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  1. vipka

    The Specialist of bugs?

    Dear ete you were abusing orfen3 bug in honor cp to exp faster TO TAKE ADVANTAGE! now you cry new update bugs and call player to get ban Nice logic..... Ante gamisou
  2. vipka


    siema chlopaki co tam
  3. vipka


    co jest demosek dalej spamujesz horror zeby zgarnac sprzet innych graczy ? nie polecam tego clanu
  4. try to ask demoss from call of blood i heard him good at fear ppl to get killed by doom knights
  5. That was my second or third siege on this server good fun . what i dont get it is how this flags works . im geting ready for siege bought 50 rez scrols on the battlefield unable to use you dont meet blabla something you need flag what flag this one we used in oren ah but we destroy that flag yes now its 30 min cooldown really so what now cant rez ppl from ally ? oh crap i wont be master of ressurections -_-'' So whats the story behind 30 min cd on flag and how it is connected with rezzing people on siege ?
  6. try leather and coal in red rock ridge green mob tyrant or varnish from delu lizardman scout 3x in plain of dion
  7. have to disagree with you dude, im playing casually and somehow lvl up my se to 62 before 1.5 update with random parties ,no big deal just keep your friend list full with players around your lvl range and spam them lfp when you online, what i can see is some players prefer to have boxed se in party to lvl them up instead of having real player in pt sad but true
  8. casual player looking for random party around my lvl range 62 se pm cipka in game when im online regards
  9. vipka


    it must be down to bad luck mate try harder