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    Calculation is here! AntiFun - 0 Streamer Coins PJR - 0 Streamer Coins Wanali - 10 Streamer Coins malawilczka - 6 Streamer Coins ShinxaLoL - 0 Streamer Coins OurCure - 14 Streamer Coins Bluewings - 6 Streamer Coins Pastelka - 0 Streamer Coins LandrarK - 0 Streamer Coins Dabige - 1 Streamer Coins WaterQueen - 10 Streamer Coins lPoledance - 4 Streamer Coins Omens - 2 Streamer Coins XaCha - 2 Streamer Coins Jeffboya - 2 Streamer Coins Mayazaki - 4 Streamer Coins Nez - 3 Streamer Coins Rizos - 1 Streamer Coins Peanuts - 1 Streamer Coins Mulish - 1 Streamer Coins ShadowDark - 3 Streamer Coins Encube coins are pending due to Twitch ban Following streams are being removed from the campaign due to inactivity AntiFun PJR ShinxaLoL In case listed streamers will decide to come back, just send me a PM on forum, your topics will be brought back up To claim Coins, PM Kse here on forum with your ingame nickname! You do not need to send it to Live chat as well. In case you don't see your name in the list, pm me For streamers, who can claim cloak now: To claim your cloak, you need to send me separate from claiming reward message with a nickname of your streamer character.
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    Обновил русский патчик (досконально протестить к сожалению не могу, поэтому просьба написать, если будут баги, постараюсь поправить пока есть свободное время). Русская версия (обновлен 13.09.2021): Mail.ru Google
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    Hello guys I come here to talk about Warlord/Dreadnought in the meta right now. I think Warlord its a forgotten profession, some time ago warlord are wanted to farm, to pvp etc, right now warlord its just useless, how many warlords you can see in a siege? in a mass pvp? Only the one who has the hero, and possibly the choosen one who has all the epics of the game plus Weapon/armor ++++. If not you simply one more slot in the party without any use. The stun resistance of full buff condition its a crazy thing, you can hit with a stun skill a char who has stun resist from EE and a BW and you can land 1/10 stuns, if you put Purification of sws = 0% to land a stun (we are talking on equal epics) obviously if you get all the epics who has stun, and the other dont have, you can have a chance if puri its not on.... Warlord Damages sucks a lot, you can have a lance +10 with full buff and you never make more than 1k damage with your skills except on critical hits to the most "paper" classes. The costs of mana of the 99% of his skills are too expensive, if you dont have a recharger only for you in a pvp or mana potions, you need to control when you use a skill because with a mana pool of 1500 if you use a skill like thunder storm who spent 130 of mana we are talking you can use it 10 times on a "real pvp" (when i say real i mean a pvp who lasts more than 3/4 mins) you run out of mana sooo easy and without any effect on the pvp (no damage no crowd control). So what we have, warlord can get some hp its true, can get more than 20k hp with the correct setup, but a mage can crit you almost for 4/5K easy, archers in the next pack maybe too, so you can have 20k+ hp but die in 4 hits, because you have lot of hp but hasnt have Good Pdef and Mdef (Pdef its higher than Mdef..) Some classes have got reworks, I dont want a Stun 100%, I dont want make 2/3K damage per skill, I dont want absurd mana costs who makes a simple press all the buttons and enjoy. I want play a class properly, I just wanna feel fun when I play with my favourite profession. Maybe you can give us new skills like we see you are giving to other profs...Like for example Earthquake who dwarves have, the skill "Wrath" we have in other chronicles who attack direct the cp of enemies at a certain % of CP or I dont know something you can think can help this profession who has dissapeared from the meta from 2 years ago when all the warlords reroll to destro/duelist/tyrant/mages.... Its just my opinion, a frustrated opinion obviously, but im so sad seeing warlord right now. Best regards ppl Edit: After some posts I have some ideas: New skill for the class: Earthquake (Dwarve skill) Skill for polearms. Rush skill for give the class some mobility
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    Апчик вам, если еще живы-здоровы )
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    Приветствую всех игроков, говорящих на русском! Приглашаю в наш клан, чтобы не быть одинокими в море интернационала! Клан исключительно в релакс-режиме, без обязательств и поборов. Главное условие - расти и общаться с сокланами)) Название клана: SeekersOfLight, клановые скиллы, до +10% к опыту. Требуются любые профы, но сразу скажу, что прокаченный крафтер уже есть. Из ближайших целей: сколотить свои пачки для походов на дейли (и не только) РБ, а в перспективе - борьба за хиро. Обращаться в игре на мейл или в ПМ Bebichka, RichardRal.
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    Calculations are being made every 14 days
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    Видел этих ребят на фарме - рекомендую;)
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    - Fixed buggy interaction of orfen 3 skill with Lord of vampire skill - changed shops so they can only contain english characters.
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    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96QMnDS0Ha6YMaR_gN9_Vw Videos : Maybe more videos on the future, probably not WL though.
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    Hi Modoy, In a RB if you have to choose in the room between a warlord or other DD (archer, dager, tyr,destr, glad,etc), what do you prefer? In 3rd quest class, to make 700 mobs,, your friend ask you to log a DD to help you, you think some1 will take warlord? In pvp, you see a lot of warlords? or massive pvp where this class should be good, you see? or you will take? We can count the warlords of the server with 1 hand. And that warlords plays waiting a change in his prof xD I'm not warlord but the truth is that this prof is a trash right now. If at least warlord could make pve with correct VR like always maybe this prof will be useful to make 1 thing, but its not the case. Obviously, warlord it's not the only 1 prof in this situation but it's one of the worst