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    Hello, i ll start streaming on Club and everyone is wellcome. Here is the link of my channel on twitch www.twitch.tv/lisboaclub
  2. Acho errado essa parte de não dropa pro mob.
  3. Hello folks from the L2 classic Club community, I come to ask your opinion regarding a fact that is happening to me, I was about 5 months ago creating an email and created a char for this email, it happened that my email was hacked somehow, possibly the person should not play L2, I tried to recover it is already another recovery phone instead of mine, when I created the in-game account I received the Lineage2Classic, where I have saved until today the day / time that counts it was created, because of this i contacted the support and they informed me that if i don't have the email anymore i am vulnerable to losing my character there, ask him to enter my notebook and check because it was just me I have always logged on the IP of loguim, I have never lent anyone my account, I wanted your opinion to see what can be done about these recovery rules, I think it is worth studying this better.
  4. Já joguei ativo nela, sempre usei stigma depois de atacarem o mob para não matá-la.
  5. I see nothing wrong, I think this test mode is very weak. shouldn't take banI see nothing wrong, I think this test mode is very weak. shouldn't take ban