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  1. felicioschlickmann


    Briguem mais
  2. felicioschlickmann


    Porra themage, quem cutucou foi o rapaz ai yip kkkkkk ele so deu a catracada de volta
  3. felicioschlickmann


    Poe a outra tbm viado
  4. felicioschlickmann


    Ring +soul yet, cuz rizo has scam tactics to win randoms
  5. felicioschlickmann

    Lag 22:00pm BRASIL

    Just happened, and still lagged
  6. felicioschlickmann

    Which one you prefer?

    Tommy and gang talk a lot about honor and morality, “never gonna help fury ex-cp members blablabla” and at the final we see this hahahah good joke
  7. felicioschlickmann

    Enchant rates/chance

    You can do your tests on test server. When it become online just go there and have fun
  8. felicioschlickmann

    Arena manager in coliseum

    TK x Paladin u need more than 1 hour
  9. felicioschlickmann

    Arena manager in coliseum

    Since we can’t make our challenges on MDT anymore cuz its closed for clan instances for next patch, Gms could put arena manager on coliseum to restore cp/hp
  10. felicioschlickmann

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    price in apigas for the legendary chest?
  11. felicioschlickmann

    Stunning low levels on ABG just to drop items

    Solution is: Go lvl in loa/toi, get 70+, search clan/cp wich has war against him, and fck him.
  12. felicioschlickmann

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    Got horror while 9 secs talisman ??‍♂️
  13. felicioschlickmann

    Guts in oly?

  14. felicioschlickmann

    Guts in oly?

    I know 1 destro wich pre-guts without doom+6
  15. felicioschlickmann

    When CHN do Feed !!!

    Ni hao