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  1. Back in the days a bw +8 for example was an untouchable dream. Now it’s affordable for an active competitive cp. back in the days I my self sold 3 cloth pieces for 1.2b to sjeks. Now with that adena you can unseal a whole set and you gonna have change for a coffee left. Back in the days having a char 80 lvl was only access to top sides China & co. Now even randoms have everything. Patches are changing, some things become much easier. Time to realize it.
  2. Bratha I think you lost it somewhere. People can do their money whatever they want. Like on your side, like on our side. And since when donating is prohibited on server? If no donation we would still play on 1.0.
  3. Would vote for bishop. But people gonna get you on party anyway. So archer it is. Good luck on abg parties : )
  4. Up, good environment.
  5. meanwhile here we can see some top tactics. Please don’t copy. ?
  6. Give this guy a cardinal and good luck on low level parties. : D
  7. Also spoilers frontline would be nice : D
  8. At least it’s fun Eu! ps. Textures on stairs kinda rect us.
  9. One shot is a myth. Pr party should assist very good to be effective. It’s not like I am running around one shooting people. Also Pr is to squishy. A small boost on attack speed won’t harm anyone. Especially when mages running around and ho-ha-ho hit 2-3k every second with this ultra interlude +15++++ stuffs around.
  10. I think he and sr are still useless. Would be better to make trigger with lower damage. Also if you really wonna boost pr and give him a cookie, it’s better to remove also dead eye limitation. Otherwise it’s a pointless skill that on pvp can not use at all. Pr is really really slow caster! @San0
  11. Back in the days Of H5 I loved the subclass trigger skills. totally hating nobless quest. Of course subclass quest to. This lunargent and hellfire oil thing could drive me crazy. Anyone remembers pipet knife?
  12. I don’t flex people bro. Nothing is personal for me on this game. I just feel balance established. Everyone got back to where he really belongs and have fun to play with. : )