
  8. Steel sword is very low D why would you even enchant that loool
  9. Best solo summoner?

    My post got hijacked by some dragon porn fanatics rip
  10. Ban - then blackmail to re instate account.

    So your idea of how to ask for an unban is to admit you broke the rules, call the server a dying server and accuse a GM of blackmail and corruption? You're a special kind of stupid, eh? Oh and by the way, making a skyp account and taking the same avatar and infos as someone else takes about... 2 minutes.. Welcome to the internet i guess?
  11. Best solo summoner?

    Back with a brand new rap! pew pew edit: needed some l2 drama in my life again.
  12. Best solo summoner?

    Was wondering which summoner would be the best to xp solo (no buff pet, buff scrolls + fishing scrolls + self buffs mostly) and play in fighter style? I have a +12 cursed maingauche and a PL set somewhere i think.
  13. ​Hello. Yes. It's named "Adventurer Account". ​Ah, ok. Thank you. ^^ ​Are you the real Ravenous? ​It depends, i use this nick since 2003, but i already found another ones haha. ​Uuh.. ok nevermind. you're not the ravenous from new-Bartz on retail servers ;(
  14. Looking for constructed enemies.

    ​plvl my lowbie bishop pls senpai