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  1. No thanks friend. If you are looking for a stable server with a great community, this is your server. In a few months you can compete without any problem and you have different sides to play.
  2. Welcome to the server! I hope you are a lot of people and you can grow as a new side on the server. See you ingame
  3. Dasius

    LF Clan/CP

    You are quite wrong. There are many new players on the server every day but the problem is that they don't know how to organize themselves and many want to play an advanced classic alone ... I know of quite a few new players who have been around for just over a few weeks. The best thing is that you keep an eye out for discord and try to find companions both on and off the server ... Do not expect the welcome of the old players because they are afraid that you will be an enemy in the near future
  4. ¡Nuevo servidor nunca! https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/31017-server-improvement-proposals/
  5. Hello everyone, I want to propose some proposals that I think will be beneficial for the server. 1. I find that many players do not have much idea of how to start the server or the things that are offered from the beginning. I think it would be interesting to do a specific thread for new players. - Maybe it would be interesting to introduce a 1 week AP so that new players decently climb to a certain level where they can find more people ingame. 2. Currently there are many servers that open and close after a few months, so there are many groups and clans looking for a stable server and with people to compete. I think that just as the streamers thing has been implemented, groups and clans should be encouraged to enter (never people who are already playing on the server). 3. Have you ever considered putting the server in hopzone, topzone and other websites to advertise the server? Maybe more people would know the classic club. I hope the proposals seem good to you and you can add your ideas to improve.
  6. Dasius


    I'm a little tired of reading according to what comments from players who are not even playing on the server currently. 1. The server is 5 years old so it is logical not to find many low level characters as a general rule, but there is still a constant flow. You have many randoms to go to leveling and raids to upload quickly (let's not forget that it is a classic retail server and that uploading alone should not be easy). 2. The US side had a large number of players but they broke the alliance and separated, but it does not mean that these players have disappeared. If you want pvp you can find it without any problem. 3. It is a server recognized for its population, stability and duration ... whoever wants to lose months of his life on servers that always close (this is not his server). 4. Right now the server has different competing sides. - China (They have lost and a new clan has been formed with many players ) - Europe is currently recruiting when a month ago they broke an alliance full of people. - DarkForce has been together with Brazilian and Hispanic players for a long time. - Then you have Koreans and 3-4 clans that have emerged and that seem to be recruiting. - As they have said in other comments, there are many players unhappy with the servers that always close that have started and are growing. I hope that anyone who wants to start the server will notice the good things and try it for himself, without attending to the haters.
  7. Buenas amigo, puedes ponerte en contacto con cualquier player de HdM. Puedes probar con DasiusP, PopestarVM, SpellG, Grimdokor, etc. Nos vemos ingame amigo y espero que disfrutes mucho del servidor.
  8. Creo que podríamos actualizar este hilo con los clanes hispanos activos actualmente debido a la gran cantidad de players que están entrando y que no conocen las distintas opciones que hay en el servidor.
  9. Dasius


    Theirs would be to take advantage of your experience and contacts to set up your own side on a stable and large community server.
  10. Seguimos creciendo y ya llegamos a cerca de 60 miembros. Seguimos reclutando a jugadores nuevos o antiguos con ganas de luchar por todo.
  11. Todos los que queráis entrar nuevos agregad al líder a discord. PopestarVM#4121
  12. Buenas @Cocuy y @Sifu ahora mismo somos muchos miembros y hay un buen grupo de novatos cada día leveando a full en AOE y raids. La verdad si tienes distintos personajes que te gusten, puedes hablar con el líder de clan y tal vez alguno se adapte. Igualmente preferimos que cada uno se haga lo que quiere para disfrutar del juego y no cansarse. El arquero es una muy buena opción y tendras un buen grupo con quién jugar. Los dos podéis agregar a popestarVM#4121 a discord para que os comente como funciona todo y podáis entrar a jugar con nosotros. Bienvenidos!