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  1. l2 classic club 18(WK)VS25(SM) 8/30/2017 Loa PVP cuz of this song. i will never hate CHnN
  2. WTB Demon+12

  3. rip in peaces

    maybe go active your window???
  4. L2classic is not fot solo players, as u said we can izi to get 60-65, when they 65+~, for sure TOP spots is not for solo players/nature. I remember 1.0 there are only 2 spots: Cruma + DV. -10% from mobs and -4% from wars. That was facking crazy ever i saw. I was here 1,5 year +++++ and I am still 75 20%
  5. Strongest CPs?

    China is the best :P.... All of us knew that
  6. SoulMate lf CPs

    English(basic) for communicate. TS/discord/facebook for contact.
  7. 2.0 Update Great Contest!

    Hi, 1/ we make video only in2.0 or everthing in with promotional video for 2.0 update. Cuz now live server is 1.5 or we have to go OB test server? 2/ Wallpaper only with 2.0 update?
  8. SoulMate PvP

    @Bilbao nice friendship with CHN
  9. When 2nd Taurin come back xD

    There are many funny guys in this server
  10. Fear and Stun

    Orfen,Core can slove everthing
  11. Red August 2017

  12. Spy POV #1 - SM x JG

    Malaka public my video soon we will have 5th Orfen lv 3
  13. Spy POV #1 - SM x JG

    Troll video i think... nothing in this video, only 1 picture xaxa