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  1. i remember that bizz said that ally of pecunas always kill vigillance xDDDDDDD in rus he is ПИЗДАБОЛ !
  2. Bizz 69 Soil = Aden 69 Giran
  3. i don`t know what i can say to you. Sieges dont fixed yet. 3 month.... or 4...... Guards kill defenders summon and than kill defenders too =) Skill Lightning Strike (Shillen Knight) work not correctly... Summoners passive skill on Light Armor don`t give Atk Speed... in mass pvp Warlords and Overlords 70+ lvl can`t stun\sleep (and other debuffs) ppl who lvl 60-66 btw server is good!
  4. если ты являешься успешным (не подъебал) мужиком и в состоянии оплатить бота и не одного на этом сервере, то сможешь оплатить и разбан.
  5. 3G

    Please FIX

    ​Hello. Please give more info. ​https://youtu.be/tNk2_ouH9iM
  6. same shit with PK scrolls ! weeping people led by the changes on the server
  7. can admins or someone else give some informations of spellbooks drops?
  8. in chat no message where we can see that damage is blocked and reflected at same time. and man i don`t make screenshots i make a video if i want post some bug.
  9. ​rly man? can you show full screen when you fight... i can at another server do 2 characters with same nicknames and do some screen. btw i think that is or msg bug or ... someone liying.
  10. ​on olympiad all going with full epic jewerly ... LS work correctly