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  1. Just admit you are out of arguments here and find another reason to flame. It's ridiculous to come here and generalize about a whole alliance for one single asshole doing something your ally encourages:
  2. They care, because it's very convenient for the sake of flaming.
  3. I don't see any scammer, just an asshole. Also, funny how all the forum warriors come here like flies to start flaming because they recognized a crest. Like they don't have people well known for doing this to lowbies and neutral people
  4. Just get rid of those scammers...
  5. Too bad, that would make those low b armors that nobody wants interesting
  6. Haven't found anything around, so I will just ask here if anyone has more information: According to l2wiki (classic) armor sets has new/updated armor bonus. This is how sets are going to be in 2.0? 3.0? 7.0...? Example with zubei's heavy set: 2 parts: HP Recovery Bonus +5.24% 3 parts: Max HP +294 4 parts: Paralysis Resistance +30% 5 parts: P. Def. +5.26%
  7. You have a valid point. I didn't mean to include the whole ally, only some of their "forum warriors".
  8. I've always found really funny the way you make up all this bullshit. You, a compulsive liar surrounded by pathetic and bitter kids whose only way to communicate is via insults, dare to talk about toxic players!! Do you even read this forum? Hahahaha. You don't kick people, you literally play this game only to beg people to follow you. And everyone leaves you because of all your bullshit...
  9. Someone who writes things like "they dont know english" has absolutely no right to say a word about how others speak it.
  10. Are we playing in the same server? sometimes I have my doubts. Anyways, perkunas losing people is not a surprise with the current toxic, greedy and childish leadership...
  11. FYP
  12. Post them, then. Anyways: Quality >>>> Quantity
  13. When you realize the event is a wedding:
  14. Maybe because we were allies until yesterday? But it seems like that's fixed now