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  1. NightStalkers CH

    Who is the leader? End of story, we like china people.
  2. CH Aden

  3. CH Aden

  4. CH Aden

    I'm just saying did bad that fill of karma the ghostrider, but we gave them richards as SE, more lvl box. I gave to parasadalos 600kk and we didnt even sell the CH, he didnt accept it, it's his problem. (And Im not saying he didn't help us with CH,he did) We were far than fair with epic points, I was wasting every day 1h just to calculate and have everything right/fair. More or less that's all, but let's leave the drama, you can find a drama post if you check mpiri's history. This is a trade post, please
  5. CH Aden

    yep I know but they still trying
  6. CH Aden

    To ti leader hmoun einai dikia sou gnwmh, alloi exoun alles gnwmes. To CH den to poulhsame pote kai oute 8a to poulousame, esu ta evgales ola apo to mualo sou. Emeis apla stamathsame na paizoume, oso gia ta points, otan ka8usterousan kses exoume k real douleies etsi, me epairne ka8e mera mia wra na ta upologisw k na valw ta provata sto mantri kai m thn les kai apo panw? Swsta esu 8a to ekanes kalutera.. Ta kompleks sou allou, otan s esteila prin kan poulhsoume to clan 600kk den h8eles, diko sou to provlhma, egw den eipa den voh8hsate gia to ch, apla den ta dexthkes. Oso gia ta epic, okay o vogias sou ekane to char, epaizes solo olo to vrady kai paizei na mhn hr8es oute sta misa. Gia to last orfen, okay ta paidia vgalan 2 bil apo lvl 1 orfen kai den htan kan diko m to provlhma gia to sugkekrimeno, opote mila me allous. Mporei na kaname mlkia me ta SE twn paidiws alla phran enan SE polu megalutero apoti eixan, etsi? Na ta les ola
  7. CH Aden

    Red was for 2 first weeks not more, you can't say that we played there
  8. CH Aden

    Man we were playing at skelth this time, but got like 1 month we stopped lineage. So what exactly are you talking about on a trade section? Guess you missed me a lot..
  9. CH Aden

    But you coming here telling me I was playing for money, if I was playing for money, now awaken couldn't have my 2nd clan to play (Westworld) and I couldn't share all epics with people on a super fair way. Stop talking man, I don't even know you
  10. CH Aden

    If I was playing here (1.5 year for money? o0) I couldn't share all epics with the alliance I had. When we quitted from here we still getting epics, end of story troll, back to topic.
  11. CH Aden

    I got more than 3 bils waiting for 2.0 ;p so to whom I sold adena and how much adena I made from sls +7 deadmans +4 and doom heavy/robe that I still wear?
  12. CH Aden

    WTS CH in Aden (Mithril Chamber) the closest to Gatekeeper, with lvl 5 Clan all skills full lvl and 21k clan points. Accept ONLY MONEY ADENA! I want to mention that someone tried to take the clan again, changed the leader with Tankadin (Propably hacked). My people is thinking to return after summer at 2.0 so for now we don't wanna have other problems with Clan and also we won't be a lead core party again if we return, so message me with your offers at forum/in game, or leave a comment here. (Please modoy and others, no need to spam here, thanks!) Wanna thanks the admins for solving it, good job.
  13. Fix summoners!!!

    What do you mean you read more topics?
  14. Quest Test of the Duelist

    It's Gladiator, not Duelist. Duelist is the 3rd class
  15. KingBottaki