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  1. Bambi


    я думал фанаты фейса играют в вов
  2. Bambi

    WTB Magical Tablets

    you shouldn't suppose to say "nice try" on that kind of jokes, lurk more
  3. Bambi

    Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    more gifs please^
  4. Bambi

    LF CP(Общая тема)

    Нужен драйвер на нашего SWS/BD, очень желательно знание английского (слушать и реагировать) и опыт на классике, в перспективе - отдадим мыло от персов, вар/фан/кач каждый прайм (с 8 до 01+). Писать в личку.
  5. Bambi

    Small bugs

    get out from my thread!
  6. Bambi

    L2FileEdit for Saviors 2.0

    please, do not spam if you do not know the subject
  7. Bambi


  8. Bambi

    Small bugs

    check, what about rest?
  9. Bambi

    Small bugs

    well, "bugs" #3 and #4 is fixed, still a couple to go (dunno if need to mention Clan and Alliance names broken in target status), up
  10. If anyone have working editor for current version - poke me in PM (just a small task, nothing serious), please.
  11. Bambi

    SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    close but not the same, almost every teon holywars were epic back in the days, or i was too young and sensitive
  12. Bambi

    SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    cannot into meme?
  13. Bambi

    SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    feels bad that there is no roleplay servers of lineage left in web, that guy have big potential
  14. Bambi

    Archer Party Rus

    это дефолтная ситуация)