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  1. he wrote it 1 day before losing hero, i doupt this is the reason
  2. re malakes what are these dead beefless posts. be more spicy for us!!!
  3. iAxZp

    Macro table

    a friend from village told me, (you dont know him) adrenaline activation can be done with ins button. so he can delete macro to add one more usefull one he can also remove WH macro and put it on zoom weel button
  4. think of ur health. u cant fix the world, stupidity is endless.
  5. can u not get triggered with every irrelevant kid? like it matters the qqing.
  6. why u even bother to reply to clownish posts?
  7. LF WC or OL or Elder or driver
  8. UP , LF MERAKLIDIKO DA or driver
  9. lf tyrant and overlord as 10th member
  10. i know the conditions chinese and korean ppl play are bad, playing into europian server events like sieges and oly must be hard. but my point of conversation is with the amount of europian heroes chinese wont be able to defend equal numbers fight.
  11. i wont answer bad to u david i ll pass.