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  1. Blunt + Pole Why? because of: Hammer Crush Body Impale Spinning Slasher
  2. I honestly thought the siege would get cancelled/rescheduled because it started earlier. The best part for me was the 9v9 fights that some of us had in the colisseum...
  3. I'm talking about a third party macro software. I don't remember the name, because I haven't played UO since 2003-4, but there was a software that was really simple to configure and allowed you to click on exacts coordinates on your screen and calculate the scroll to get you back at the same coordinates. My mouse can memorize macros that allow clicking on coordinates, but not the in-game coordinates of the map obviously...
  4. That's why I said it must be a macro (not a bot, that use to be more "elaborate" and "feature rich" imitating human behavior): he goes to the spot despite not having a mob and waits there (next target fail to target) and runs to the next spot.
  5. You are right. Looks like he is using a macro (like old times in Ultima Online, that used to be allowed). Just selecting few spot to click with the mouse and using "next target". Click on coordinates X,Y Click Next Target Attack Wait X secs Click F3 (aura) Click on coordinates X,Y ...
  6. Ok, that makes sense then. I don't think a human can click the same coordinates 4 times in a row lol.
  7. I'm not defending KingLeonidas, but I'm a bit skeptical/worried about the "method" used here: When you say "coming 4 times on same spot" do you mean exact coordinates? Should I start worrying if after a while I start to farm "mechanically" or in some sort of a sequence? I have no experience with bot programs but, you are just guessing here, right?, "he must be doing this or that" no solid proof of third party program. Should I be scared if I'm lazy? because I don't have a macro on my buffer to buff me up... Also, doesn't Lineage client includes some sort of anti-cheat engine to avoid this?
  8. 1) A CAPLE 2) NO 3) YES
  9. ABG is now better (and easier) for farming up to 74. Also, not sure if anyone else noticed, but some places where more mobs were added in LoA, they now respawn at different intervals, making hard to gather them...
  10. I've never used the installer... Just download the client and the patch.
  11. I think my point of view is pretty clear, sorry if you can't handle it.
  12. Fixing skills in 1.5 as they are in 2.0 makes absolutely no sense if you are not gonna take into account that 2.0 has more skills, like Focus Attack (pic taken from the same website you are using to fix current skills):
  13. I have this mouse (this mouse's software is SHIT btw, I don't recommend it), all skills are in the side buttons in addition to some macros (like potions). Sometimes I spam both, the side button and skill bar, when I get carried away
  14. Another point of view just in case (WL FTW):