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  1. Yes its possible, they can. Koll told me that ABG its too big to make that protection and etc, btw if they put just at the teleport already would solve this problem... Retardads come non stop from aden and teleport, btw if they want to come walking from aden for do that shit.. ok let they.. they put some effort on that also.
  2. I know that bug from AOE mobs, already reported in TI, but they said was from official files kekw.. Getting rekted hard its too much come on, 3 month servers, took 2 AQ bcs you always have more ppl, dont be delusional, anyway good job with that, i just mean, or make it properly LOW LEVEL or HIGH LEVEL, mix its shit. Btw as said, a lot of effort to make twinks and etc, now its not the time to increasce level....
  3. I meant not delete the useless zone, but add new ones... Thats what i said, only low levels inside.. agree to increasce level of epics but only LATER, after year or something like that... when i asked that in TI everyone called me insane.. now everyone wasted time and effort to make twinks and etc should take longer, soon like update in TI to increasce level from that epics.. Summoners arent strong yet, when magnus became will be, btw what i said was about the range..
  4. New server, old problems.... 1. Can we have some auto-teleport or something else to fix the cancer of people that moving a char lv 1 to 20 in high spots luring/ trying picking up drops non-stop for HOURS? At least some limit since you cannot open more than 1 box... if you PK its WORST for you... chance to drop, adena to remove etc.. 2. Move from pet... Already reported in TI many times, and wasnt not only me, this is so garbage and broken... same for cubics 5km range, also low lv cubics can land in high lvs... 3. Auto-teleport zone when a HIGH LEVEL go to an epic boss, and please dont do only on PVP-ZONE, have to be before, bcs when you join the area you will be flag.. 4. Daily quests in weird places... same as happened in TI, new zones launched, daily quests added MONTHS LATER... Why cannot make daily quests at the general zones? 90% farm in AI/EV/ABG... I understand that its to move ppl to other zones etc but come on, nobody expect spoiler/solo players farm outlaw for example.. Could be harder than that places, would be nice have that goal also..
  5. @San0 When will fix PR fiesta?
  6. Clan name: Fuckate Approx number of players: 20 Main clan activities timeframe: 18-23 GMT -3 Who is being searched: full CP 9+ RafaelNC#9098
  7. @San0 is there possible to increasce the slots in inventory? That new area drop too much different items, in 5min you get full...
  8. Very nice update, good job, btw still have some issuses that have to be solved.. Few classes have to be balanced, lets start talking about necro, silence/doom have a 90% chance this is completly broken, have to be nerfed (maybe could do something like did with the fear, you cant re-silence if the character still have silence), the fear also from necro its 70% chance have to be nerfed also still too high, the cursed man HP also its too high i guess could be a bit nerfed.. DA, its hard to talk about DA is the only tank that can perma CC, completly remove your buffs, cast skills faster than any mage, heal himself (1 critical heal = 50% HP restored), summon a pet that in 5 seconds, this fear (70% chance) with epics lv 4 its 101%... There a lot of ways to balance it like reduce the chance from fear, increasce MP cost for resumon panther/heal... Archers in general already get some nice boost in last updates but still have to be a bit boosted.. ES, the magnus should nerf a bit the damage from STUN.. The TK buff from lv 80 should be boosted, this bonus from 4speed its compeltly useless, could be higher or changed for something else.. The benefaction talisman SHOULD give resist to cancel but i want cry when i have that, got 3 cancels from DA and remove EVERYTHING.. EVADE from skills should be removed already have a lot of ways to reduce the damage from mages (Resist and do half of dmg, the book from sailren already give resist and MDEF + Dodge talismans), its disgusting when you use 4 skills IN A ROW waste your mana and make 0 dmg....... Steal essence should be NEVER MISS,its not lovely a cost of 200 mp and 0 dmg... The OWLs for high lvl should be taken from all rbs 70+ not only 75, and also could be added Rbs 80 80+ with pvp area pls.. Antharas until today its not pvp area outside... should be a big pvp area there and also could be a bit nerfed its a cancer hold the finger on f1 for hours (Imagine for who run with it) EDIT: Pagrios Fist from overlord, that skill right now its completly useless, its not a clan buff/heal its a clan debuff, increasce 4% cp for 30seconds... could remake it. Also the hero weapons have to be improve, S grade coming and already have A LOT of weapons with more patk/matk than the heroes, also id`like to suggest a new hero weapon, 2handed blunt and add some critical for some weapons.... lets take Titan as examplem, his 2hsword its useless, its a auto attack class and cant do that with his hero. Weapons obtained from coins also instead of remove completly rune from it could just give X critical as bonus.
