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horror vs mental shield

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- Mental Shield buff effect both from NPC and chars values was tuned up to better match the official values:

  • lvl1 - 20%
  • lvl2 - 30%
  • lvl3 - 40%
  • lvl4 - 50%
  • Resists to Hold/Sleep/Fear/Mental Attacks.

Yet please take care of Horror, test, revise, remember on Olympiad theres no Mental Shield.


​on olys prepare for this to happen

i keep saying the horror skill is working with the normal chances as it should. problm here might be from mental shield but we will have btter picture about it after tomorrow mental shield changes.

​yes, ofc with no mental shield/resist shock pretty much everything lands, thats why they introduced the debuff talismans, which give u some chance to outplay enemy, but its bullsh1t when someone can fear lock u with 90% chance (and nothing could lower it), when there are aggresive mobs everywhere, that just smells like dropping items, thats what was really big problem

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