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  1. it only shows what char with OP gear and OP support can do, nothing more. You can do the same in catacombs, TOI, devils island or GC. Its all about gear and support. You dont want ketra/varka as well?
  2. waiting for mass stigma, mass recharge on SE and enhance armor on dwarves btw can we use war chant and earth chant at once now? or still not?
  3. jedynka

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    its not true give them 5x epic lvl 4 and they will quit. check skelth, it happened
  4. Its augu not enchant. Dont put augumentation in weapons - problem solved!
  5. How to change it into english? Is it possible?
  6. Im so happy i left offical and came here. And many of my friends did the same. I hope that what happened on EU official will be a warning for Admins here. We had 2 servers starting about the same time 4 years ago: private club and official. Now off is totally broken and dead, full of epics3 and weapons A+16 but with online ~50 ppl prime. Private classic club is still in good shape with decent community, a lot of pvp and random parties. And it will be only better cause more and more ppl from off (eu and na and probably Ru too) are coming here and like it! I'm one od them. Keep up good work Admins, even with those minor bugs here and there this is the best classic server currently running abroad Russia. Lets hope it will be only better with small updates and cool event in new year
  7. Why too weak? You sent summon, it dies, you summon new one. Insta resummon without any restrictions is stupid. If your summon is rooted... Well take care of it not just brainless f1 attack. If tank run like an idiot into enemies it dies too.
  8. I have only one huge problem with summoners: do u remember old summoning mechanic? If your pet was in battle mode u couldnt summon new one. If we have this on classic it would fix summoners a lot. Now sending pony and after hit resummon is totally broken. Like you root it or sleep, bam! New one is coming. Also i miss two antisummoner skills: erase and betrayer. Those skill were balancing summoners a lot. Now its pure OP and stupid.
  9. I know that updates come here slowly, but if you want to choose OP char (like 90% of "pros" here) it was like this: before zaken: necro / DA zaken: necro / tyrant / DA next update: pony / necro next update: pony / dagger / necro next update: even more pony and nothing more sad how they boosted summoners on official that it was useless to play any other char. they were OP from the start but people didnt use them so much, but with updates they only got stronger and stronger (single target magic attack, reuse on mass water reduced so yu can spam it) (for example - if u wanted to take Giran castle from NPC you needed at least 2 parties of ponnies, any other classes were useless). Since GMs look smarter here I hope it will not go this direction, but who knows. If u want to be pro take pony or necro + PP + BD and done,
  10. I started here around 2 weeks ago with Bladedancer and i play solo all the time, currently 66 lvl. Easy class to solo.
  11. imagine event, with no level restrictions, that you have only to log and stay in town, NOTHING MORE. and you could get improved/stable enchants epics lvl 3 and weapons +16.... totally bull***. people were doing 50+ accounts, pity i dont have screen from gludin....
  12. im talking about skelth, there was no P2W, because administration gave EVERYTHING for free, for ppl who were standing in town on afk. (of course 75% ppl left before this, but still it was the last nail to the coffin)
  13. this server you posted died because of "jackpot" rewards. All came here for real hardcore classic experience.
  14. make it 40+ or 52+ for a start, and dont give some sick rewards like epics, cause this is what destroyed EU classic. Big chance for usefull rewards like fruits, buff scolls (at least 2nd class not useless 1st), potions, b soe, b res, xp boosts. With those rewards people are always happy. Dont give shit reards into pull because they only make people angry, but also dont give some end game items with chance that will flood server with free cloths etc. Also there was nice event on EU classic with colletcing letters - decent rewards for certain words. People like to collect things, give it to them This is classic, it should be HARD. GMs gave epics level 3 and weapons B/A+16 on EU classic and people mass quit because of that. All the fun is to chase the rabbit, not get one for free, doing nothing.
  15. Uptade: 61 lvl and growing!!! Katana*Katana changed to SLS*SLS ^^
  16. I saw on stream someone was using some patch, with level mobs, skill reuse, colours and drop/spoil info. But no idea where to find it.
  17. I play mornings and during the day (until ~15), then I pick up son from nursery and then play again when he goes to sleep for night Im father on the first place, bladedancer as 2nd ^^ when I play I am focused on my goals, so I need way less time for certain things than others. I dont wait 2 hours until someone logs, but take vamp stews and haste potions and PEWPEPWEPWPEWPEWPEPEW like a maniac on self buffs BTW almost 60 lvl yaay
  18. New player (started a week ago) is looking for some group / cp or clan to find some people to play with. Currently playing BD but I can also play WC, Bishop, Tank or Warlord (if there is such a need). Im goingto buy Premium Acc after I find a group. I dont like RBs too much - prefer to farm farm farm farm farm Char: Bladedancer LVL: 59 and growing Gear: BW hvy set + dual SLS Acitve: 7-15 // 21+ CET (depending on my son's crying time ^^ ) Experience: 4 years on Classic EU skelth, decent knowledge about a game, no drama queen too much but I dont like stupidity and I respect other people time. Contact: discord WannaDance #9453
  19. It depends what do you mean "TOP" because top drop/adena is totally different from TOP exp. For this chronicle it will be LOA 3 way or heart until 76-77 - good spoil, very good adena, decent exp. You can also try TOI 9+ but LOA is way easier to do it. You can also do good AOE on blazing swamp but you need at least 2-3 pullers for it. Later (next updates) there are many places for end game AOE, but those places on official have almost 0 adena and drop (maybe here will be different).
  20. Its because people dont know game mechanic. Last few days I saw some smart**ses that log 4 accounts on box, create CC, setup it to loot leader and invite 3more parties to CC, taking whole drop to themsleves. On mid bosses 50-60 people are mostly for exp so they dont care about it, or dont know they were scammed. Even when I asked to change loot settings they dontrespond etc and people from other parties seem to not understand what I am even talking about Its like legal scam, based on people lack of knowledge and game mechanics.