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  1. Drizzt Do Urden


    As title offer in pm here cya guys
  2. well if they will box buff/recharge ok , still prefere melee one maybe destro instead of wl for be able to join this RB environment quite easily or second tyrant for constant dmg overall p.s. here for box u need premium or one more pc
  3. If u wanna aoe tank and bd can pull for the 2 dds or set a recharger and only one puller
  4. Yo there , well melee , nuker or arcer setup u will run ? generally proper buffer + bd and 2dd + something ( tank/cc/heal/dd depends on what u wanna do with the pt)
  5. Was part of the game find a way to make business for equipment and so on, farm needed materials , grind speelbook ect there are so many way , u can even buy at lower price something and sell back higher find ur way mate ?
  6. VT open to international community , feel free to pm me there/discord or ingame on/mail Shynt for any infos ?
  7. Da tradurre per il server assolutamente bella roba jacko
  8. Woa 2004/2005 , was on Teon ? VenomTeam naturally ?