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  1. growing up kid. They did bait to ban OCHOBA chars just because report without proof from ROK so GM asking them find out more proof somehow they contact to bait OCHOBA to asking about info of this account but the answer is SECRET price but its still not a good enough proof to banning DANKHAL and OCHOBA's chars banned by reason is he planning to sell chars plus ch to ROK not because they have proof that HWARANG bought OCHOBA char. DANKHAL was OCHOBA's char but where is proofs that OCHOBA sold char to HWARANG ??? And next, did we have proofs that OCHOBA already sold chars plus clan hall to ROK or it just was bait to ban OCHOBA but without any payment (like they said :V) and still just planning but seem like every plan started from ROK. The PROOF in this case must be payment bill with reason or let adding few more rules like this​ 1.6.1 Planning to Buy, sell or exchange ingame goods/adena/accounts for real currencies. 1.7.1 Planning to Buy, sell or exchange game accounts and characters. ​P/s: maybe it was lag or something wrong that I didn't see my post so I write to post it again here ​ ​It's not because he answered "SECRET" it's because he was making offer and was waiting to get money. Isn't it enough to think that person is trying to sell items for real money? He gave where to transfer money. I know that he doesn't get money, but it's more then enough to understand that person was trying to sell for real money and if he would find buyer he would actually sell items. Every offer are came from rok as i read all post here so read my funny story. So again what is real reason to ban Dankhal in this case, it like your topic or just like what u says now cuz Ochoba just trying to sell CH to his GOOD friend but dont forget a payment is done or not and if it done did u have all that proof about planning to do rmt between rok and ochoba before ochoba posted here or your topic just another one bait for him do mistake to approve that he did rmt? Ok let see what ochoba write above and check the time when they contact him. It really bait or they was wana buy it with ilegal way before they contact u? And one more question who know all that proofs showed from rok is bait or just they told u its bait??? ​​I don't see OCHOBA reporting that they trying to buy for real money before he was banned. ​yes, I'm sorry, but I'm not such a two-faced.
  2. ​OCHOBA is RMT, so I understand why you are angry. ​is not a fact
  3. is it so sad be passive in rape? anyway all character possible for playing. this a regular questions from start this game. who better for playing. guys u dont have personal mind? for me this wizard. for you this something another.
  4. dont do with ochoba, bcs ochoba lier, drugdealer, terrorist, etc.
  5. Pay for 2.0 bcs i have payment from korea:)
  6. this a god discription. refresh your memoryes about 7 ppls in party.
  7. корейцы собирают в хайде, спец агенты админа, охотники за наркобаронами.
  8. ​i dont say all korea this a rats. i say i dont throw my mercedes if this car made in germany, and we win 2 world war versus hitler. this a personaly about 3 peoples, and 1 clan. ​Ok enough now!!! OCHOBA you play o Grand Kain right??? go farm bro!!!! ​farm? better i pay lol. for some new toys. auction, accepted 1 side rmt, u still playing in selling sandbox? go farm bro!