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  1. HaXoR

    Pop PVP #2

    Ancient adena:)
  2. HaXoR

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    npc is not set ok you do not have options to choose what you want
  3. nice work again restart again clan online 0
  4. nice fast restart after olympiad and now clan online bonus is 0/30 nice
  5. yes i notice theat long time ago and i was thinking theat maybe the 30% tax is not include (aden) castel but on aden castel even if u got like lets say the scroll is 300k and u have even 350k in inventory u cant buy it says not enought adena
  6. at last i had the balls to try + 16 at last i had the balls to try + 16
  7. HaXoR

    WTB Demon Staff +12

  8. HaXoR

    Christmas Event spree!

    any info when this Special Santa will come ?
  9. HaXoR


    Wtb tablet pm
  10. any oficial answer why they dont want to implement the transform ? assasin pirate ?
  11. HaXoR

    WTB/T Orfen Lv 3

    WTB/T Orfen LV 3
  12. u can start now until 2.0 will come u can easy make 76 and 100%
  13. HaXoR


    waiting for a new event
  14. HaXoR

    WTB aoba dmg +10/11

    Wtb aoba dmg + 10/11