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  1. iAxZp

    G4NK // Multipov

    suck as many dicks as u want. still u gonna gatekeeper hug and drop wars
  2. LF CP from any ally/clan/randoms except macaco side for core/orfen/aq farms levels irrelevant(as long as u dont get petrified)/equip irrelevant, classic point system. events manager me. you can contact me on discord or in game to "axzp.
  3. we will discuss also how to delete epics then pretend its not you and gms dont ban you?
  4. u cant understand if u dont have at least 1 digit iq
  5. proof of rmt transfer i mean not about that brazilians have negative iq and cant understand a joke
  6. MY opinion is if you have proof make a ticket and report this hero
  7. mama refusing all these years be female elf on doom which was fine, but now he has a brand new nm +6 set, i think its time this community to decide what should be mamas gender with one and only criteria, which is WHAT IS MORE SEXY.
  8. dunno, i got called by gms investigation to answer tere/biz questions. which means they tested your theory and they found it weak. tho you come here to show ur weak story and speculations about what really happened. i never had in balu's clan chars in the last 4+ years i ve been on this server so keep ur bullshit for ppl dont know dont put my name into sentences with ur lies :). author of this shit is not tere dont make me laugh. and all these butthurted kiam/nez/meskita poopers that found opportunity to cry make me want to vomit. now guest stars like noveria should go to servers they play and post their opinions :). " p.s. what we all lost with this case, is a chance of fair play and the "most damage" was still done - to all players and server reputation." dont come and talk to us about fairplay when our cp deleted epics back then nor about server reputation cuz u are the one who with these posts tring to harm. you dont need these epics as u claimed u arent playing for 2 years and i doubt u do more than make adena in gh and rmt them. u can call like u did last 2 weeks every not playing ex friend u have left to manipulate convs in forum discord still community knows who u are and who u always been.
  9. I like the list. but all this t-rex i dont like.
  10. why so toxic re malaka.