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  1. Pelocho

    Strongest CPs?

    Just because there is people from 3 cps doesn't mean there are 3 CPs. You can see in the video we were actually less than 20 including boxes...
  2. Pelocho

    Strongest CPs?

    I showed you the same in the last video. So we are tied?
  3. Pelocho

    Strongest CPs?

    My more sincere apologies, it won't happen again, may your farm never be disturbed. And yeah, the video shows 10 characters: 8 from CP plus 2 boxes: elder box for MP and box low level bishop that are obviously not being played. Mad props to jerryz for hitting sit at the very beginning lol
  4. Pelocho

    Strongest CPs?

    It must suck to die to me then, that is what usually happens. I was caught accidentally in that pvp. As you can see I was in party with my box just chilling around. Check the other videos where I do actually make pvp
  5. Pelocho

    Strongest CPs?

    As you can see, even playing terrible I just keep owning everyone :D.
  6. Pelocho

    Fear and Stun

    Just make my class the best plz
  7. Pelocho

    Strongest CPs?

    iTommy: solid and stronk. kiam CP: wimpy. PR unless they have the upper hand in numbers. STR CP: weak like chinese. Eulogist: stronk. JerryZ: average.
  8. Pelocho

    Necro gaming

    Yeah, pony so OP.
  9. Pelocho

    Random red vs blue fights

    Because he is the closest one, his party isn't flagged yet and we are less (making his stun is potentially more dangerous).
  10. Pelocho

    Random red vs blue fights

    Always outnumbered, never outgunned:
  11. Pelocho

    Why is china so mad ?

    They are terrible at pvp, I bet you can kill him 1v1
  12. Pelocho

    Random red vs blue fights

    less than 20 vs 30+ (I can't count sorry, someone will say it was just one party ): The next one I was in solo party (I arrived late). Trying to be "conservative" because I had no healer to take care of me. I know I'm terrible, but my mates take me to the victory anyways!
  13. Pelocho

    xXMoNsTeRXx pvp Jungle Clan!!

    He doesn't make any kind of pvp yet he criticize everyone. He spends like 2 hours analyzing every video like "omg he didn't use X skill in 2:53 and he took like 0.01 milliseconds using the mouse when he could've used the keyboard, you are not playing properly!"
  14. Pelocho

    Consulta- Destroyer.

    Espada 2 manos y pole. Es la clase que necesita más armas ya que tiene skills para blunt, espada y pole Si no te buscas una party te vas a aburrir porque lvlear en classic es muy duro...