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  1. SOiL added a post in a topic: About the last poll i made   

    I agree with you modoy, but this won't stop you from not having clan skills. Also i'm talking about +20 people per clan, not +100 people. About CH's is important if we need new people here and I can't agree more with Rizos about adding option of selling CH's. You cannot trust everyone to sell your clan/ch and also you make people to rmt without having this option in game .
    Balu in 2.0 you won't see goddard or rune or whatever, so you won't see any new CH and that I'm saying it is a solution, believe me. I named 3 CH's before, that means 3 new clans with CH's, that means 90-120 new people with home in game. But you prefer 5 people inactive keeping the CH's and playing on other servers or whatever they do I don't really care about what they really do.
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  2. SOiL added a post in a topic: About the last poll i made   

    Do you think I can't without this option? I already prooved that I can. Leaderwannabe could be talk all the time about aden that we captured it and wear the lord's crown, i'm not even using this crown, told you again, don't talk to people like you know them. This i'm doing here it's not just for me/my people. You don't want? I don't even care, ofc I can keep playing like this and ofc I have my friends in game to help me on alliance.
    Balu 6-8 months ago I was in pride clan as a member. Also 6-8 months ago we didn't have any rezqquit to start creating a zerg. I know, we have the same numbers now, but I didn't start recruiting everything that's why i'm saying this.
    It won't repeat itself because it will be enough, but yeah, i'm wrong all the time. Like with flag respawn time ye?
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  3. SOiL added a post in a topic: About the last poll i made   

    Didnt want to answer to datflames but man, who the hell are you to tell me how many threads i'm gonna make or even polls? At least i'm trying for something here, what are you doing, searching for threads to flame/troll?
    San0 I get it where this was heading, but let's be realistic, 4 parties per clan is nothing. 12 per alliance. At least is this gonna change at 2.0? Without the academy slots.
    About CH's, you should remove CH's from inactive clans/leaders and make it a rule. EternalRage they don't really exist right now for like 4-5 months, so "sell your CH or lose it" after 1 month of inactivity. It's really annoying for new people coming here, new clans and old clans like this one, like waterwork's 2 clans with CH's are sitting there for nothing. I don't care of the CH's, 2 of my clans got both of them and both clans are really active. Another good option is selling CH in game which is not exist also.
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  4. SOiL added a post in a topic: Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    This will solve communication (Don't start saying about CC, we know about CC) and will solve the problem with new clans that doesn't have CH. I guess if there are 3 clans with CH's and merge in 2 clans or even 1, they can sell their CH's to people, it's win x2.
    Why to don't give a bit hapiness to people that doesn't have a CH or a castle? A home to play this game. Now i'm not talking just for newcomers, i'm talking about my folks and even the enemy side. We have people without CH and we have 2 and 3 alliances in each side, I don't get it how they find this option good.
    However, our server is not following official server 100% and that's why is better, I said that before, you people said this also, so why increasing slots at clans may be bad for us,you,folks in server and even our server? I'm not talking about 180 peoples or whatever was that on last chronicles before classic per clan, I'm talking about 60 people, 6 parties per clan. I don't really agree 4 clans per alliance, just added the option in case of people will vote it.
    Our CS's are like 400 people active overall, maybe more. So it could be 6-7 clans, 1v1 alliance, not 3 alliances vs 3 at the same side. 

    Or at least, lets change it at 2.0 when it comes up.
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  5. SOiL added a post in a topic: Suggestion mini patch   

    ​Well, it won't open just for us. It will open for you too and if i'm not wrong, forsaken plains is another good area for archers than doom knights-LOA. Best idea could be max lvl 75 + these 2 areas, but people reached 76. (I don't agree either with max lvl 76 at 1.5)
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  6. SOiL added a post in a topic: Ant Queen Bug   

    Seems good, ES still kiilling escorts  Someone stop them!
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  7. SOiL added a post in a topic: Ant Queen Bug   

    Reset AQ
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  8. SOiL added a post in a topic: We know karate   

    Thanks everyone for these memories

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  9. SOiL added a post in a topic: We know karate   

    ​I already made that, i'll make vids without this mark anymore
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  10. SOiL added a post in a topic: We know karate   

    First time on sony vegas editing. Wanna thanks the guys that tried and helped me on my post. 
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  11. SOiL added a post in a topic: ερωτηση donate   

    ​hahahaha akrivws!
    Fantasou pws autos pou exei valei to weapon, prepei na perimenei k autous p diaxeirizontai to auction alla kai esena gia otan 8a pareis to oplo gia na tou mpoune ta lefta sto account.
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  12. SOiL added a post in a topic: Newbies come to me :)   

    If you make a dagger without even box, you will die of solo farming, cause no party wants a dagger in aoe farm,yes?
    My opinion is to make a support that everybody wants like BD-SWS (Best option) or EE-SE join aoe parties reach 66+ then taa taaan! Make 20 euro on auction from items in game or pay 20 euro and you got a 66+ dagger with reclass option, faster, easier than soloing forever alone.
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  13. SOiL added a post in a topic: Castle Siege flag respawn time [Poll]   

    So any idea, any admin saw this, is respawn time coming up or we will stay as meatshields and no sense fights?
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  14. SOiL added a post in a topic: Suggestion mini patch   

    Nobody said to increase gap lvl, just add two areas like that, so people will have new fun and forgot about 2.0 a bit. It's exactly the same with LOA at 1.3-1.5 updates.
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  15. SOiL added a post in a topic: #f&ckgimps   

    ​Dont forget whose prime time we playing mass pvp, cause my alliance miss every time strong parties cause of time, even my party is always half
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