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  1. You gonna flame me for long long time I guess.. One more good vid Jerry, SM were always strong with you, don't forget that our red crested friends got 3 fingers..
  2. Full ingratitude.
  3. You can give them westworld to play, didn't ask it back from you I gave the 5k pobs to make it lvl 4 like I gave 15k pobs to make Vig lvl 5, either the pobs I gave you or the adena I gave to taless. Or I have to give whatever I have cause you still want to play? Don't talk.
  4. Yep we made 15 new accounts to blame and lie, second.. so funny. You asking admins to ban me, what for? Cause I've played more fair than you the game? You bought your character for 50e from a guy, you can't even lvl your own and you still coming here and talk. I stopped playing, what else is better for you? My party was nightmare for your alliance, stop crying now all castles/epics are free I guess atm. There were no lies from what I said or others said. If they tried for clan, I tried x10k. ETE is a solo player can't play in a party, never logged one of our chars but even tho his chars lvled up to top lvls from us. Server was good yea, until chinese came to it. No, I don't believe that everyone is against me, but it's a fully custom classic server, not even close to official. Which doesn't make it a bad server but not classic.
  5. Nah.. You just think you're good while played on a bugged-classic server. Wit dyes are pretty good in gladiator vs mages. You always talk about 1v1 which is not lineage2. Go back to your cave. For PVE Choose the +12 str with PL or BW set, for pvp take a doom set with shield for blocking magic skills (Which mages are doing 1/3 MC, sometimes 100% instead of 1/10 rate) and you can +8 str -3 con -4 dex, +4 wit -int or if you don't like this +3 con -3 dex
  6. You talk about 10 bil that were illegally, they get banned for it and waste money for it. CH's are not worth for 10 bil, tales bought 1 bil dion CH. It's not 1 year ago, it was at summer and this is why I gave 600m and not 200m, the percentage was 1/4 not 100%. Gn at forum modoy, I guess you will waste one more night here.
  7. Sending back 600m while you gave 200m for CH it's an action of honor. Also at mail I'm not saying that I'm selling CH, I can delete it if I want. I talked with all my members (party) and they all agreed to leave the server cause of many custom things,no update and too much money in the market that are not farmed from the game and items that are not made by players. Now the story this guy made it's between us but okay let's do it like this. CH and clan doesn't belong to you or Pistolas. Clan belong to first members of it and if you guys could talk to me and not acting like kids (We had a situation of one epic) I could let you have it. But you won't have the chance now with the way you act. There's no RMT, I've never bought adena and I didn't sell CH for real money. Admins can check me anytime. We took people from zero and made them "players". I was handling all drama and epics on fair mode and without raging to anyone for months everyday and this is how you react when I decide to stop playing here. ETE got SE 72-WC almost 76 cause of my party and this is the thanks to us. Instead of trying to hurt people that you were playing together for 1 year and been fair with you, you can just accept that they no more like playing here, you wanted to stay here, nobody said something about it but.. you can't have this clan hall and clan on your own. End of story. Good luck to everybody, thanks for the good memories I won't forget Club.
  8. So you can make 50kkk from OE items in auctions.. hmmm take a break from the forum
  9. You mean that? The fact is how these cols sold in the market, I mean.. 10 bil in COL gotta be like 50k cols? Who bought 50k cols in 3-4 days? Damn and they banned for RMT, this mess up with our minds, could be a good mystery-drama movie the whole thing Good luck for tommorow boys and girls, hope you have fun
  10. Do you think Fun farmed 10 bil adena?
  11. Modoy is a pokemon?
  12. Well I thought you were a smart guy, you can guess why he was running himself
  13. The fact is, that he's taking 526k exp per mob and bar not even moving.. This is what I hate most, wtf is the 4th bar on the buffs? 4.0 seems to be somewhere in galaxy which lost it way and 2.0 seems to be arround the earth somewhere.