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  1. blackmarket

    reuse on consumables

    each event more retarded as i can see. But when im against free items giveaway everybody hurr durr they never think about long term conseuences, otherwise there wouldnt be event rewards like IEWC or x100 toi energy that drop price to 100k so nobody care to farm them anymore or brez for 40k adena.
  2. blackmarket

    reuse on consumables

    1. "yes" for no such pussy plays like here 2. "no" for them to waste as much adena as possible 3. "hehe, retarded event rewards are like this" give more free items in amount of milion to events and make events every 1 week. anyway voted yes, but 3rd should be for reconsideration too (or maybe im just wrong and its not from event)
  3. blackmarket

    force skill

    dont buy accounts, learn the game first
  4. blackmarket

    Bug with sending weapon with rune?

    Wow, just wow where were u since 2.0 updated to live server?
  5. blackmarket

    Hero skills changes suggestion - Poll

    voted 1 even tho i dont play, but as i see it defends itself
  6. blackmarket

    Expand Warehouse

    sober this but thx for the elaborate
  7. blackmarket

    Expand Warehouse

    haha, cols, haha, bought in game, haha. No, even for euros. Its not even satysfing server needs. One time only paid brings nothing. (not like class change/name change/PA that u do multiply). If u want pay for such feature then why not pay for 10 ppl party or 10 clans in alliance or even custom skills. How about u L2P the game how it is designed finally? Damn, i did already quit, but reading forum from time to time, waiting for Fryderyk to quit so there wont be anymore silly and hilarious ideas 🙄sad for the GMs and zorgzor he massively spam, there should be warning points ;-;
  8. blackmarket

    Share, like, subscribe

    actually id wish to have client with fonts like chinos have, but not in chinese ;v
  9. blackmarket

    Share, like, subscribe

  10. blackmarket

    78 Titan LF Clan/cp

    if french canada pm: @Rizos
  11. blackmarket

    How to Fix This Bug???

    thats big online u got here
  12. blackmarket

    its rly bot ?

    Make this topic invisible and then discuss.
  13. blackmarket

    Hero skills

  14. blackmarket

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    edit: i guess its 1 per character on account @Koll i had 80% inventory when wanted to purchase event item, it said i need make more slots in inventory, after i made the slots it says i need wait 12 hours and i didnt receive White Tiger Event pack.
  15. pony nuke have 7s reuse, so u better let make dmg to other dds and keep healing. 3rd class pony is one of most if not most op class, so u cant be dissapointed