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    Dear friends! On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank you for this incredible achievement - 5 years of our server. Your help in making decisions regarding game aspects, help in detecting bugs and of course your support, even in difficult times for the server, helped to create such an outstanding story. Our story began in 2015. Our team wanted to bring Classic to Europe as there was no official European server yet. Unfortunately for us, the server had a hard start, but you continued to believe in us and our team was able to cope with all the difficulties. After 5 months it was time to install the first update 1.3: Age of War in March 11 2016. The clans rinsed to siege the castles and at first showed impressive carnage. But as the Classic chronicles developed, we began to notice that NCsoft did not change and tried to simplify the game, we did not like this direction and began to make changes to updates from NCsoft. Towards the end of Update 1.3: Age of War, we decided to please our players by diluting the boring everyday life of the players and, of course, setting new goals for them - we decided to install a new location Lair of Antharas. Players were very happy with this update and looked forward to 1.5: Age of Splendor which was installed on June 13 2016. With Installation of 1.5: Age of Splendor, Castle Aden was introduced and we saw incredible battles for this castle that continue to this day. This castle has always been a tasty morsel for the strongest alliance, which were changed more than once, falling apart and gathering into a new force. We understand that this is a normal course of events, but it was very difficult for the admins to look at it. Together with the players, we experienced all the problems, all the disagreements and betrayals that occurred during these times. But since then and till now, being very worried about each specific case, we can not give vent to emotions, we must be strict, but fair. That is why it has always been hard to hear that we have favorites and we only help certain side. 1.5: Age of Splendor, of course, lasted long enough, but we still did not knew what laid ahead... Installing update 2.0: Saviors took place at October 24 2017. The update carried a lot of interesting things (I will not deceive anyone, but offline fishing by the admins is a very good thing ), but, of course, one cannot ignore Baium / Olympiad / A grade. There were a lot of goals set for the players, which became more and more difficult to achieve with the growth of online. By this time, the third year of the server's work had already begun and gradually the dream began to come true. We always wanted to make a server that you could return to at any time, even if you had to leave. And that's why it's very nice to see people who turn to you for help in finding an account on which they played 6-8 months or longer ago. 2.0: Saviors is the longest running update to date. While working on 2.0: Zaken, our team faced many problems, both during the development of 2.0: Zaken and internal conflicts. The 2.0: Zaken release process was also slowed down by a new client that was heavily modified and our existing tools did not want to work with it. But we kept looking for ways to solve this problem, and yet we found it. Having found new acquaintances and having received all the necessary tools for work, we were able to quickly finish work on this update. Update 2.0: Zaken has been installed on October 7 2019. In addition to the new zone, Zaken and new goals for the players, it brought us an understanding of how we need to cost our further updates. From the release of major updates, which include immediately the transition to the next expansion, we switched to more frequent release of small packs of updates, which with the final one will transfer us to the next chronicles or lead us in our own direction, which of course will be approved by you. But to choose our path, we lacked the most important thing - a database where players could find all the necessary information, and not get lost in the forum in search of patch notes and our differences, so we found a person who could create for us a knowledge base l2db.club. Yes, it's unpretentious and lacks some of the features we would like to have, but this is just the beginning. Each of these steps in our story were made thanks to you. Despite all the words of the haters that "the server is dead" and "this is the end of the club", you proved to them that this is not so. To see such large-scale clashes at the Sieges after 5 years of the project's existence is simply incredible. We are very flattered to realize that so many people have played on our server at least once, and even if they didn’t like it, it still shows how big the project has become since 2015. We, the L2classic.club team, would like to give you even more good moments and memories associated with our project. Thank you for 5 years. Your Classic Team
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    With respect to the allies and the enemies Hello, folks. Recently I changed my class to a buffbot so I feel blessed now. Wanted to share this feeling with you:
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    This topic is going to cover most of the changes coming to the live server on 02.11.2020. Reminder: things that will be added might be subject to changes and adjustments with time if we find it required. 1 - HUNTING ZONES 2 - ITEMS 3 - SKILLS 4 - NEW EPIC BOSS - ANTHARAS 5 - OTHER CHANGES HUNTING ZONES The Hunters guild recovered from one of their expeditions to some ancient temple's library some scrolls mentioning 2 ancient tribes that have been at war since the beginning of their existence. The Ketra orcs and the Varka silenos. Scrolls talk about a mysterious island, with some especial power and some unique relics hidden within. They talk about how this tribes have battled each other for ages in order to gain control over that island, not only for the chance of finding this relics, but due to the strategic position of the island being it was a completely isolated place from the rest of the world and hard for someone to attack it so it would be a very safe outpost for any tribe at war. Reading this, the hunters guild immediately decided they wanted to study this island and this tribes, not only to know what war secrets and combat tactics this tribes might have (being them a warrior tribe for so long sure they would have something you could learn from), but also they were very curious about this relics the scrolls talked about, with some passages of the text mentioning "ancient weapons of great power". They formed a expedition led by Master Hunter Helena, a very young but very skillful hunter in the guild. When the expedition arrived to this mysterious island, they figured out something was not as much as the scrolls described. Upon landing on the island they right away start feeling a wicked feeling of intimidation, like something was living there that they have never seen before, or even heard about it before, and its power was so huge that they could feel it in the air around them... This island definitely had some wicked power about it. When they ventured in the island they quickly realized the stories from the scrolls were no longer real. You could indeed find some ruins and reminiscences of what once might have been a Varka outpost, and not further ahead what was left of a Ketra village, but this tribes no longer live in here. Houses still standing, you can still see their flags up on the poles, there is still weapons and armors and daily utensils laying around, but no sign of any living creature that once belonged to this tribes... Not even any bodies... Shocked by what they found on their first day of expedition and with the fall of dusk, the expedition decides to go back to the beach and set camp for the night. There is more to investigate tomorrow. As the night sets, weird noises can be heard from inside of the island, sometimes heavy stomping, sometimes loud roars, and sometimes just a so strong silence that could make their souls chill. Helena wakes up next morning just to find she is the only one left in the encampment. All the gear from all members is still around, all their equipment, cloths, tools, everything still there, except the members of the team themselves. Left alone in this new mysterious world, young Helena made this her home and decided she would figure out all about this island, being it what now seems to be faulty information from the ancient scrolls, or something else that is going on in that Forgotten Island. RELEVANT ZONE INFO - Recommended levels: 79+. - Characters under level 76 are not allowed