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  1. 3 sided server <3

    2:39 "Who rez aimoroida ? "
  2. Server politics

    Oh poor boy are you ready to fight against a Vietkong Veteran ? Are you sure?
  3. Server politics

    @JerrySM Accept the challenge ..Make Blue side proud ..You can beat Japanese chicks..This LTU amateur will be piece of cake ..GO GO GO Face dance challenge !!!
  4. Server politics

    I ll speak honestly..And keep what you want from what i ll say . But i dont give a shit if people consider me liar or hypocrite. What progressive and other people were saying last days included a big dose of reality/truth.
  5. Server politics

    @ProGressive When poll results reach 69%/31% you can announce the official results.. 69 @Pendragon You and CHN never be ally its like Pinocchio never said lies
  6. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Now at ts Parasadalos/Cleef/Songmaster/Kigoo/Hellious/Tys0n/Me/Nienna(afk) ..Not bad at all .. ? Do you know any good room at Ts dropping tablets? I am interested! What about Mercenaries ?? Ask Pipiska-SKatofatsa-oelfas-Gutsy he can answer for me what happened at Mercenaries because we left together ...Lol man i think this myth of Mercenaries has many dragons and fairies
  7. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    About Mercenaries what an old story ..I didnt stay but we left with others and our "leader" stayed alone . So even if you are elder you miss important facts . Yes people blame me about my stance against NF(a bunch of them) and they end up saying same things as me . I ll never hide behind words and i ll always try to be fair with everyone .But what to expect from guys who change their stance and spread cancer about me because 1-2 guys drive their chars to become hero(i dont refer to SM). Saying about my cp activity its a joke you like it or not .Truth is far away from what you support here . I cant understand how you make conclusions when you even admit that you play 2/7 . But ok enough said please respect what i asked and no need further discussion
  8. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Re malaka are you serious ? My CP is inactive?WTF are you saying? Come on i told it to Yomana too .If you wanna live to your own world its ok and i respect it but dont include my cp to your world.About TS i am different person against 2 people but you decided to support them and feed their EGO so dont blame me dude.For last time i ask you dont refer to my cp if you dont have proper info its disgusting.I choose not to talk about everything and what you as clan/people blame me because i dont want to make this problem even bigger than already is but i ll not remain forever silent against this shit .
  9. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    We dont have so many actives clown ..Come on you can try better .Except spread bullshits around and lie about everything are you capable for something else? Faking amazing people finally reveal their second nature .Pathetic hypocrite i hope you bait a lot of fishes at Aden
  10. CHN in Core

    Tell us mate what about this movie Jerryz uploaded ? Worth to check it or everything its fine ?
  11. CHN in Core

    @Kse @San0 @Koll Give us proofs
  12. CHN in Core

    AMC presents : CHN Exposed Season 6 Episode 9
  13. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    OR Epic momments/comments
  14. First FW prime

    @MoDoy Yeah but as i said not at this arena ..Fix your Set-up /Decide who you ll take with you /Lets arrange a perfect date (maybe after next siege)
  15. NonFactors

    Pvp = you killed one Destroyer 70 lvl because he hit you with AOE skill under train when you were flagged? I love you mate for one SIMPLE REASON "You are doing your faking job really good" and this job isnt try trolling people bcz troll sometimes have limits . Elmar gave you what you deserved the most "Well played". Go Untag please.. I see you super sharp elf ears inside this pile