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  1. W4N4L1

    how to start

    If u still have problem to start play - download TeamViewer, send me PM here on forum and i will try help u. Or contact me on my skype: W4N4L1
  2. W4N4L1


    Gl, Venu CP lf mage, try pm him.
  3. W4N4L1

    Wanali PT - Recruitment [Open]

    New info - lf bishop 70+ and driver for our WC. PM me here Mail or PM in game - Wanali GL and HF
  4. +1 I am very happy i have in my CP very active BD! So if u like BD and u can be active a lot, u easy find CP. welcome and gl on our server
  5. W4N4L1

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    Hm, so we cant count like 100% ressist for 5 debuffs. Admins will try sorted out this problem?
  6. W4N4L1

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    If i see good, u get stun and u have allready guard talisman? Looks like sometimes u can get debuff if Guard talisman is ON?
  7. W4N4L1

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    Good movie Next movie craft? ?
  8. W4N4L1


    Lol podle me Ros mel nejaky duvod to dat Stibovi a ne WS! Hraju se Stibou od minuleho zari a spolupraci s nim si muzu jen pochvalovat. Co vim o vasem problemu je, ze vam pucil clanove postavy s tim, ze kdyz odejdete, tak je budete muset vratit. Nevim presne jak co bylo, ale urcite bych neexpil neco, kde hrozi, ze bych to musel vratit. btw my jsme si prevedli Lasterose/cRoo na nase maily, aby se nam nestalo neco podobneho. To co tu pisete mi prijde jako snuska blbosti. Cela moje PT se za Stibu muze jen postavit a branit ho! A Lafi? To same, oba jsou vyborni hraci a ja jim na 100% duveruju. Cleny z Apovy PT moc neznam, takze nemuzu soudit. Gl and hf A at se dari v RL
  9. W4N4L1

    Wanali PT - Recruitment [Open]

    Bump, lf DD, bishop and driver for our WC.
  10. W4N4L1

    Streamer - Wanali

    Night farm at ToI.
  11. W4N4L1

    Streamer - Wanali

    In a while stream up. Farm and PvP