in this territory and will automatically be teleported out of the island. - When escapes are used on the island character will be teleported to Aden. Outside zone recommended group: Solo / small group. Inside zone recommended group: Full group. - Monsters on the island are mostly all social and will help each other. - Monsters on the island are mostly aggressive. Pterosaurs patrol the inside part of the island and are slightly stronger then the rest of the monsters and use a set of different debuffs that can go from simple bleeds to stronger debuffs like paralyze. Tyrannosauros can spawn ANYWHERE in the full island, they are much stronger then the rest of the monsters and its advised to not take on them alone. RESPAWN: from 2h to 6h Sailren is the boss of the island, he lives in a hidden cave and will come out only to feed, or to fight whoever is crazy enough to challenge him. RESPAWN: 24h+12h Helena is your friendly NPC in the island. You can talk with her to buy normal grocery items, especial items or to challenge Sailren. ITEMS Together with Frogotten Island territory, a new array of weapons A grade will be available. - This weapons can only be obtained in the Forgotten Island. - Different recipes and parts can be spoiled in the different monsters both on solo and group area. - Pterasaur can give by spoil any recipe or part. - Tyrannossaurus can give by spoil or drop any recipe or part. - Sailren has a small chance of droping the full item. - Create Item level 8 is required to be able to craft this items. Sirra Blade Naga Storm Cabrio's Hand Behemoth Tuning Fork Sobekk's Hurricane Themi's Tongue Shyeed's Bow Barakiel's Axe Daimon Crystal Sword of Ipos Tiphon's Spear PRIMEVAL TALISMAN Helena will have available a new talisman that can be improved into a better one using some items that can be farmed in the island together with the normal items required to make a talisman. NAME EFFECT REQUIRED Primeval Talisman - Scout pdef 19, mdef 16, poison bleed resist/attack 5% stun attack 5% MEN+1 40x Elemental Stone 10x Talisman Crystal CANNOT TRADE/DROP 100x Primeval Bones Primeval Talisman - Searcher pdef 31 mdef 22 poison bleed root resist/attack 5% stun attack 5% skill reuse-1% MEN+1 CON+1 40x Elemntal Stone 20x Talisman Crystal 150x Primeval Bones 100x Dinosaur Tissue CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Scout Primeval Talisman - Ranger pdef 42 mdef 30 poison bleed root resist/attack 5% mental resist 5% stun attack 5% skill reuse -1% mp consumption -1% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 100x Elemental Stone 30x Talisman Crystal 200x Primeval Bones 100x Dinosaur Tissue 10x Carbonemys Shell CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Searcher Primeval Talisman - Escort pdef 51 mdef 39 poison bleed root attack/resist 6% mental resist 6% stun attack 6% skill reuse -2% mp consumption -2% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 WIT+1 100x Elemental Stone 40x Talisman Crystal 250x Primeval Bones 200x Dinosaur Tissue 50x Carbonemys Shell 10x Pterosaur Talon CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Ranger Primeval Talisman - Commander pdef 62 mdef 49 poison bleed root resist/attack 8% mental resist 8% stun attack 8% skill reuse -2% mp consumption -2% skill power +1% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 WIT+1 INT+1 200x Elemental Stone 50x Talisman Crystal 300x Primeval Bones 200x Dinosaur Tissue 50x Carbonemys Shell 15x Pterasaur Talon 5x Tyrannosaurus Fang CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Escort Primeval Talisman - Leader pdef 73 mdef 63 poison bleed root resist/attack 10% mental resist 10% stun attack 10% skill reuse -3% mpsoncumption -3% skill power +2% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 WIT+1 INT+1 STR+1 200x Elemental Stone 100x Talisman Crystal 500x Primeval Bones 200x Dinosaur tissue 50x Carbonemys Shell 15x Pterasaur Talon 5x Tyrannosaurus Fang 1x Sailren Claw Adena 50.000.000 CAN TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Commander System works similar way with tower of insolence talisman, you bring the items to Helena and you can try to upgrade your talisman to the next level, note that with exception of first and last level, upgrade can fail and leave you with the same talisman you had or in some cases even delevel it for the version before. SKILLS When killing Sailren, he has a small chance of droping 1 of 3 forgotten scrolls. this scrolls will be usable by any class level 82+ and upon using unlocks the following passive skills. NAME EFFECT REQUIRED Protection of Rune mdef +15% chance to increse further m def when take damage Any class level 82 Protection of Elemental attributes resistance +20 chance to further inscrease m def and attribute resistance when take damage Any class level 82 Protection of Alignment Holy and dark resistance + 20 chance to further inscrease m def and attribute resistance when take damage Any class level 82 NEW EPIC BOSS - ANTHARAS Antharas the Land Dragon has arrived to the club to wreck havoc on everyone who dares to face her. To face Antharas you need to dwell inside of the deeps of her lair. Deep inside Lair of Anthars you will find the Heart of Warding. This is the seal keeping her locked inside of the nest and protecting us all from what would be the world if this evil beast would roam free. The bravest adventures can try to challenge her by using a Portal Stone on the Hear of Warding to be allowed to go inside of her nest. Up to a max of 200 players can port inside to face her at one time. Be advised this is a foe like you never faced before, a daughter of a goddess, a dragon creature born out of evil, hate and spite with only one propose in life, destroy all that exists in the world in the name of Shilen. Bound to be the hardest challenge adventurers have to face since their path started. During the fight Antharas uses a huge list of different type of skills, some of them are only debuffs like paralyze and fear or curses, while other are some devastating damaging strikes, some of them are usually telegraphed by some specific movement she does before using the skills, try to study it to get the hang on whats going on in other to avoid getting your raid force obliterated by some of her skills. At certain stages of raid Antharas will call for the help of her Behemoth Dragons, this counts as a boss itself and will, if survive for long enough, enrage like normal bosses. Make sure you have either someone to control this or you kill them as they spawn to avoid extra chaos. At random occasions Antharas will also spawn a zerg of little dragon bombers, this one will spawn, run from center of the room to the walls and explode when their path finishes, make sure you are no where around one of them by then to avoid massive damage. By defeating Antharas players can obtain a lot of high end items including a new epic jewel - Antharas Earring. NAME EFFECT Antharas Earring mdef 74 mp+9 bleed resist/attack + 5% stun resist/attack +5% Mental resist/attack +5% Healing power +6% MP consumption + 3% Vampiric rage +2% In order to enter Antharas nest player need to obtain a portal stone. this item will be consumed by the Hear of Warding to allow the player to move inside of the nest. Every player wanting to go inside has to have on inventory a Portal Stone. To obtain portal stone players must complete the quest "Audience with the land dragon" Quest "Audience with the land dragon" can be started after lvl 76 by talking with Gabrielle in Giran Town next to the CH auctioneers NPCs Antharas will spawn 20 minutes after the first player ports inside. If no one attacks Antharas for a long time She will go back to sleep and kick everyone out of the nest. Antharas respawn time will be 10days +12h of random window. As per usual on new added epic bosses ANTHARAS WILL BE DEAD ON THE UPDATE DAY AND START SPAWN WINDOW FROM THAT SAME TIME. NOTE: Our Antharas is slightly weaker then the official version, about 30% less stats and less minions will spawn during the fight. This fight will be adjusted with time according to how the raids will go in order to bring it to a stage where it would still pose a big challenge but wont be completely impossible to kill. OTHER CHANGES - Fixed problem with dagger skills facing full stats of crit damage resist effects such as knight heavy armor passive, chant of protection, counter critical etc. From now on blow type skills are ignoring half of the values of this effects as it was supposed to. EXEMPLE: BUFF A gives 40% critical damage resistance, Characters attacking this target will deal 40% less damage on their crits. Dagger skill users will deal 20% less damage on their crits instead of 40% due to the fact dagger skills are meant to ignore half of it.
