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Found 23 results

  1. WTB crystal dagger+10 ~ 15

    WTB crystal dagger ++++ 10~15 Please mail "anterr
  2. Jackals 3

  3. Rizos #7 Ya DDshnik

    Since ppl asked for more mass pvp actions in my next movie, i made movie with ganks mass pvp and siege content. Enjoy Server: L2classic.clubChronicle: Classic 2.0Nick: Rizo Class: Ghost HunterClan: NonFactorAlliance: BarrysBangBrosLength: 18:55Scenery: Gangs, mass pvp and sieges Big thanks to @MoDoy for music Edit: I had to remove last song because of copyright
  4. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    Today i have movie for dagger fans cos its rly long. If u manage to watch it all grats for you ^^. In the end of movie there are pvps and oly fights with focus death. Worth to watch imo to keep motivation in grinding ^^. Server: L2classic.clubChronicle: Classic 2.0Nick: Rizo Class: Ghost HunterClan: NonFactorAlliance: No AllianceLength: 26:38 Scenery: PvP + Olympiad 2:45 - PvPs 7:54 - Olympiad 18:50 - PvPs with Focus Death 23:37 - Olympiad with Focus Death
  5. Stream - Pinkysek lolPW
  6. Ghost Hunter lvl 76. Enjoy ;-)
  7. Jackals 2

  8. Daaaaamn ! Red vs Blue Team

    Best regards to those who take it with humor !
  9. Zeep 2.0 & More on CP

    New video! I hope like it everyone !
  10. Pinkyska - lol PW (17.12.2017)

    some random pvp from today
  11. Jackals GhostHunter fun

  12. Abyss Walker LF CP/CLAN

    As the title says, im looking for a clan or an active constant party. Got a good computer, very experienced and well oriented. 28 y/o, from brazil. ABYSSWALKER level 55. - 2 weeks playing. Actual equipment - PL SET + AKAT + DScreamer. Playtime - Random (sometimes 8hrs +), everyday, but mainly 100% 20:00 - 00:30 GMT -3 Nick ingame: mTb
  13. WTT/WTS +14+9

    WTS/T : Emi+14 offer WTT > demon dagger+9+adena for +10demondagger , or+12+ kris PM or MAIL ingame "Jackals
  14. Demon Dagger+8+10

    WTB : Demon Dagger+8+9+10 Drake armor,boots +8 (if its possible) offer here, or ingame mail/pm "Jackals"
  15. About D.ELFS

    What is better Dark-elf acher or Dark elf dagger?? and if you can explain why
  16. TH leveling

    Hi everyone, I've just recently started playing classic and I'm just about to ding a 40 rogue. Back in the day I started playing L2 from C3 on, so I wanted to get some info about the situation on classic before I make my 2nd class choice. In short, I find daggers infinitely more fun and interesting than archers, however since I'm working 9-5 I only have a limited amount of time to spend on grinding. Consequently, I want to know how people level up Treasure Hunters at the moment, so I can see if I can make it work with my schedule, or just cut my losses and go HE. I'm aware daggers are not the best right now and I don't really care. I'd just appreciate if you shared your PVE experiences - what works/what doesn't, what gear to use, which parties accept daggers and what role do you have within them etc. Solo grind viable? What are the best setups for box/duo/trio parties? All and any info would help. Thanks in advance.
  17. WTS DD + 3 PM ME

    WTS demon dagger +3 pm me carterwife
  18. -INT Abyss Walker

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about adding 2 +4 WIT symbols on my lvl 43 AW. I don't have a good experience with -CON on D.elves and getting -Str would ruin both my pve and pvp so +WIT is okay for now. The extra cast.speed is something, plus you never know when M.evasion might save you 1khp from 1 M.Skill with all those pesky Nukers out there with +10 weaps. However, I want to make sure that lowering myself so much INT won't affect my debuff skills land rate. My clan says M.atk has got an effect on debuffs, but the forums on the other side, say it does NOT. If that's the case and -INT on daggers wouldn't ravage the landing rate of Hex/Power Break, etc., then I might just buy the cheap +4-5 Dyes in Giran instead of the more expensive +4-4. I'd like some advice on the matter! Thanks in advance.
  19. Treasure Chest PT BR

    Bom, comecei a jogar novamente lineage 2 faz 1 mês e entrei no servidor classic, criei a minha classe preferida que é o dagger "rogue". Uma classe muito ruim para se upar e participar de um clan é tudo sofrido mas bem que poderia ter as boxs "treasure chest" para a classe não fica não inútil assim e se possível poderiam me dizer em qual atualização terá a treasure chest. Obrigado.
  20. I would like to suggest adding Blinding blow (pre-lv. 75) to AW and PW This is for two reasons: 1) Balance between the three daggers TH, AW, PW. 2) Balance of speed between rogue(dagger) and warrior classes: Tyrant and destroyer rush, and Gladiator sonic move. --- 1) Treasure hunter is probably the best and most popular dagger. His weakness (low dex and lower speed) compared to the other two is compensated with passives and active skills. -Stats benefit TH: overall more fighter (STR+DEX+CON) stats makes him stronger and more flexible for dyes. +1 for TH -Passives: He has all passives: Attack speed, critical rate, critical damage. AW has only critical damage. And PW has only critical rate. +2 for TH -Active skills: PW and AW take benefit from their self-buff race skills only inside olympiad Hex is the only real advantage of AW in practice, and is a race skill. +1 for AW Estangle is the only advantage of PW in practice, and is a race skill too. +1 for PW But TH has both cancel skills: Switch and Trick. +3 for TH And Dash lv. 2. +4 for TH Obviously, both AW and PW have other race skills that they can use that TH dont have, but are inneficient on practice either because of slow casting time or high mp required: poison and freezing strike are slow to cast and used hardly ever. Same with elemental heal which consumes a lot of mp and is slow casting!. Bandage and Poison recovery can be replaced by consumables. They are simply not comparable to Dash / two cancel skills / better stats / all passives off TH. Blinding Blow could give the bonus speed that both PW and AW deserve because of being elves and daggers(+3 for both). The "turn around" reuse time of 30 seg could balance the fact that they miss one of the cancel skills (+4 AW = +4 PW = +4 TH). If it is too OP you can just modify the reuse time. 2) Warrior classes have benefit from gap closer skills (range stun for WL and Gladi, destro rush soon) and speed bonuses (destroyer and gladiator) that dont necessary fit to the original conception of their class (slow but tankier warriors). Tyrant was the only agile warrior most close to daggers. The only warrior that is suposse to use only Light armor, with "rogue" masteries equal to archers and daggers. Yet Tyrant (rabbit), AW and PW are slower than Gladiator(sonic move). How can a heavy-armored Warrior with Lion Heart + skill evasion +40% (which doubles the duration of Ultimate evasion lv. 2) and tons of CP/HP be 100% of the time faster than this classes? A +40 speed bonus of Blinding blow for PW and AW could give them a posibility to compete with them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im a treasure hunter and im fine with it, so i dont take benefit from this. I just want to see more daggers, posibly dagger cps, and more than just treasure hunters. Thks for reading!
  21. Hello there! I was wondering about dagger classes here in classic, so i thought i would like to read your opinions about these 2 daggers: Which one you would chose: AW or PW? Why? Thanks in advance! =)
  22. WTB Cursed Maingauche[CLOSED]

    Pm in game : Gogenzolern ; Yatozikami , or here .