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  1. Dylizans

    zaken pvp

    imagine being in china and saying "how many brez u did" LUL keep spending 600kk on those per fight
  2. Dylizans

    siege 1/12

    Having soundboard full of autistic quotes cannot match having an autist manchild that has been blessed by god
  3. Dylizans

    siege 1/12

    You simply cannot win when im on teamspeak, nobody can match my autism, people say its a gift it feels more like curse to me ?
  4. mail in game "Dylizans
  5. was easy please make harder next time
  6. edit: why cant i like my own posts ?: - (
  7. We had wars open at all times untill u started closing them stop imagining things
  8. How exactly do you want people to get better if you are closing wars and then saying dv8 dont want to fight, also I love the "to waste time"
  9. Im not quite sure what you're trying to say right now
  10. I mean you literally stopped closing wars at every SV raid and now you're suprised we dont want to open them, honestly what's the point if you gonna keep closing them. You made this happen why should we bother honestly
  11. Weren't you the one that started closing wars in the first place? We wouldn't have this conversation now if you didn't, and its not like u did it one time
  12. closing wars everyday, complaining about wars not being opened