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    Enjoy the music, heavy music lovers
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    And here are winners works! Gift card: harkerez Grimzorg Ragnarkz Smalinkich Video: edardna lPcOo Kim EuDora Comics: Salazar SpellG Angerfist Art: Coronel DafneALou Horus Masha And here are some words Masha would like to say: All the glorious moments begin with the same phrase: "Once upon a time" and this is my story... Once upon a time, on April 10, 2018, an unexpected friendship took place in Blazing. Some time later, I had the privilege of receiving an invitation to what would be, soon after, something I never imagined: my little family and soul mates: Forum Warriors. And the road wasn't easy to go , some dramas, misunderstandings, rage quits, unnecessary words happened, but first and foremost, the good times we had together, knowing how to find the way back to stay united under the same Cp flag. This is the most graphic way I have to show you my eternal gratitude and happiness for having you by my side, in my life and present every day. The last wish? To be able to pass the pixels and turn them into a few jugs of cold beer somewhere in the world. So, my friends, I love you limitless, forever and ever. With love, Masha We hope you all enjoyed winners works! Participants works will be published tomorrow! Best regards, Classic Team
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    This topic will cover the changes coming to server on 03.05.2021 (in case some critical bug is found meanwhile it will be posteponed to 10.05.2021) Once again want to apologize for the delay, but world is a mad place atm and things happen that are not possible to predict and out of our hands to control. CASTLE SIEGES Wall HP increased 5 times. Doors HP increased 5 times. Crystals HP increased 5 times. Decreased teleportation time when all life towers are down during castle siege from 8 minutes to 4 minutes. CLASSES CHANGES SUMMONERS Pet base pvp damage has been decreased Skill usage while mounted has been removed Pet base debuff resistance has been decreased Increased the amount of shots crafted from beast shots summon skills: Summon Beast Soulshot unit increased from 30 to 300 Summon Beast Soulshot cost increased from 4 soulstones to 40 soulstones Summon Best Spiritshot unit increased from 24 to 240 Summon Beast Spiritshot cost increased from 4 spirit ore to 40 spirit ore Mana cost for nuke skill reduces: Aqua Swirl, Blaze, Twister cost from: 18 mana on skill level 1 up to 74 mana on skill level 33 to: 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 52, 53, 54, 57, 59, 60 Mana cost for 3rd class pets increased. Magnus the Unicorn LVL1, Spectral Lord LVL1, Feline King LVL1: from 144 mp to 200 mp Magnus the Unicorn LVL2, Spectral Lord LVL2, Feline King LVL2: from 159 mp to 210 mp Increased reuse on 3rd class pet summoning skills to 15 seconds. Increased reuse time on Final Servitor to 1 minute. Servitor share has been boosted and reworked. Servitor share stats after changes: P.Atk./P.Def. changed to 50% from 30% M. Atk./M. Def. changed to 25%, from 10% Max HP / MP 10% Atk. Spd. by 10% Casting Spd. by 3% NEW ADDITIONS: Critical rate by 20% Mental Atk./Def. by 20% PVP damage bonus by 100% SHILLIEN ELDER M.Def. decrease has been added to Stigma of Shillien Lord of Vampires has been boosted and reworked. physical vampire changed from a certain probability to 100% chance to recover 80% of the damage as HP. NEW ADDITIONS: Now Lord of Vampires also has a probability to recover 5% of the damage as MP. NEW SKILL: Summon Shilen Crucifix. Summons a cursed crucifix on target dealing area damage, and debuffing enemies on the area on their attack speed, casting speed and running speed. ELVEN ELDER NEW SKILL: Summon Tree of Life. Summons a Tree of Life near the caster, this tree will heal friends periodically and from time to time try to remove 1 debuff from one of the friends. PROPHET NEW SKILL: Improved Combat Combines MIGHT and SHIELD in one buff only. NEW SKILL: Improved Condition Combines BTB and BTS in one buff only. NEW SKILL: Improved Critical Combines FOCUS and DEATHWHISPER in one buff only. NEW SKILL: Power Restoration Provides all party members with a life regenerative buff healing them overtime. NEW SKILL: Power Recovery Consumes the Power Restoration buff of a party member to instantly recover a % of his max HP. NEW SKILL: Armor Ritual AURA: Provides to party members in certain range with 10% p def, 5% m def, 3 evasion, 3 magic evasion 3% skill evasion and -5% damage from reflect.* NEW SKILL: Power Ritual AURA: Provides to party members in certain range with 10% patk, 10% matk, 5% atk speed, 5% cast speed, 5% crit chance, 5% mage crit chance, 5% mental attack, 5% stun attack.* NEW SKILL: Counter Ritual AURA: Provides to party members in certain range with speed + 30, evasion + 10, magic evasion + 10, 10% mp regen, 10% HP regen.* NEW SKILL: Shadow Blade Melee strike dealing damage and debuffing the targets M.Atk and P.Atk NEW SKILL: Mass Shadow Blade AREA Melee strike dealing damage and debuffing the targets M.Atk and P.Atk NEW SKILL: Steal Mana Recovers some of the damage as MP with certain probability. *EFFECT ACTIVATED FOR PARTY WILL BE THE LAST AURA BEING ENABLED, EVEN IF THE 3 OF THEM ARE ON AT SAME TIME ONLY THE LAST ONE BEING ACTIVATED WILL PROVIDE THE AURA BUFF, ALTHO MANA COST WILL BE CONSUMED FOR THE ALL THE ACTIVATED SKILLS. BLADE DANCER Provided to Blade Dancers the chance to learn Heavy Mastery Passive after lvl 40 Removed negative effects from Dance of Berserker Removed reuse time from Dance of Berserker Dance of Medusa reuse changed to 1 minute Dance of Medusa effect change to ignore Song of Purification resists. Decreased mana cost for dances dance of fire 1 from 60 to 50 dance of fire 2 from 73 to 60 dance of light 1 from 60 to 50 dance of protection 1 from 60 to 50 dance of protection 2 from 73 to 60 dance of inspiration 1 from 60 to 50 dance of the mystic 1 from 60 to 50 dance of the mystic 2 from 73 to 60 dance of concentration 1 from 60 to 50 dance of warrior 1 from 66 to 50 dance of warrior 2 from 73 to 60 dance of fury 1 from 60 to 50 dance of vampire 1 from 60 to 50 dance of siren 1 from 66 to 50 NEW SKILL: Defense Motion Self Dance skill that increases the blade dancer defensive stats. SWORDSINGER Provided to Swordsingers the chance to learn Heavy Mastery Passive after lvl 40 Song of Silence reuse changed to 1 minute Song of Silence effect change to ignore Song of Purification resists Song of Purification debuff resistance changed to 60% Song of Purification reuse changed to 5 minutes Decreased mana cost for songs song of warding 1 from 66 to 50 song of warding 2 from 73 to 60 song of invocation 1 from 66 to 50 song of invocation 2 from 73 to 60 song of wind 1 from 60 to 50 Hunter's song 1 from 60 to 50 song of life 1 from 60 to 50 song of earth 1 from 66 to 50 song of earth 2 from 73 to 60 song of vitality 1 from 60 to 50 song of water 1 from 66 to 50 song of water 2 from 73 to 60 song of vengeance 1 from 60 to 50 song of renewal 1 from 66 to 50 song of champion 1 from 66 to 50 NEW SKILL: Battle Whisper Self song that increases swordsinger offensive stats ARCHERS Critical damage bonus has been added to bow mastery. Modified Counter Dash and Counter Rapid Fire to work on damage dealt instead of damage taken. (it procs now on attack and not when char takes damage) NEW SKILL: Multiple Arrow (sr and he only) AOE damage in a frontal cone ELEMENTAL MAGES Cost for main nukes reduced Power for main nukes increased Change vortexes effects to ignore Song of Purification resist NEW SKILL: ELEMENTAL ARMORS Archmage Flame Armor self buff for 25% p def and 10% m def and deal some burn damage when attacked Storm Screamer Hurricane Armor self buff for 25% p def and 10% m def and gives a attack speed slow effect when attacked Mystic Muse Frost Armor self buff for 25% p def and 10% m def and gives a slow debuff effect when attacked NEW SKILL: BIND Blocks target physical skills for 10 seconds TYRANT Removed crit chance from Raging Force Changes made to Fury Fists Skill level one decreased bonus from 15% to 10% Added skill level 2 on lvl 82 with bonus 15% Ogre Spirit Totem critical damage reduced to 10% GLADIATOR Removed crit chance from Sonic Rage NEW SKILL: COMBAT THRILLS With each hit the adrenaline spikes and increases fighting capabilities for short duration. Temporarily increases attack speed and critical power. lvl 1 - 5% attack speed lvl 2 - 10% attack