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  1. Hello, How about the problem with unsealing A grade armor? While you may have some chance of getting or crafting the armor set you need, unsealing it is harder to do because getting cloth pieces is too expensive. ,60kk-70kk for a single piece seems quite expensive in my opinion. There are a lot of OE B grade sets, but since I've tarted playing here almost a year ago, I've never seen any considerable change in A grade sets availability or the cloth pieces you need for them.
  2. How do people manage to get more than one weapon at once? There's something fishy going on...
  3. Wolk

    5th Anniversary Contest!

    How about a farming event till then?
  4. Wolk

    Event: Defeating Mammon

    Nothing about the broken spawn rate of goblins? Killed more than 1000 mobs since the server started and got only 2. Someone cares to clarify what's the issue?
  5. Jesus, that's not fair at all. I feel scammed right now. You need to make these things visible. Nowhere is it stated that you risk on dropping items in game. As far as the auction goes. You don't make this visible, that fee it's insane! You provide info how the auction goes on the forum post and you don't mention the fees.
  6. If I sell my items in auction and withdraw the money? You have a 50% fee? Let's say I sold items worth 200E you guys keep 100E?
  7. Thank you for your answer, it makes things much easier for me. It was a pleasure playing on your server. Good luck with your plans!
  8. Will this feature be removed? Can I please have an answer from @San0, @Koll or @Kse ? Thanks!
  9. Personally, I don't want to invest money in something that I can drop for no reason (not PK-ing). It's just dumb to have a feature like that. You may argue that it's an anti-bot measure, but how about implementing a better server protection. Not to mention that this server will not get too many new people from the dead (soon to be) Eu official server. Are you a mod of the forum, do you have connection with the owners? I would like to know if they plan to keep this feature. I want to put my gear up for auction and recuperate some of the money I've invested, but I would like to know an official answer.
  10. on the official they removed it, so I'm guessing the same can be done here.
  11. Yeah, that's not gonna cut it for me. I don't need that stress when playing. Wish I knew this before buying stuff from Auction. Guess it's time to re-auction my stuff and find another server! Thanks for the heads up
  12. A few moments ago I drooped a necklace in cruma tower after logging in. Server went down yesterday and alltough I reached towards a corridor with no mobs, I ended up spawning in a room with all mobs on me. I've been playing almost 3 months now and I haven't dropped anything so far although I've leveled different bunch of chars. Is this a bug or is it normal to drop items when dying from monsters?
  13. Hey guys and gals, Is there a web page, forum section or any other way that shows you the benefits of getting a PA account? I've been searching on the forum and I didn't find the info on what you get from a PA account. Thanks for the help!