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  1. iOrdinator

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    Event must be simple and bring joy to players. Best event so far was the “snowman event”. Simple, clean and rewarding.
  2. iOrdinator

    Racist Attitude and Hate Speech

    Be polite ladies and gentlemen. Use your manners and your London accent
  3. iOrdinator


    Would be nice if you would make something by your self, with all the experience you say that you carry. But I am not the one who gonna deside. Gl : )
  4. iOrdinator


    Didn’t this “akaplyptos” Spend a fortune on essence?
  5. iOrdinator

    Eu Archer Cp Lf Archer 76+ & general Driver

    Up lf Pr - Driver
  6. iOrdinator

    Eu Archer Cp Lf Archer 76+ & general Driver

    Hop still of Pr
  7. iOrdinator

    Extra Bar

    So many programmers on server wiling to help with server things. Like club wiki or update helps. No one can fix this thing?
  8. iOrdinator

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    I totally agree to make just 2 groups. People who play tank won’t start a dd just to play it right after 2 months. And on the other hand some people who play dds would like to play a support class like a tank. It’s a 4 years old server. It’s a good idea to give to people more options regarding on what they wonna play, without put all their efforts to trash. 2 groups sounds great!
  9. iOrdinator

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    Pretty much god was p2w. Beside that everything was farmable with the right group of people. Many people were farming bosses 90+ Getting apparition stones to farm more raids. Income was pretty good.. Also instances like istina, tauti and the rest was a good way to make profit. A player could easily make 1bill per month just by be a party member of cp in an organized clan. If cp was serious, they could do more than 10-20b per month. I joined on Tauti update and left on Hellious. All I have to say is “money go to money”’
  10. iOrdinator

    Baium fight 26/10/19

    It’s old school. Be glad he didn’t put a torrent link, so we have to download it. : D
  11. iOrdinator

    TL;DR Server status.

    To many people here and there besides the only Eu side.
  12. iOrdinator

    The Specialist of bugs?

    I think you all overreacting. I send video to Admins, they told they are aware of this and they try to fix it. I said thank you and waiting. Case closed. Of course there gonna be bugs on an update that came live just the previous week. Like the dance of shadow. On off there was a bug exploit witch costed billions of adenas and many overenchanted weapons/armors. Let’s let admins do their thing and be patient. Fanis was just a lil bit scared of dropping and then trying to prove he’s not a flying donkey. Maybe everyone would be. : )
  13. iOrdinator

    Eu Archer Cp Lf Archer 76+ & general Driver

    Still looking for phantom Ranger 76++++