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  1. Xafi

    [FIXED]Noblesse scroll bug

    welp we are not talking bout 24/7 guys donated by cp naturally ;d
  2. Xafi

    [FIXED]Noblesse scroll bug

    ppl too greedy on club to even use it
  3. Xafi

    Heroes domination

    wait i dont understand, in every dagger thread u say that dagger landrate is broken and very low, while i watched 4min of this video and i see like 95% of blows land? or did @San0 messed something and boosted dagger skills just by reading QQ threads on forum.
  4. Xafi

    FightClub CP opening recruitment !!!!

    Soil again here licking own balls to feel better lol free bump
  5. Xafi

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    easy targets tho, kiam, wasiukas, balu, i already heard balu in tears "stun on lionheart omg!!11oneone bizquit honey i need more itemz" loses actually to stacked china destro and rip but its a necro, necro is newbie class.
  6. Xafi

    Test server is now open

    NPC's missing on test server, can u load them?
  7. Xafi

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    thanks god for those temporary bugs!
  8. Xafi

    Demonic Blade Dance

    first time i hear that. U can always pull or if u really want u have Poison AoE dance.
  9. Thanks for sharing your story, was fun, hope u learned a lesson too bad u didnt spend 100$ for unban and got scammed again
  10. Xafi


    u alrdy forget he used here some kind of exploit and was regenerating his CP? :v otherwise would be dead long ago :v
  11. Xafi

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    btw how could worst destro get the title? Chinos and DS destros are on holidays? Or i would say Perks focused 100% feed boxes and sacrifice Reavers virginity to feed Balu, but i see they got some more heros feed from boxes, so i guess Chinos/DS were on holidays
  12. Xafi

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    stop defile good tv series with ur bullsht
  13. Xafi

    FearNoOne CP / 77 Necromancer / MASS PVP

    Thanks u included necro pov info in video, so i didnt waste time to open
  14. Xafi

    Rats on RB

    hm, wonder if they get 100% exp, or do they even finish it
  15. Xafi

    Leading technology

    question is why poseidon is forever dead on each video, same for jackals video, hes making kills while poseidon is long time dead on ground. His enemies need more cancel target skills from him i guess, coz 3 so far (compared to 1 on other daggers) is still low