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  1. Yep, remove scrolls or do w/ever you want, TI is dead anyway. Again I have to repeat that the success of Club is not based on some no-lifers joining the server and crying on forums and discord 24/7 and then leave when they drained the juice they wanted. Club is made by people who are not that much vocal & play casually but steadily. And what a better way to lose these players by killing TI, and creating a new server which will be unplayable for everyday people. In any case even if the rates are x0.00005, these few clowns that don't have a life will reach the top anyway, so why make it hard for everyone in the 1st place? 1.5 Chronicle x3 is already grinding af, hard and seems like a chore anyway. Make it harder? Say bb to most of the userbase. By now it's pretty clear that you're not even slightly considering of merging within the next 2-3 years. Please re-evaluate your approach and stop paying attention to forum and discord warriors.
  2. IMO, you need a better plan to keep TI alive, or at least make it seem like you care. Also the least that could be done is for you to come up with some kind of reward for people that have played for years in TI & decide to move to Dion. For example, why am I not able to sell any items via the AH and transfer the balance to Dion? (Not that someone would buy anyway, since you're killing TI.) With the move of opening a new server it feels like you're executing the final blow to the server. Please think of something because as soon as the hype of Dion wears out & the usual mass-trolls that just jump between servers, leave, then the loyal people that trusted in the longevity of your projects will also not keep investing time here. p.s: Also, please keep in mind the amount of players that do not actively spam forums or discord and just enjoy the game. The spammers, the trolls & the people asking for a new server did not contribute into making this project lasting 7 years long!
  3. Mostly I would agree to all raised points but I would disagree with limiting players to 1 box. Just one additional box and no more is a great idea & the arguments to that are: 1) Can support the administration & the in-game market (COLs) financially-wise. 2) Casual/noob players like me can enjoy the game. 3) Noone is OP and noone can farm high-end content with just one additional box. 4) One additional box does not prevent party matching which is by far more efficient than soloing along with your box!
  4. thanks... yeah most of the things are a matter of getting used to them but then again what if I can't see **** of the chat for example Anyway, thanks!
  5. I don't think L2 files can be adjusted just for the UI icons... If though this could happen it would be the greatest gift.. Still I can't decide which resolution to opt for Guess I'll stay with my 23" 1080p
  6. Hi all. I could use your help please in regards to choosing a 27" Monitor for L2. Should I go for 2k/1440p 2550x1440? or HD/1080p 1920x1080? I'm afraid that if I go for 2k then the UI of the game (which unfortunately cannot change AFAIK - please let me know if there's any adjustment we can make) will be really small (like chat, even if you enlarge it or inventory, bars etc.) & since I'm 31, this is an issue for my damaged body. What monitor do you use? Thanks all
  7. Please bring the test server up for us to search for cloaks, mounts etc. or provide us with the options with pictures if possible! Thanks!!!
  8. Don't y' all get moved by these things? Great work by everyone! The connection to this game is real for many people & having a stable good server with a Classic feeling for 7 years is just everything. We were like 13years old (ok I was) when we started playing this game back in 2003, and it's been almost 20 years! Almost half of that time is on Club! Thank you L2 Classic Club team, please keep it up! Also, thank you for picking my work, I'm a complete noob with videos' creating but I still get goosebumps once that guitar riff jumps in I enjoyed participating in 2-3 categories very much even if I generally hate creating stuff. @ziegfeld I will pm you for that video of yours, great quality. Would like to know how you recorded and which software did you use @Kse It'd be great if there was a list with available hats and cloaks we could choose from. If not, I'll try to log to the test server and provide an ordered list so I can get one that is available. Thank you! Be well guys, all the best to everyone, Casual filth here (never reached 70+ lvl ) - Solkey / Solidus / Maximus <3
  9. "Dancing with memories -" Place: FG - Forbidden Gateway - Seal of Shilen. The place where I personally grew up (lol). Picking the place was so hard!!!! Pictures with Gludio, Gludin, Talking island would instantly thunder your head with the majestic Lineage 2 music that we will always recognize through the rest of our lives. Nevertheless, I had to choose one place, which trust me was hard, so I chose FG, the place where we used to mass-PVP ~10years ago. Okay I'm lying: the place where THEY used to pvp ~10years while I was just watching them fight and die instantly The place where you would see dark elves wearing those majestic Blue wolf sets. The place where B grade sets and weapons were the kings and queens. The place where the Lineage 2 world stood still and made you wonder about the seal at the end of the eastern Lineage 2 world map. The place where you can dance with memories for the rest of your life.