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  1. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Joined again (as solo) at January while all big parties were 76+, saw that you sold the clan you stole from us and made hero ES and 2nd place on gladiator while 2 different allies were feeding them, saw bugs like 2 heroes per class, left the game. Go try to scam some people, you're good just on it.
  2. When Anyone dont know where we

    Hope you ain't trolling cause I was using that as well ;p
  3. When Anyone dont know where we

    My eyes whatever kill CHN
  4. Biggest Scammer of 2017

    Ye cause i'm not playing atm, just 1-2h max and olympiad. Go to GK forum then
  5. Biggest Scammer of 2017

    Let me know better if he's a scammer or not, he didn't scam anything of yours cause I guess you don't have something to be worth to scam it. Forum warriors.. My nick and my party had to do about honor
  6. First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    It should be nomore i think
  7. [FIXED]Hero cloak - Marks

    M.def P.def and I really don't wanna try this reflect dmg
  8. Christmas Event spree!

    LF Santa
  9. B vs C grade

    BOP is more cool than emi
  10. [FIXED]Hero cloak - Marks

    Ah I see, ye forgot to type about the victories you get. So I should get +650/700 for my victories I was arround there, it's a bit complicated but np
  11. [FIXED]Hero cloak - Marks

    I already said gz to all and happy new year so lets get to the point. Mark calculation its wrong, I think there's no bonus for hero and ranking. Also I had 259 points and says 20 per oly point, so I should get 5180. Hero cloak gives crazy stat, check your self. I'm not in hurry just saw it and felt to report it. (Edit, also there's no hero list) Enjoy the 1st day of 2018 guys! Take care yourselves ~MoDoy already spamming ;o
  12. This is how we start hitting each other with CHN, I had this elmo in my back to kill it, Dians came hitted me, raped him and kaboom! "I'm trying to kill you cause you killed me long time ago" they say, CHN bless google