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  1. "Dead CP" LF The Blue Man

    WTB WL / Bishop Friendly Stream Everyday Subscribe to channels
  2. "Dead CP" LF The Blue Man

    Yes I am not Robot I cant play 24/7 . If Some1 can play DD, It is fine. I can play Bishop/WL
  3. "Dead CP" LF The Blue Man

    BlueMan Group LF TheBlue Minions. "Dead CP" WTB WL/Bishop 70+ In Asia Prime (PvE/PvP/Siege/Epic/Relog/Drama) . "DramaTeam Ally" LF 1 CP in NA/SA Prime and 1 CP in Asia Prime Lets go from Zero again . Ingame: JerryZ/kktnxbye Discord: Jerry#1733 Friendly Stream Everyday Subscribe to channels
  4. Warcryer Olympiad

    Seem like nobody cares .
  5. You shouldnt compare everything CHN. Just very simple reason they are CHN.
  6. China vs Baium

    Happy New Year WTB: EVENT
  7. Mercenary for hire

  8. Mercenary for hire

  9. The Ant Queen story

  10. Clans/Sides

    Malaka my Friend.. Short story here: LONG STORY, ASK UR EX-WK FRIENDS
  11. The Ant Queen story

    Some time you need some "Drama" in your life . I am very happy when i see this topic. It not because Sayomi got back QA lv3. It is about "Ludovikos decided to return it for FREE". He is wearing low C armor in Shop and bunt D.Beside alot of Topic about scam/bad people everyday, at least We had 1 topic about good person. Protect him until you die Sayo p/s: next time dont drop Orfen lv3 .
  12. Got stolen by CHN

    But unlucky he uses bo+3 instead epic and bo+6
  13. Got stolen by CHN

    I got BOP+3 and my friend demon+8
  14. Got stolen by CHN

    Because Hero dagger go PK with no balls (BO+3). and got 6k Crit from Elemental Symphony + QA lv3 No time to Bless SOE
  15. Got stolen by CHN

    Yesterday ChnPop droped Peril+3 and Demon dagger+8 from PK. I think You Should be happy right now