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  1. Do you have any screenshot how many mobs bs should have near to top spot? (Close to abg). I heard there are more than here. (Something like abg)
  2. Rly soil u reported aoe? Cos i remember it was fixed after my report ​I'm not saying this, also I told you again about reuse time, I had no idea it's in description cause I used to play old chronicles. I was talking about aoe that you no needed charges and doing full damage. Now to make full damage you need 2 charges. I got full 7 sonic charges, before my report when I was using my aoe you still had 7 and doing full damage, now you need to "sonic" sonic" 2 times to use full dmg, if you get what i'm saying. Whatever wrong i'm seeing even on my char ofc i'll report, now you can shut it please and stop hating, after crying of 6 months for your fc nobody said something to you (at least me).
  3. It's something like c2, max at official was 75, here we got 76. 6x,7x areas atm are loa-toi(lol no :P)-abg-dv-blazing and exp is pretty hard after 20.
  4. ​See, san0 said it not me and I was pretty sure while I was getting stun on lionheart from archers sometimes and not from blasters/hammer crush. Also I did report my AOE skills which was bad for me and I spend more adena in aoe farm now. But yes you're just watching what hurts you more. (You can check history) Hate me more
  5. I understood why all debuffs on classic got this high land rate. On 3rd class our supports get resist debuff buffs which will work pretty fine (I guess) vs all of our CC skills. So from 90% land rate with pow/chant of spirit/stun resist will go to like 30-40% or so (Example). About stun, I don't want to be like "Okay you fixed my skills others are just fine" but stun shot imo is pretty strong right now as well as shield stun of human tanks, but I could like to see a video with tries like I did. If I had those classes I'd make videos for all stuns guys, but I don't have any of these classes. Beta for 2.0 will be pretty cool, we gonna test few things
  6. Yo, I think daggers got the worst farming on classic, cause they got no aoe skills to join aoe party (and people here mostly lvling with aoe parties). So my opinion is to grab a bow, find party for raid bosses and go for it, or you can create a 2nd support char or tank to find aoe party for your dagger and the usefull char in the party. However if you like solo exp with dagger, prefer DEX dyes if you like to use dagger and STR-DEX dyes if you like to use bow. I'd prefer bow, easier farming
  7. ​ 11:20 This is what honor means. Ain't about bsoes or whatever excuses you find to say about our cp name. Nice solo fighting modoy, keep it up you're a good archer
  8. One of the best videos on classic club imo, well played guys. Keep it up!
  9. Helm +4 BP +3 Other parts +0 100m pm me here or mail in game "SoiL
  10. So Perkunas is it reaver legacy ? ( Hey dude you wanna farm give me 10kk a week for my protect ) now i hope bizz does not asking 100kk with inflation of money to neutral player to join his side ​Back then reaver was asking 3kk yes lol. Well now rezqquit is like, join me or i kill you. So this is why he kept the same name, almost same politics and same ally name cause /allydissolve costs 2k or 3k points and he's here just for the win no matter what.
  11. You can start as summoner, until 40 will be easy with solo-pt aoe. If you go 55-60 lvl and you don't like it as it is you have the option to change necro, if you start as necro you can't change back to summoner.
  12. Why should I give you that pleasure while my people needs me?
  13. ​Doesnt matter if he is my ally or not, I only take responsability for my pple - ETERNAL SHINE. You always crying about all, continue with that, u are good ​PR more, restart more, u are good
  14. ​Playing dumb??, it suits you perfectly Soil ​If you were trying to insult me in greek I could just laugh and not even take it serious, malaka
  15. It sure took me less time than your time you spend on restart at loa. Bwahahaha