speed 5% crit damage lvl 3 - 10% attack speed 10% crit damage lvl 4 - 15% attack speed 10% crit damage lvl 5 - 15% attack speed 15% crit damage TITAN Changed Frenzy to be usable at 90% HP NEW SKILL: UPPERCUT Inflicts a powerful uppercut on target with 4937 Power added to P. Atk., knocking down for 3 sec. Requires a sword, blunt weapon, spear, fist weapon, or dual sword. Critical. Ignores Shield Defense. NEW SKILL: FULL SWING aoe damage to nearby enemies. Critical. Ignores Shield Defense. TEMPLE KNIGHT Shield Bash reuse increased to 5 seconds. Added on description the removing target part that was missing. DARK AVENGER Horror chance decreased to match same chance of other single target fear spells Remove crit chance from Insane Crusher PALADIN Removed HP requirements for Angelic Archon. It can now be used with any HP. THE FOLLOWING SKILLS REQUIRE FORGOTTEN SCROLLS TO LEARN. Defense Motion - Lorenzo Battle Whisper - Lorenzo Improve Combat - drop on Giant's Shadow Improve Condition - drop on Creature of the Past Improve Critical - drop on Warrior of Ancient Times Uppercut - Lorenzo Bind - Lorenzo Power Ritual - Lorenzo Armor Ritual - Lorenzo Counter Ritual - Lorenzo Frost Armor - Lorenzo Flame Armor - Lorenzo Hurricane Armor - Lorenzo Multiple Arrow - Lorenzo Summon Tree of Life - Lorenzo Summon Shilen Crucifix - Lorenzo OTHER CHANGES AND FIXES List of changes and fixes coming down on this patch or that were coming on the near times before. Fixed various description problems. Fixed some problems with fish stews. Fixed some weapons not possible to augment. Fixed various quest step triggers. Fixed various reseal options that were missing. Fixed problem with cloaks removing P.Def. Fixed some problems with raid boss spawning in different place then shown on map. Fixed problem allowing players to delay the time limit of gate chant. Fixed problem with Dragon Fruit taking a buff slot. Fixed Blood of Sacrifice (debuff from shield of sacrifice) to not be possible to clean. Fixed problem where Provoke and Lightning Storm debuffs were overriding each other. Fixed problem where after some adena amount on WH some issue would occur with items or adena becoming invisible. Fixed problem causing pets to get extra speed when weapons were changed. Fixed problem causing pets to sometimes resist buffs from hero weapons of the masters.
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    We were having a lot of discussions, i even entitled myself as a PR RAT for some time.. But ppl forget in their hypocrisy, that PR is a part of the game, and kinda ass saving. Love ur EEs, be nice with ur healers and estimate ur situation well. And cut the crap already saying PR is smth bad, it is not, and it is NICE!
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    Post seems long but its quite entertaining everybody were interested how it "ended", so here you are) shortly about the case Angerfist sent mail by mistake to my char R. till i was waiting for their response, Rizo and Angerfist built fake scam case (not without help of other "mastermind", but that doesn't matter for this post) Even tho fake scam case was very weak, its nothing new that of course admins decided in favor of "big players". i'm not surprised, and neither are you, because those "big players" keep server alive. Now shortly about "scam" itself: After finding that items were missing, Rizo asked Angerfist about them and Angerfist said he sent items to Rizo. then Rizo addressed admins to find them and he got info that it was on char R. after searching for the owner of this char, he asked Axzp and he remembered it might be mine. after my refusal to return items to war, they asked admins for reversing items, but admins refused to return mistakenly lost items. so Rizo decided to make a fake case pretending that Angerfist scammed. the only evidence they provided to admins was ingame mail written by Angerfist, where he says that he is leaving cp and his cp items are gone (mail was written after admins refused to return items lost by mistake) there was no other proof at all If it's somehow not clear, that Angerfist made mistake (typed "R" in address line in mail, name "Rizo" popped up and he just tabbed to subject line, thus only letter "r" was left) and all this "scam" is obvious lie, let me explain just few moments why it was not scam in order to scam Rizo, Angerfist should be sure that addressee would get mail. he wasn't. he said to admins that he didn't know if that char would log at all, but he "just tried" in order to scam, he should be sure it was my char (as he said later to admins, he wanted to do most damage to rizo so epics would get to fightclub). he wasn't sure. he said he only knew that clan "syndicato'' in which char was, was Balu's. (this info about syndicato, btw, also was from Axzp as he was helping to search for char) and he didn't care that this char most likely could be Balu's or Axzp's as they also had chars in that clan, and not Tereza's or any other older member's who stopped actively playing two years ago. in order to scam Rizo, Angerfist should simply stay quiet and not send this "i scammed you" mail which would only help Rizo return items. at least Angerfist should have motive, right? wanna hear it? as Angerfist said, he did that because.. ready? - "Rizo would trashtalk latinos!". Rizo the racist! its simply obvious, that nobody scams by sending most expensive items to char he doesn't know who's is and doesn't know if char will log at all to accept mail. also hard to believe that Angerfist, known as "nice guy" on server, been perma hero in Rizo party, suddenly went rampage and committed "epic scam" not by sending items to current war, or at least to char he knew who was, not even rmt-ing such expensive items to invite his gf to Bali, but he "wanted to scam and do most damage" by simply sending epics to a char "who might be/not-be this and might be/not-be that and anyways he just tried". and dont forget, he sent event items also, because all these epics wasnt enough As one of most respected by me personally, admin said, what players say, doesn't matter. only logs matter. in this current case, logs also were checked. nobody logged anything without owner's permission, from suspicious or different IP or w.e. Rizo from his own IP logged his own char, with his own will sent items to Angerfist, as well as Angerfist logged from his own IP on his own char and sent items to other char. but it still was considered as "scam". now, my dear "ordinary" players, who were not that lucky to be "big players", let me share how this precedent can be used and abused from now on 1. If you drop epic/item when dying under mobs during pvp or farm, and item is picked by someone/war and wont return, this is what you do: you will say, that you did it on purpose to scam your leader. so you write ingame mail to your party/clan leader "yo, noob, i'm leaving and cp item is gone". then your pl/cl makes ticket that you did it on purpose to scam him, admins ask you: "did you?", you hit chest with fist and answer "yes, i did! because he said i have chubby belly from all that bear i drink!". and admins will decide it was scam and return dropped item from player who picked it BECAUSE that is literally what Rizo and Angerfist did 2. Good news you can PK anybody endlessly not caring about your PK count, because if you will be killed being PK and drop your items, you know what you do: (copy-paste) you will say, that you did it on purpose to scam your leader. so you write ingame mail to your party/clan leader "yo, noob, i'm leaving and cp item is gone". then your pl/cl makes ticket that you did it on purpose to scam him, admins ask you "did you?", you hit chest with fist and answer "yes, i did! because he said i have a chubby belly from all that beer i drink!". and admins will decide it was scam and return dropped item from player who picked it BECAUSE that is literally what Rizo and Angerfist did 3. How this precedent encourages rmt on server: if you are party/clan leader and want to rmt sell cl/pt items, you send them to 20 lvl char of your trusted friend from your pt/cl, he sends items to buyer. If ever such rmt will be revealed, you will say your pt member scammed you ( you know what to do to "prove" it), and admins will even return your items p.s. what we all lost with this case, is a chance of fair play and the "most damage" was still done - to all players and server reputation.
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    I think this is orfen which i dropped!
