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  1. Daily Mission ( Quest Mania)

    I already reported that a month ago by ticket, I guess its on the list for fixing.
  2. exp loss in siege

  3. I have a problem

    Keep the good work up Kse!
  4. Stun land rate

    Sonic rage + tyrants 76 lvl hex is 100% that it shouldn't, but first fix that stun rate
  5. Stun land rate

    +++ I noticed that in olympiad, no way its 88% chance, also I noticed lionheart its like you don't even have it or LS/Anchor is more OP than it should, i'll try it in test server and let you know. Something out of chance is the way that hammer crush go away, you use hammer crush then hit or other skill and hammer crush been removed, like sleep or something ;p
  6. You will skip CS cause of holidays, it will be the same for 2 last days of olympiad?
  7. Assassin's Creed

    Nice one even if chinese are assholes
  8. Freezing Flame DC

    Sorry forgot to say, in video had just +4 wit dyes nothing more and no WYNN in weapon. It seems to be surely a mistake imo
  9. Olympiads Matching level system

    Then if you play for fun, why you so mad that you got "raped" in olympiad?
  10. Olympiads Matching level system

    There's no point if there was a system with 55-65 and 65-75 lvls etc cause there's one hero, not hero of 65's. So it could be unfair if a 60 lvl char could farm 55-65 lvls and make more points than a char 77 lvl. You just need farm, in old chronicles noblesse was 75 lvl too but you weren't joining 75 lvl without your subclass certificates etc. Use your brain man ;p
  11. WTB Deadmans +4+ / Tyrr 9++

    Wtb tyrr 9-10++ pm me
  12. Mount - Summons

    Well, almost always when I was suggesting something people was negative with me but whatever, I read-heared that people don't like how summoners abuse their mounts and spells-skills-autoattacks from summons which is not bug as rizo prooved with a video. Okay I'm fine even if its official if its not, once more I'll say that club is way different than official and still I see many people playing here so I guess its better changed from official right? I'm here to suggest to remove mounts at all, I know are cool I know you use it to show off I know you use them to go faster to a place etc etc but its bad choice from NCsoft to add them with this way, you need like 3-4 seconds to get off mount and you can use it even in combat and get away easily so looking for opinions
  13. Vision bug of transformation

    Maybe its better this way for people complaining "aaaah I can't see what class is he bla bla bla" ;p
  14. L2 classic exp bar

    Cause at 76 you were losing 2%, now at 77 you lose 8%. Its a punishment