  9. Some problems that should be fixed and suggestions to improve the server. So lets start.. Core/Orfen/Queen Ant, still cannot see in the map with high level chars, i know its already reported and told that will be solved but until now didnt finish.. OWL to 75+, that change in OWL was a great change since there were more rbs 75+, there are only 6 in the game right now, so its completly bad idea, 99.99% of server are 75+ and can take OWL from only 6 rbs wtf.. About this delay on map for any rb 75+, since its a BOSS to be killed in group it should be stronger and with better rewards, also why until now there is no any RB 80????? Could be even announced in the GLOBAL chat any RB/Epic. Core/Orfen/Queen Ant are killed by mages, if u hit with any melee minions come and make a big mess, ok... Everybody knows that melee makes a better damage for any RB, but lets talk about Baium/Zaken, even if u have 4 full parties of good geared mages they dont make any significant damage that we can even compare with melee dmg, i suggest to reduce a LITTLE to at least mages cooperate with damage... Core/Orfen/Queen Ant/Zaken/Baium, The exp gained to kill those FINAL EPICS are completly trash, sorry but there is no another word to use. Lets take as example the last CORE that i did, i took 12kk exp with 55 chars in CC, if i move to GC and kill 10 mobs i will take more exp..... I guess there is nothing else to say.. Shouldnt be something like antharas but should be some balance, if u die 1 time and get BP ress you lose 0.20, you even can recovery this EXP. Priests, should be added already priest Zaken and Antharas also, all priests should be harder, 82 level+, a better chance to drop the jewelery ( instead of 3% make 5% ), better EXP and PVP ZONE. Antharas, right now how it is Antharas its also completly trash also, Antharas should require more ppl to be able to join, lets say minimum 90 ppl ( 10 parties ), we know that some nerf its already expected but its missing some things that can come together with that nerf, for example, PVP ZONE, still dont have it there, bring it for please, its the only epic that dont have, some RESET like baium, if HP dont drop after XX minutes the boss sleep again, its completly insane stay running with RB for DAYS and NOBODY can do nothing to stop that, even with the maintenance if you was inside nothing kick you from there. (Suggestion from FI by DILLON) There has been talk for the past 1.5 years talking about FI talisman and more recently the lilith/anakim runes. There is talk of new content coming as it is already on map and there is the hint of it in Heine, so let's talk about the issues and give some recommendations for changes to development team to allow these upgrades they have put in the game to become obtainable and not forgotten as new content comes out and people do not farm these areas any more. FI Farm time per lvl attempt: 1 hr (lvl1), 2 hr (lvl2), 5 hr (lvl3), 30 hr (lvl4), 44 hr (lvl5), 44 hr (lvl6) New suggested drop rates: Bone – 50%, Tissue – 50%, Shell – 5%, Talon – 15%, Fang – 50%, Claw – 20% (same) Impact to Farm time per lvl attempt: 10min, 1 hr, 2 hr, 8 hr, 15 hr, 15hr Lilith/Anakim: lvl 1 = 1x rune lvl 2 = 2x rune lv 1 lvl 3 = 4x rune lv 1 lvl 4 = 8x rune lv 1 lvl 5 = 16x rune lv 1 lvl 6 = 32x rune lv 1 lvl 7 = 64x rune lv 1 lvl 8 = 128x rune lv 1 lvl 9 = 256x rune lv 1 lvl 10 = 512x rune lv 1 Lets take an example, IF not a single fail, from 1 to 10 all sucess 100%, and lilith/anakim spawn every 3 days and drop 3 runes, and all the runes go to the person "X" , every month this person "X" will have around 30x runes, so 30*17= 510x runes, its around 1,5 YEAR in the best of cases... Increase drops from current quantity AND ( OR ) make drop chance from normal mobs in the fields, AND ( OR ) change upgrade method to not require duble runes each level..
  10. Agree, -3 hours for Siege will help ASIANS to sleep earlier to rest and go work the next day and will be good time for BRs also. For olympiad id`like to see more ppl fighting but i dont see a good time for everyone enjoy, so i suggest to back 3 or 4 hours OR stay how it is. And very nice to see opinions from players to see the server improve, gz administration.
  11. Nice update, some suggestions for future updates: - Add p.crit rate for hero weapons like, Fists, 2handed sword(Total useless right now), Polearm, Duals, Dagger and bow i think already have good p.crit rate. - Add something like "Beer buff" but with Chant of victory together for 20min, i think that will help A LOT specially new players, with that new update they already will have a very good help but the main problem i still think its that they dont have good buffs to farm by themselves, could be added as extra reward from daily quest. - Another option could be also some "Buff offline shop" - Not mentioned on this patchnotes but on last one some runes changed but the discription didnt, have to put the correct one. (Thanks for epics high lvl now i can use my main char)
  12. kkkkkkkkk most no sense post "I farm, ok no change" "I dont farm, please change" xDDDDDDDD
  13. Sure its not butthurt for losing lets see the guy argument, " Really don't make sense any more to farm RBs: the stuff not easy to sell. and benifit is small. " First of all we never did RB for adensky, we always made for exp some char only.. If he says that there`s no profit why he is crying about another ppl killing, just because he isnt killing it anymore?? As he dont farm anymore so the difficult should be changed? So its only about fun? so come with 1, 2 or 3 parties to kill 3, 4, 5 ppl its very funny, got it.. This post its just a butthurt..
  14. Btw why not kebap rbs? He didnt kill fast enough with his 3 4 orcs? I always saw ppl with more ocrs than me and more gears than me doing slower than me