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    You love playing Lineage 2 on L2classic.club? You like to stream and get profit out of it? Then this campaign is for you! Participate in remastered Streamers campaign, stream, bring new players and earn rewards! How does campaign work: Create a topic about your stream in Stream section on the forum Add this link to your Twitch* or any other streaming platform channel, so your viewers can join our server by your link Bump your stream topic on the forum every time your stream goes live Make interesting streams Save stream videos for at least 2 weeks How to apply: Create the topic with your stream channel promotion on "Streamers club" forum. Wait for Administrators to check and approve your topic. What can you get for the streaming: Streamers gets a reward - Streamer Coin (SC) It can not be exchanged, sold or dropped. At this moment there are 2 ways of obtaining Streamer Coins: For every 5** hours of stream you will get 1 Streamer Coin*** For good stream activity and interesting streams**** Rewards are being sent to your character after statistics are being revealed as a reply to this thread every 10 days. What can you buy with Streamer Coin: PA, suits from events, hats, which are not presented in common shop, agathions, not presented in common shop, buff scrolls and other. Streamers Shop can be found in Giran Harbor And that's not it! We have prepared a new perks for our streamers! From now on our streamer's channel can be put to our website main page! Get more visibility! If you want your stream to show up on our main page, please, contact us with a link to your stream post. Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow to be added to the main page: Forbidden: Stream other servers/games while on main page. If you want to stream something other than our server, contact us via Live chat and we will remove your stream from the site. Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server Break any server/game rules Punishment for streaming other games while on main page - permanent removal from the site. Punishment for streaming other Lineage 2 servers while on main page - permanent ban. Punishment for other violations - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins. Note: At this moment only Twitch streams can be added to the main page. We are currently working on adding YouTube streams there as well. For now streams will be showing on a page only if 2 or more streamers are live. As soon as possible it will be changed to one. Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow for all streamers: Forbidden: Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server Break any server/game rules Punishment for such violations - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins. AAAAAND... there is more! Every month we will be sharing several items to be given away to the viewers between our streamers. Giveaway items are: 30x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) 5x Hair Accessory 3x 1 month PA 7x 1 week PA 1x Agathion If there is an active event - 50x Event rewards Once every 2 months - 1x Cloak First items set will be shared between streamers on March,1 If the streamer participating after, he has to wait for the next items share. How will it work: Streamer is getting a list of his portion of items for giveaways Streamer is making draft/giveaway on his stream After stream is over, providing us nicknames of winners and a date of his stream with giveaway and draw timestamps (via PM to Kse on the forum) Please, remember! Stream has to be saved, so we can watch it! Draw/giveaway winners receiving their rewards Important! Streamer can not keep any of those items for himself or his boxes! If such will be found out, streamer will be removed from streamers campaign immediately. There is no more separated referral program for streamers. Now there is one for all referral program, so don't forget about it! *Your Twitch account may be blocked by Innova reports. So by choosing this platform to stream, you are taking all risks with your account on yourself. ** 5 hours of active stream. AFK/fishing/private shop streams are not being counted *** We will not be able to reward you if you don't save videos of your streams for at least 2 weeks. Streams, having on it other games besides our server won't be counted. Please, restart the stream to play other games! **** Rewarding for the streaming activity is at the discretion of the Administration. No claims are being accepted. Best regards, Classic Team
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    European summoner CP is looking for a SWS & BD with self base gear.Prime 18-22 is a must. Sometimes clan and cp events will force you to log even earlier or stay longer. We are under RavenSoul(Defcon1) tag. ENGLISH SPEAKING *Olympiad,Sieges,Epics,PvPs* For more information contact me on discord Encube#4215
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    Just a brief reminder of that effective case (so effective that san0 even closed it :D ) Angerfist sent epics and baium tali by mistake to wrong char. In order to get items back, Rizo and Angerfist built fake scam case and lied to admins that Angerfist scammed Rizo. Admins "somehow" believed this lie and returned items. Guess what happened? ^_^ After month from this "scam", Rizo's kind and generous heart couldnt stand and not only forgave this EPIC scam (five lvl3 epics + baium tali) and accepted Angerfist and Masha back, but even made them both heroes :D So I upgrade Rizo from "Rizo The Racist" (because reason of scam as angerfist "explained", was "Rizo flaming latinos" :D ) to "Rizo The Merciful!" ^_^ p.s. I wonder, if Rizo trusts Angerfist as before and borrowed him epics for Oly, or Angerfist made hero without them :D
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    only nerf tyrant should be getting is finally fixing raging force damage, not even removing crit chance from the skill, but fixing it so it deals 300 damage and 600 crit like it was on official, used mostly as hex in pvp and pve, not as damage source instead other parts of tyrants are touched, because apparently its too strong in pve. but some people forget that orcs were always gods of pve since like ever, so right now, tyrant or destro soloing locations or bosses isnt anything new. literally in any chronicle you needed 1 destro to do all stuff you want Interlude - take 1 destro and solo FoG/Pagan GF - take 1 destro and solo green spot/chimeras H5 - take 1 destro and solo circle on top of that all the bosses were eventually turned into "take 1 destro, but dynasty crusher on it, put day of doom from necro, spirit of shillien from SK and kill frintezza/freya/tiat/whatever boss you want" now why there is always destro mentioned? tyrant was behind destro in all those chronicles because of frenzy difference, crit rate on tyrant sucked so much that tyr could not utilize zealot properly unless he went bison madness while on the other hand destro got all the needed crit rate from frenzy. with addition to othell runes, frenzy became literally useless skill and tyrant powerlevel for pve skyrocketed (but the question is, is it really that big of a problem that tyrant is king of pve and not destro?) so instead of fixing 1 skill to make tyrant average in pvp (and trust me, tyrant would become average in pvp if raging force was doing correct damage, as for people doing rotations instead of spamming 1 skill is too hard), it got butchered and massacred
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    This is going to be as long as your morning poop + newspaper read. Conclusions & Suggestions after exploring the latest patch, here we go: Classes and skills - Remove from Insane Crusher the ability to crit or reduce the unreasonably high base damage or both. Not only it makes DA the most forgiving class in olympiad, but it also kills him (reflect) on mass pvp. - Nerf the % of debuff resistance Purification Song gives. It's been discussed a lot, damage-only meta is a thing and makes the game less fun. - Nerf Shield Bash of Eva's Templar. Way too high landrate, it seems to be ignoring stun related epics/any armor and buff resistances. I would also increase the cooldown, 2 sec just makes it spamable, nearly a stun lock in many cases as its almost instant, and wins all stun vs stun situations because its simply way faster. - Make Vortexes unresisted. Just like Stigma/Raging Force etc. We don't see any nukers using Vortex in pvp becuz its simply not gonna land through Puri. Shame to not be able to use Vortex and Crusher/Buster/Slug, which are all cool 76+ skills and draw ppl to play elemental nukers... who are doomed to die anyway with the addition of 82 Forgotten Scrolls. Which is the next big one. - Forgotten scrolls of lv.82. While, for example, the +15% M.Def of Protection of Rune is not that insane by itself, the +1k M.Def trigger IS. This is going to be the end of all Mage/Summoner parties, but deep in the future, since the books are not so ez to drop, luckily. There's a few ways to go about this. Obviously, one would be to add 1 more book that gives similar benefits, but for P.Def. Other would be to decrease how often it can trigger (for example counter critical can re-trigger every 15 sec). It's a good concept overall becuz it can result in longer fights, which is always desirable. - Summoners are about to get