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  1. How about you guys remove the 2nd class quests? They are annoying, bugged and a pain in the ass to complete. On a classic server where you have to re-roll to be able to farm the quests are counterproductive. Convinced two friends to join the server last month and one of them quit after having enough with these stupid quests. I've been playing here for a while now and I'm struggling not to quit. Every time I have to make one of these quests I get frustrated and I wonder why do I keep playing a game that makes me angry. Also, what's with the decline in population on the server? The shops in Giran harbor have decreased considerably and It become more and more noticeable during the past two months.
  2. Wolk


    Hello, Will there be any event this month, or perhaps a double experience weekend? Thank you for answering.
  3. Wolk


    I've been playing on this server for more than a year now and here's what I can tell you (no bs or sugarcoating it): - farming is rather easy with dual box but it needs a lot of time, you won't make good adena unless you're a hardcore player - most people have +++ gear and some know various exploits to OE, you will see same people selling OE weapons and after each restart the enchant grows. They sell, +11, next restart is +12 and so on until they reach+16 or more. There's something suspicious about that, all with new characters with names that don't make sense. - sometimes the community can be quite toxic. If you have a decent weapon some players will try to train you hoping you will drop it. The chinos are doing this constantly in farm worthy areas. You can and you will drop stuff upon death, and the admins say it keeps the bots in check, but it actually benefits those high lvl dudes farming low lvl characters. Whatever, it's just annoying when you drop stuff just cause a 76+ char decides to stun you in toi or other areas. - you will find parties at high lvls, if any (70+) -there are a lot of bots but the admins are trying to do whatever possible to ban them. They ban them all the time, and there are periods when you can't see any, while other times you notice an increased bot activity. You will often find someone dragging 6 others behind him, buffers buffing at the same time and 2-3 chars hitting the mob. They will tell you some BS that it's macro, they' alt tabbing or stuff like that. just screenshot them and report it on discord, they often ban them. -the thing that bugs me the most is the absence of catacombs and necropolis. I don't understand why they admins won't add them since these will be a lot of fun, farming would be profitable I guess, and clans with wars will have a lot of work to stay in them. Even more, it will be a honey trap for bots, so they will ban them faster (including the owners). The lack of these zones is the must frustrating issue for me. -they don't include catacombs and necropolis, but they have devil's island with obscene strong mobs, the hunting area is mostly deserted because you can't stay alive for too long there and nobody bothers with it. Makes no sense to me, but whatever. -You will get spammed by mails and messages from RMT bots, it is frustrating but you end up ignoring it after a while. Overall, as far as I know, this is the most populated server and minus the things listed here, I enjoy playing on it. I have convinced two friends to join the server last month. I gave them gear and all to have a smooth transition and I'm curious to see how much they will last. Welcome and try to enjoy your time here!
  4. Can I have your gear?
  5. Wolk

    Christmas Event!

    event drop rate is low and even worse, chinese bots have started showing up everywhere, you see xdw, BFD, LVas, and all sorts of "real player" names. Honest question: is this a chinese server? It seems like more than 70% of the population is china.
  6. Hello, How about the problem with unsealing A grade armor? While you may have some chance of getting or crafting the armor set you need, unsealing it is harder to do because getting cloth pieces is too expensive. ,60kk-70kk for a single piece seems quite expensive in my opinion. There are a lot of OE B grade sets, but since I've tarted playing here almost a year ago, I've never seen any considerable change in A grade sets availability or the cloth pieces you need for them.
  7. How do people manage to get more than one weapon at once? There's something fishy going on...
  8. Wolk

    5th Anniversary Contest!

    How about a farming event till then?
  9. Wolk

    Event: Defeating Mammon

    Nothing about the broken spawn rate of goblins? Killed more than 1000 mobs since the server started and got only 2. Someone cares to clarify what's the issue?
  10. Jesus, that's not fair at all. I feel scammed right now. You need to make these things visible. Nowhere is it stated that you risk on dropping items in game. As far as the auction goes. You don't make this visible, that fee it's insane! You provide info how the auction goes on the forum post and you don't mention the fees.
  11. If I sell my items in auction and withdraw the money? You have a 50% fee? Let's say I sold items worth 200E you guys keep 100E?
  12. Thank you for your answer, it makes things much easier for me. It was a pleasure playing on your server. Good luck with your plans!
  13. Will this feature be removed? Can I please have an answer from @San0, @Koll or @Kse ? Thanks!
  14. Personally, I don't want to invest money in something that I can drop for no reason (not PK-ing). It's just dumb to have a feature like that. You may argue that it's an anti-bot measure, but how about implementing a better server protection. Not to mention that this server will not get too many new people from the dead (soon to be) Eu official server. Are you a mod of the forum, do you have connection with the owners? I would like to know if they plan to keep this feature. I want to put my gear up for auction and recuperate some of the money I've invested, but I would like to know an official answer.