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  1. Я конечно все понимаю, прайм то начался уже пора бы сервак включить...
  2. Untique

    Last weeks of 1.5

    What the sh1t was wroted with EPICS QQ.....Did you havent yet also or what??? I think you take not simple epic....+3 yes and not only Orfen\Aq.....lets bought Baium+3 with Talisman of baium at start on 2.0 and you finish your movie with OVERPOWER an all server.
  3. Untique

    A loooooong PvP!

    Ofc, usually suck with silence ^^
  4. Untique

    A loooooong PvP!

    7 or 8 actives, without active healer, you most know it. Actually take this and enjoy.
  5. Untique

    ZacMan PVP (3)

    omg,buddy, dont record pls more, cause i have not desire to watching your fraps after that.......
  6. Untique


    may be cause you give from back up after log? And at this moment i thinkes not from enemy side. I thinked from your face who lvluped with overpower zerling. But i have not the specially negative to you, just lickers for Chine. Look to map my boy, she's allready RED.........
  7. Untique


    i lookes how retards coming to Chine zerg to licked her asses,cause they want to be overpowered by ZERGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGO RED. Anywhere do you have fun on this 3 minutes from two weeks? NICE BABY, ICE BABY. Good luck bastards and the bestest rewards.
  8. судя по всему ты применял баг:) когда же его пофиксили ты и стал неудачником???
  9. Create the fantastic ZERG by BizZzzz.... This is Incredible Skill!1!1!!!
  10. Untique

    SoulMate PvP

    that chineses.....if not perkunas what they gonna to do....
  11. Cool video. Go take a rest with stun, likes for oly,too..)