nerfed finally, thank you very much, god bless, nothing to add. huehue trollface Forgotten Island - Primeval Talisman and requirements. With the current drop rate of required items we are not about to see a complete talisman soon. At the bare minimum I would increase Carbonemys shells from 2% to 5% and Pterosaur Talon from 3% to 5% as well. Also 1 T-rex Fang is enough instead of 5 from stage "Escort" to "Commander". - Tyrannosaurus, the Dominator of the Wild. Few pros and cons here. 20% chance for Fang - good. 2h+2 window - good. Stronger T-rex - cool. Now... The message does indeed bring pvp, but as primes are family-friendly and peaceful, that's pretty rare. I don't see why we need all those messages like T-rex spawn (it's not even a raid boss), Devil Isle box, Hekaton death announcement etc. For style points I would replace the message with a Roar that can be heard all over the island (yep it's not bad to play with l2 music) if you guys rly can't go without some sort of a warning. Ppl can be just chilling doing nothing and they will just see the msg from a camera to take action, while others might be farming inside, so why those 2 should have the same chance at it, right? Next, T-rex spawn was limited only to solo area, which is mind blowing almost. It can literaly 2-3 shot solo farmers if it spawns next to them. Afaik T-rex was supposed to be a predator that was relying on hiding and sneak attacks to catch prey, so wth is he doing out in the open? Wasn't it fine when he could also spawn inside the jungle? Why make the search so easy? - Sailren. It can literaly die to 2 chars. Which makes it less frustrating considering I was seeing only runes dropping sometimes, but still... I would increase the drop chance of at least weapons by a little and increase its difficulty so more chars are required. On OBT it once did a cool meteor aoe but never saw it on live server. Right now it offers huge profit to those who can farm it regularly. The inside area has no time limit, but if chars disconnect they get kicked out and need new entry items (ouch). Also anyone can enter to sabotage/steal at any given moment you are in which is... interesting. We've seen servers were the party leader would decide when the party goes in and noone else could enter after, but I leave this open to discussion. Baium - Beautiful work on pvp zone, new spawn window and lvl fix. Well done. Clans - Introduce new clan skills that give slight bonuses based on clan activity. Too many clans out there full of lv.1 boxes, online activity should be rewarded imho. - Remove the option to instantly close clan wars. This is being abused to ugly extents, you all know what I'm talking about here. Either A) from the moment the leader decides on it, war will close in 3 days. Or B) Increase the penalty for closing war, 500 crp is NOTHING. Grinding - Reduce the absurd xp of SV/FP/Abg/Fom raid bosses or make similar random window for all. Not much to add here... - Rework some lower level mobs to give more xp so newbies can smoothly grow without having to rely only on RBs. - Rework the exp loss at higher levels. 4% till 78. 3% at 79. 2% at 80. -50% death clan skill is going to be limited only to well-off clans for a long time. And jesus christ... - ...Finally scale the level loss % properly, losing 20% from 80 to 79 in 1 death is just shamelessly sh1tting on our intelligence. You end up with more exp if you die at 79 + 99.99% than if you die at 80 + 00.00%! Yikes...! I had a tough time coming up with something for archers, they surely deserve something extra. Maybe Counter Critical's trigger affecting their auto-hit crits? Have a nice day.
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    Prepare to decrease volume to protect your ears kekw. Sorry for interruption, i had oly match meanwhile
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    for the people complaining about the A grade that drops and that dont drop on new zone, with exception of the new weapons and drops on tyrannosaurus/sailren all drops are same as official version of the game for the same zone, this recs missing were not added to the game till then and even now mid grade weapon recs cannot be spoiled or drop on official. as i already mention with some people, in the next weeks ill be working in a sort of quality of life mini patch and i will check all this recs/parts/items that are now missing in the game drops/spoils even on official, and insert them into the game with drop or spoil added to some monsters as well as change some drops and spoils chances and amounts for some zones.
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    With respect to our allies and enemies. P.S. Ищем ВК или ОЛ в КП, играем 2ч в день. ПМ в игре nRolla, LoGaNLP или тут.
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    This topic will cover the changes coming to the server on next Monday 19.07.2021. This update will cover mostly catch up items and mechanics. After studying for some time the adena flow on the game we also realized the adena influx due to server rates and changes in past updates has become way higher then the adena flush options there for some changes were also made to increase adena dumping. Changes to Nostalgia NPC Changes to Raid Bosses New Quests New systems Other Changes CHANGES TO NOSTALGIA NPC After almost 6 years into the server timeline i think its time to start laying back on the difficulty and the time consumption of getting a new character up to the higher levels where the real activity is at this point, there for some decisions were made and some new items have been added to nostalgia in order to decrease the time a new player would take to reach the higher level phases of the game. CLASS QUEST MARKS. When talking to Nostalgia players now will be able to find a "Class Quest Marks" option. In this option players will be able to find the marks for their 1st class change quest and 2nd class change quest. Players CAN still make the normal quest if they would like to or dont want to spend the cols on it, but for the ones who want to avoid the hustle and want to progress faster, they can now purchase this marks on Nostalgia for 50 COL. XP/SP RUNES FOR NEWBIES With the same thoughts in mind we added also to Nostalgia new "XP/SP Newbie Rune 30%" This rune will only take effect up to lvl 76. After player finishes level 76 the effect of the rune no longer applies. This rune will have the cost of 30 COL for 7 days and 100 COL for 30 days. This rune effect stacks with 10% rune from Adventurer Account and most of the other EXP boost items from other categories. C GRADE TIME LIMITED WEAPONS After completing one of the new quests players will receive a newbie weapon ticket C grade to exchange on nostalgia for a time limited c grade weapons. CHANGES TO RAID BOSSES Balancing around Raid Bosses has been a problem for a long time but we keep trying to figure out a way of making people not play only for raid bosses without making them completely unappealing, for this reason some more changes were made on this subject. All Raid bosses above level 41 with the exception of epics had their EXP reduced by 20% After listening about this changes and thinking this could affect your progress, The Adventurer's Progress Guild and Strix decided to jump in to give you a helping hand. Strix sent out her friend and companion to look after you. To account for this drop on experience from Raid Bosses, After the raid boss is killed, Strix's Companion Magic Owl will spawn for 5 minutes. Talk to Magic Owl and you will receive the buff Strix's Blessings, that will increase your EXP/SP by 30% while hunting for 1 hour. RAID BOSS WORLD INFO DELAY With the changes on the raid bosses we also want to give some advantage to the ones who put the time and effort into actually camping a raid boss and tracking its spawns instead of just using some doubtful 3rd party magic in discord and cellphones and what not. For this reason we are working on a way to give advantage to the people who put the effort on opposite to the ones who dont. Due to this reasons the first change in order to achieve this objective has come into play. From now on, after a boss respawn it will no longer immediately show on the world tracker as alive, there will be a delay running between this 2 actions so that the ones who put the time and effort of camping boss A or boss B will have some advantage over the people just sitting in town looking at the map or over people just siting in discord/phones/wtv waiting on a magic message from the gods that will inform them the boss has respawned. For the moment this delay time will be 30 minutes. Meaning boss will respawn and only 30 minutes later the map will show as alive or the world info will change to alive, meaning people actually camping the raidboss will have a 30 minute window to kill it, before it will show to everyone that boss is alive. After server restart, all bosses will be displayed as dead. NEW QUESTS GEARED FOR PROGRESS Geared for progress - 1 time quest - solo - 41+ - Strix This quest was made to be basically a analog of the Moon Knight Quest but for c grade instead of d grade After completing this quest players will be awarded with: C grade set (working similar way as moon knight sets) C grade newbie weapon ticket (trade on nostalgia for a time limited low C grade weapon) 3000 c grade soulshot 1000 c grade blesses spiritshot SET STATS HEAVY