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  1. iAxZp


  2. Exactly. That's why ur opinion has zero value.
  3. We have traditionally better players so other sides zerg us to win some obj. What is there for new people to see?
  4. iAxZp

    G4NK // Multipov

    suck as many dicks as u want. still u gonna gatekeeper hug and drop wars
  5. LF CP from any ally/clan/randoms except macaco side for core/orfen/aq farms levels irrelevant(as long as u dont get petrified)/equip irrelevant, classic point system. events manager me. you can contact me on discord or in game to "axzp.
  6. we will discuss also how to delete epics then pretend its not you and gms dont ban you?
  7. u cant understand if u dont have at least 1 digit iq
  8. proof of rmt transfer i mean not about that brazilians have negative iq and cant understand a joke
  9. MY opinion is if you have proof make a ticket and report this hero
  10. mama refusing all these years be female elf on doom which was fine, but now he has a brand new nm +6 set, i think its time this community to decide what should be mamas gender with one and only criteria, which is WHAT IS MORE SEXY.