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  1. +1 YipMan... get rid of all the botters in low lvl areas (Silenos dropping EWD EAD). It is common to see spoilers with SE recharging
  2. Voted for tanks just cause i want san0 to tank my low lvl raids
  3. ppl thinking there is pvp on server after joining a side at lvl 76 are just as braindead as me wanting to make 75 raids pvp event You know why theres no pvp ? cause no one fuckin cares on making partys and going to farm high lvl spots when you can make 150kk+ exp in under 20 minutes everyday
  4. No need since u can lvl chars to 70 in 1 week lol
  5. been more than a month since i dont get even 1k exp from SV raids so idk what you are talking about. 2nd, randoms have always been leeching exp, is not like they started today :) Rule of server: If wanna reach top lvl and be decent, don't pvp or fight anyone for 1 year untill you have 80 lvl, quite an L2 experience LOL
  6. For the people that voted on the Poll. Please if you have time i'd like to know why you answered either yes or no.
  7. As the Poll says. I just want to know what people think of this. As a "kinda" new player i feel like lvling by doing 20 minutes FOM - ABG and Forsaken Plains raids is already a big boost for every new player that wants to join the server. Thats why i think having high lvl bosses such as SV or Priest, Decar, Ipos with flag mode once you get closer to it or hit it wouldn't be that harmful for the server overall. This would make these raids way more entertaining for the big sides that farm them and also stop this 300 randoms CC hitting a raid which they have not even fight for once. Just wanna know what server thinks, this is my opinion and i think it would make it much more fun having people organizing for it, other than just making randoms CCs and Parties to go leech XP off partys that actually have the resources to farm them.
  8. Intenta contactarlos por Discord o por el mismo juego mandandole PM o un mail a Reptilio o Betox, el clan sigue bastante activo