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  1. Buffstore for classic is a dumb idea But i like not making class quests idea. I'm lazy you see
  2. Will it work on dion? And what streaming platform is advised? And a question for streamers: what do you use if not OBS? Mine is going mad after latest update few weeks ago, too laggy and shit
  3. I will be looking for the relax clan or something similar. I have a job and a family, they don't leave too much time to play and i can not plan things much ahead. So if a clan for old people without liabilities will be showing up, hook me up! And let the gods of korean random be kind to us all!
  4. It was good to have all market in giran harbor, you can go there and find all in one place. i hope it will be moved there again one day
  5. Its so freaking cool that you guys are still here! I wasn't playing l2 for almost a year and when i saw u r still rocking i was surprised (in a good way) and happy, that i still have char with things here. Keep your good job! Im restarting now again and hope for many more Christmases together!
  6. ​People are always finding a reason to cry. And if they can't find one, they will make it up. It's just stupid. And, as I was expecting, some1 came with "blah blah, not fair, we were levelling hard, and they are not blah, blah" Others crying for D grade market. Where you saw that market? 10 ppl selling D grade items in GH. That's what you call D grade market? You are complaining about so minor stuff. And still, want more people to join the server. How? Miracles? You should stop being selfish and think once in a wghile. Server is 1 year old. People are just scared to start from 0 because they think they won't be able to catch up with you, who is here for 1 year. And here is a good chance, small, but help. No1 is being hurted by it, everyone only wins.
  7. Great news!!!!! I really hope it will stimulate new people to come play here and catch up with higher levels. And imo it was made wisely. Not even close to be as OP as on offi, but still some boost. And it will make lowbies to group up in certain places for farm and for fun.
  8. Cora


    ​And windows phone -,- -,- ​Windows what? Just kidding, another struggling WP user here At this point I'm glad we have apps for calculator and alarm clock at least ​Can i join that sad club too?
  9. Cora

    +25 failed!

    Ehhh, and i was going to express my sadness. Almost cried Lier!
  10. I think you are a bit too early with Hf questions, if it will be opening, only in 2017 admins said, at least 3-4 months to go
  11. I'm supporting another server opening. Gave more of reasons in poll topic. Most of people, playing here, and in l2 in total, are selfish and thinking about themselves only. Blah Blah, it will hurt Classic. No, it won't. Blah Blah you need to give us 100000500000 % of your time. They do, aren't they? You want event - here you go. You wasn't asking, as with the last one - "take it, enjoy, we know you wanted". You reported the bot - they answered. You reported a bug - they checked and you have a reply, test meeting etc etc. Admins are always here and are doing their job. Tell me at least 1 more server with admins any close to ours. I bet you won't. Yea, some showing up for 1-2 months, bus as fast they are starting working, same fast they are disappearing. Our guys are here for a year or more. Always here for us. Knowing whats happening, people mood, opinion. And always reacting and not hiding or keeping silence as 99% of other server admins. They are listening to you. They are working on update. You should start from yourself. When Admins came out with idea to increase starting pack or boost for newcommers (dont remember exactly) few months ago, there was a drama like "WTF, we were getting all by ourself! Why they are better?!?! They have to suffer all we had to!" Now and many last months, when new ppl are coming, high levels are not letting them farm, PKing, bringing boss minions, doing other crap. PLAYERS are causing gap between the players and slowering newcommers or even just killing their will to keep playing. PLAYERS will be first complaining if new ppl will get boost and will start hunting them even more. Look at yourself and don't drop it all on admins. P.S. I'm not licking any1 asses, and i agree that server need to be advertised more. But all your bullsh1t about admins and their thinking skills is just a trash. If our admins would be like others, this server wouldn't exist for months already. Too bad you are blind to see simple things and appreciate other's work.
  12. I personally don't see any problem with opening another server if it has nothing to do with Classic. If admins would announce C4 or interlude, it would be a veeery bad idea. But HF... Completely different game, game style, everything. Let's look at our Classic. People are coming, people are leaving. But we are still playing with a great amount of players. And no matter if Hf server will open here or somewhere else, if people will want to leave, they will. But in this case, if they still wanna leave, they will stay with us, will be constantly updated with classic info and prolly will get back to classic. It's a great that admins are thinking about growing, would be weird if they wouldn't tbh. And you are making (or trying to) drama out of nowhere, but not surprising, people here are known by doing so
  13. I think knowing and controlling all these stuff is a Clan Leader job. Dont think admins should waste their time on anything like that
  14. Cora


    ​its called democracy. ppls opinion matters Democracy it's when people are setting up "protests, referendums, meetings" with government, and not just coming and making the mess. In those cases people just simply gets their portion of water or crying gas Our admins are just too nice people for such stuff And for the topic, your protest is not any popular as I see, was it worth it?