Apella Helmet - pdef 45 Apella plate armor - pdef 200 Apella Gauntlets - pdef 32 Apella Solleret - pdef 32 4 pieces set bonus: HP recovery bonus 5%, Max HP +200, p def +5%, m def +5%. LIGHT Helmet is same one. Apella Brigandine - pdef 146 Apella Leather Gloves - pdef 28 Apella Boots - pdef 28 4 pieces set bonus: MP recovery Bonus 5%, p evasion +5, p attack +4%. ROBE Helmet is same one Apella Doublet - change mp increase to 500, pdef 90 Apella Silk Goves - pdef 22 Apella Sandals - pdef 22 4 pieces set bonus: MP Recovery bonus 10%, Casting Speed +5%, M attack + 5% AS WE WANTED TO GO ON ANOTHER TRIP BY NOSTALGIA LANE, THIS ARMORS WILL HAVE THE SAME SKIN AS THE APELLA SETS TOSS A COIN TO YOUR... HUNTER Toss a coin to your... Hunter - repeatable - party/solo - 76 - Helena Basic repeatable quest, Master Hunter Helena asks you to bring her some items they can use to make new weapons for future expeditions and tells you it will pay you for every 1000 of this items. Reward - 30 Daily Coins. NEW SYSTEMS People do not play together forever... people dont like each other forever... people doesnt always play forever... This is something that will always happen and more often then not we have people coming to us with the situation similar to "hi, we played together in CP for 100 years but now one guy wants to leave and he has epics but we dont want to leave him without anything and we also dont want to lose the epics can you please break that core 3 so we can give the guy one core 2 and keep another core 2 in CP?" or the good old famous "we splitting clan, can you help us downgrade some epics so we can leave no one crying" Due to all this, we decided to insert this system into the game it self. This is a double focus system that will not only cover the problem mentioned before but also create another possible adena dump situation. When you talk to Baggings there will be a new option to "Downgrade Rare Accessories" In this option you can bring Baggins a leveled up accessory and he will trade it for a box containing 2 accessories of the ranking before EX: Bring baium level 3 - Baggins will trade you a box contaning 2x baium lvl 2. GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE While hunting monsters in the following locations, theres a chance a new monster will spawn after killing the monsters in the area. This new monster will give no drops, This monster will have increased HP This monster will give 3x exp/sp from normal monsters in the area. Affected zones: Sea of Spores Outlaw Forest Plains of Glory Seal of Shilen Blazing Swamp OTHER CHANGES PRICES PUMP The following NPCs had their adena prices increased for most of their items in store. Olympiad manager Superspeed Potion adena increased to 50.000 Hero's Talisman - Attack 30-day adena increased to 2.000.000 Hero's Talisman - Defense 30-day adena increased to 2.000.000 Sealed Rune - Stage 1(1) adena increased to 150.000 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade) adena increased to 7.000.000 Scroll: Enchant Armor (A-grade) adena increased to 900.000 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-grade) adena increased to 1.700.000 Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) adena increased to 320.000 Spellbook Box - 3rd Class Transfer adena increased to 12.000.000 Baggins Enchanced queen Ant's Ring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Queen Ant's Ring adena increased to 20.000.000 Enchanced Ring of Core adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Ring of Core adena increased to 20.000.000 Enhanced Orfen's Earring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Orfen0s Earring adena increased to 20.000.000 Reinforced Baium's Ring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Baium's Ring adena increased to 20.000.000 Enhanced Zaken's Earring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Zaken's Earring adena increased to 20.000.000 Pona elemental stone Crystal d grade 6, gemstone d grade 3, adena 10.000 Cp potion adena 20.000 greater cp potion 100.000 Blue Talisman boxes 65.000 Grey talisman boxes 185.000 White Talisman Boxes 120.000 Yellow Talisman Boxes 350.000 PLAYER ITEM DROP Players will now have 50% less chance of droping items when dying to monsters if they are not on chaotic state (with karma) We got to a point where this mechanic no longer serves the propose it once did, and now it works more as a grieving mechanic or a reason/excuse for people to run from pvp cuz they dont want to die to a random mob in middle of the fight and drop 10bil worth of items. Situations with players on chaotic state did not change and everything works same way as before. ANTHARAS RAID ZONE From now on to enter on Antharas room you need to be part of a CC of at least 27 people.
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    With respect to the enemies and allies Daily PVP activity by DF ally and TGRDS. Any comments and flame are welcome;)
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    With respect to our allies and enemies. Gank ll.
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    For those all new ppl I see on Discord/Forum asking about if its worth or not, I think yes, it is. Specially if your play time is EU you will enjoy a lot the amount of PvP we have for epics, sieges or just for fun. Also very important you should know EU side is working in a multiprimeproject which will be superworth for the server health, as far as I know they recruit ppl even at lvl55+ so everyone can participate. DONT THINK TWICE, DOWNLOAD, INSTALL AND ENJOY!
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    Thank u for bringing us wonderful PVP game content! :p
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    easy solution, 21h bosses are just easy way to xp and thats why most of ppl just log for them and log off, coz the moment they see the xp counter when doing normal farm, they ask themselves "why should i do this for 3h when i can get same xp in 10 mins tomorrow on bosses?" dont take me wrong, leveling should be easy (so new players have chances to catch up to older players), but these bosses are just pure cancer and if you want to hold players by hand and have easy way for them (coz thats how new mmos work pretty much, they give you everything on silver plate), just implement ~2 more daily quests per level range, where you need to kill decent amount of mobs (depending on locations you choose for certain levels), each daily should take like 1-2h in average group, thus if you find some twink of fully boosted guy with full buffs, you probably finish daily in like 30 mins, if you decide to solo the quest without proper equip, it will take like 2h or if you dont play that much, you are not forced to finish it every second day. same quests like you have for daily coins, but make some average of xp ppl take from bosses (not top farmers, but some normal party), put it into those quests why is it better solution? first of all, ppl wont complain about RMT RB farmers who are cancer. ppl will be forced to actually go xp on zones and on top of that they will get the xp they would get from bosses anyway, that means they will farm some adena, they might get some full drops, they might join and meet new people and there might be some random fights (tho i doubt, but at least locations wont be empty during the day and evening, as it doesnt take 10 mins to finish quest as to kill RBs and ppl would do them in different times) all i can say is giving something to do on daily basis which is worth it is extremely profitable for server and people, i am pretty sure you could see it in numbers the moment you finally implemented the idea i was lobbying for long time from official events, to add daily XP buff which increases xp every hour for like 4 hours, that just motivates people to log every day and do something during that time, same thing would be if you give players quests which are equal to xp of bosses (especially if those bosses will be deleted and ppl will be forced to go xp normally anyway, but at least like this they wouldnt feel like any loss was made as they can do the same xp on top of other benefits)
