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  1. Server politics

    /topic close. We are not ally
  2. Server politics

    OMG @Pendragon you are so funny . It is not like "the rumor". I will agree agree agree x1000 times with u " You were not allies "
  3. Server politics

    But I think.... You were allies , but i am not sure
  4. Server politics

    OK OK You were not aliies. @Pendragon I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you
  5. Server politics

    They mean the past, not the present
  6. Server politics

    download Face Dance, it will be better for u atm WS+WK were in 1 ally, but it was the past
  7. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    or like this latinos can do it
  8. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    Maybe something like this or like this Asian hands , 8-9 is fine, no F8-F9
  9. When CHN do Feed !!!

    They have many TOP CP
  10. When CHN do Feed !!!

    Abcd1-> abcd20 got ban in AQ we still have love1->love20
  11. When CHN do Feed !!!

    zhaohuan01-20 already in olympiad. Zhaohuan21->100 still farming in FOM Welcome back to L2Feed.Club , welcome back CHN to this sick game
  12. CHN in Core

    1/ Core died at 21:11 pm in my country. You can see in this photo, after Core died, they still had 5-6pts and 1pt fast run to Core and died non-stop there and res. The rest pts after that run to door. 2/ My video made at 21:15 and lenght 1m20s, and they have 6 min+, stayed there. - It was like a big joke, when I saw that happen. The problem are these chars in Core middle, nerver heal themself. They just focus on healing BD , and died non-stop. - They didnt have right loot or before kill Core they dismiss all CC? When They still hav 6pt there as usual
  13. CHN in Core

    I dare them to log in game and tell me like that. Im online JerryZ
  14. CHN in Core

    My "American Pig" helped me translate it. I have no reason to sarcastic or abusive them. Because We all come from Asia and Most of us cant speak English. P/S: GMs can check when Core killed by them, and when They Picked up that Items. Unlucky I didnt record 2-3m first.
  15. CHN in Core

    Translate version 1.0