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  2. oh man, elven ring..
  3. Why all lucky people with enchants when you pm them about asking price the OE item, they say ofert? Is it a kind of magic? I'll change "offer" word too..
  4. Still talking about us that were PKing people? You join enemy's siege, you help with epics or whatever, then you get PKed at EV or ABG or wherever other spot then "SoiL IS PKING LOW LVLS WHAT A NOOB" So sad.. P.S to the guy that made the thread, if you want to don't get PKed 1st option is to join an alliance or you can farm on lower spots than top spot of south, good luck
  5. Destro got no hex, it's bugged that lands as debuff to enemies. The hex he got it's only for the same skill.
  6. Well well well.. coming on my words Do you know cruma should have 1 dark lord (random spawn on 2nd floor?) and 1 snipe (random spawn on 1st floor?) I realized this when I left ;p all these SOP's farmed there, all these snipes people killed to lvl up at 40-45 lvls.. damn! Custom everywhere and the funny was that you people were telling me no need custom things here
  7. Damn you following me everywhere.. fckin kid. From what you can see even there, people had same ideas with me, even if I started the post, someone should. Now about ABG, chinese and rezqquit should lvl up somehow.. ;D We were farming there with half mobs and 5-6 months later x2 mobs, aaaalrighty! Hope will stay like this so your poor archer won't exp like others do, are you jealous mod? I can exp you there if you like, 10kk/rebuff.
  8. Damn we found god, finally.. God knows everything!
  9. There's only one uncle tho..
  10. I like this one
  11. What I could really see on this screen if I had nearsightedness in my eyes..
  12. Again the same talking here.. you guys are so boring, make people repeat themselves all the time. We didn't start the zerg, we've never had more than 30 people difference than you to call us a zerg. About the alliance, all I can see is how bad they doing since we left, how much babysitting they wanted to play a game and ofc the people that insta left our side to join enemy side just to win lol, brave..
  13. You gonna flame me for long long time I guess.. One more good vid Jerry, SM were always strong with you, don't forget that our red crested friends got 3 fingers..
  14. Full ingratitude.
  15. You can give them westworld to play, didn't ask it back from you I gave the 5k pobs to make it lvl 4 like I gave 15k pobs to make Vig lvl 5, either the pobs I gave you or the adena I gave to taless. Or I have to give whatever I have cause you still want to play? Don't talk.