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    List of changes being applied to the server on 21.12.2020 BAIUM The following changes have been made to Baium in order to try to keep it relevant and somewhat challenging as well as to try to make it more PVP friendly. - Baium level has been increased to level 80 - Baium HP has been increase by about 2 times - Baium skill power has been slightly increased - Baium room and the zone immediately after the door is now PVP zone.* - Baium respawn window has been changed for a 8 hour window making so Baium spawn time now will be 5d +/- 4 hours. - Baium quest will now give 5 cloths instead of 1 cloth both on the 100 QI option or the 1000 QI option. * This is in test mode and will be analyzed to see what kind of behavior creates on the server, if we see it being good for server and creating more fun for the players we might consider using this same mechanics for other situations, if we see this is not positive for the server and its a unnecessary change we might consider removing it. PRIMEVAL ISLAND - Tyrannosaurus respawn time has been changed: Old spawn time from 2h to 6h. New spawn time from 2h to 4h. - Tyrannosaurus now will spawn only in the solo area. - Tyrannosaurus difficulty has been increased via increased debuff resistance, increased melee resistance and addition of 3 new skills. Damage Blow with heavy bleed effect Mass stun with armor decrease debuff Self buff with some seconds of increased p def, m def and reflect damage - Tyrannosaurus chance to drop fang has been increased to 20%. - When Tyrannosaurus spawns a on screen message will now be displayed to warn everyone in the island of its spawn. - When using escape skills or items within the island, the character will now be teleported to the beach region instead of to town. To leave Primeval Island, players will now have to talk with the NPC and use the teleport option to move out. - Daily quest from Strix can now be done in Primeval Island in a same form as GC: 1 item per mob on solo zone, 5 items per mob on group zone. Deynonichus are not included on the list of monsters that give this QIs. - Gate chant will no longer work while on the island territory. CLANS - Clans can now increase their level to lvl 6 * - Cost to level up clan from level 5 to level 6: 10kkSP on clan leader and 10000 Proof of Blood. - Level 6 clans will have 50 clan member slots. - 1 new clan skill will be added: Clan Death Deal (decreases EXP loss on death) Reduces exp loss upon death by 20%.cost 5000 CRPavailable for clan lvl 4 Reduces exp loss upon death by 35%.cost 7500 CRPavailable for clan lvl 5 Reduces exp loss upon death by 50%.cost 10000 CRPavailable for clan lvl 6 *Clans that are already level 6 tho there was no bonus or advantage about it will be deleved to level 5. OTHER CHANGES - Primeval talisman glow has been changed for one with more visual notice that will display on your mount when you transform to one. - A grade missing have been added. Majestic Heavy Armor rec - spoil on Carbonemys 1 Majestic Heavy Armor part - spoil on Sarcosuchus Commander 1 Nightmare Heavy Armor rec - spoil on Carbonemys 2 Nightmare Heavy Armor part - spoil on Sarcosuchus Commander 2 Branch of Mother Tree - spoil on Gamlin Dark Legion's Edge - spoil on Gamlin Dragon Grinder - spoil on Gamlin Soul Bow - spoil on Gamlin Soul Seperator - spoil on Gamlin Sword of Miracles - spoil on Gamlin - Giant Destroyer and Giant Marauder Hunter Destroyer have been removed. - Proof of Blood has been added to more monsters in higher levels. Chimera Piece - 5% chance Carbonemys - 20% chance - Fixed the text on the clan lvling window displaying the monsters where to get blood marks from that was misleading with only the original 3 monsters. - Daily 21:00 lvl 75 raid bosses from silent valley will no longer spawn every day at 21:00. This bosses will now work in a normal spawn pattern like other bosses with a 24h +/-12 respawn time. In a near future depending on how this changes will or not impact the server dynamics the experience from this bosses might get heavily decreased. Other bosses stay unchanged. This changes are for: Garriot Bathus Elbogen Daumen Kshana Overlord Muscel Varbasion Varmoni This is a part 1 of a balance patch that was supposed to be released somewhere in January but to allow me to focus more time on the class balancing features and changes, and due to some of latest server dynamics, opted to get this not class balance related part out of the way. With this also try to incentive pvp by offering players a option to have less to lose when they die and forcing the fight on a big objective like Baium. Players will now have a easier time finishing Baium quest meaning they can use them more often to go inside Baium room more often to try to fight for it more often without having to worry so much about spending next 4 months farming quest items for next Baium. By allowing clans to have more slots, they can now increase their ranks with more players in main clans that will have access to full skills and hero skills while on pvp, also more people will be able to share the spoils of having a CH or a castle due to fact they are inside of main clans instead of box alt clans. It was pointed out at some point also that on high levels people have hard time going for a PVP unless its a sure win or if they are inside of a farm zone due to the fact EXP loss was heavy after certain levels and the fear of droping something worth billions by dying to a monster in middle of a random fight, due to this, and to help with some other situations, the new clan skill was added now for EXP loss and another one will be added in future for item loss, clans now will have the option to pursue this clan skills, so they can have more freedom on PVP without such fear of too high EXP loss as well as decreasing the probability of losing billions worth of items. We hope this is one step on the good direction and will direct the groups who are more scared of both exp loss and item loss to start joining the fights more often making it more interesting for everyone in the later stages of the game. As for the lvl 75 bosses changes, we are not happy with having people who get their way up to 70ish + lvl and after this moment they log at 20:50 join a party for bosses and then after log off and go do something else, and still gets a good chunk of exp for the day. So with this time changing we are removing the option of a SURE daily exp cuz from now on they might get it in time but they might lose it also and by this forcing people to try to progress the old way, by farming. There's is plenty of zones players can farm now a days, there is almost no excuses why players should not be able to farm normally in one of them. As mentioned before, if this change wont be enough to change the dynamics of the server, in a near future this bosses experience will be heavily reduced.
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    With respect to all the enemies and allies, new compilation for past 2 months:
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    I think EuDora's video is the best! I also participated in the show hahaha !
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    = GOLDEN ELPY CAMPAIGN! = The idea is simple: Each month, we are going to vote to select one special person to be awarded the Golden Elpy Award! \o/ During the first half of the month you will be able to nominate your own candidates (from the end of one Castle Siege to the beginning of the next Castle Siege). I will then tally every single nomination into a separate post, so no one's voice goes unheard! : D The most frequently nominated nicknames will then be added to a poll! During the second half of the month, you will be given a chance to vote on who you think truly deserves the GOLDEN ELPY! You are welcome to nominate anyone who pissed you off in the game, on the forum or in discord. Whether that be trainers, a hero who didn’t want to shout your advertisements, that guy with the red gun, the scariest farmer on oly, or your friend for wearing the same hat as you!! In fact, everyone is eligible for everything - because after all, it's all about a little laughter and having some fun together, as a community. It is a promotion of the submitted people, a symbol of being noticed by the community, a distinction for your reputation here on L2ClassicClub. Is it a punishment or a reward? Well, decide for yourself and either change your ways or let them all freak out even more! Let them remember you :D. Get the Golden Elpy Award month after month! Nominations can be made in several ways, and each of them count as a separate nomination (I will not inquire about who is who, and whether they have already voted). You can nominate nicknames by replying to this topic, sending a private message on the forums or through discord directly to me, or by sending a chat in my Twitch Channel! Nominations sent in private messages will be incognito submissions - I will not give any information about who they came from - so even the most shy can also participate! I will not check the correct spelling of the nicknames, or whether they refer to the game or discord - verify yourself to make sure you’re nominating the right person. Voting will take place on my Twitch channel through a special widget. (✿´‿`) https://www.twitch.tv/malawilczka/ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) = GOLDEN ELPY CAMPAIGN! = Nominate your worst nightmares!
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    Dear administration, by my opinion Buffs must have bigger duration, 20 minutes aren't enough. Until you are in the spot you want to farm 5 minutes are away. At least make Buffs from Buffers last for 45 minutes and buffs from scrolls for 20 like it is.
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    With respect to our allies and enemies New paladin PoV, with extra bonus from our CP;)
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    @DrunkAngel Best drama since Perks die, hehehe, thx for makin my morning news feed better ;D Also, if this true, it shows once again that we have some priveleged players which is sad and shameful. ALSO! BRING BACK @BELOMOR, @Wanali, @Rip, @Nez ITEMZ
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    Bring zerg instead edit: Round 3
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    Dear players! With tomorrow's server maintenance, new update will be installed. Server will be put down at 10:00 CET time and will stay under the maintenance for at least 2 hours. In order to log in game after, client update will be required after the maintenance. Best regards, Classic Team