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  1. Well... I don't think that ppl dies from "cultural memes".
  2. Opa, jovem! Temos algumas vagas. Como podemos conversar? Tem discord ou whatsapp?
  3. 1 month ago, me, Lula and lVex went to a trip between Monastery > Schuttgart > FoG > Rune > Stakato Nest and etc. Yeah, we didnt had nothing important to do.
  4. Block CHN Radar! #sayNOtoCHNRadar #prayforRB #fairplay #inBANweTRUST #BrazilHEXAChampion
  5. I only watched it till the end (painful choice) bcz my cp m8s told me about this pvp with hysteria, like crazy gurls. No like for Necro POV. Cya.
  6. >till my 7x lvl, plvled in an pc without graphics card and 2gb ram. >had 15 hours+ free to play everyday >I bought 1 good pc >not enough time to play anymore >life sucks
  7. Totally agreed. Once I was pulliing Meanas Anor till Gludio and when I was arriving Ruins of Despair, China ppl found me. HOW DA FCK THEY FOUND ME? Surely they use radar soft... Since no one was following me and I didnt passed near any town. So, wherever u pull those RBs, CHN will find u. Area limit must be implemented!!!11111
  8. Muito legal ver novas CPs se formando! A prime time de vocês é qual?
  9. Idk why... But MoDoy seems to look like the guy at video, to me.
  10. Every fcking nite, we face at least 1 chn cp. There was a time, that we faced Veteran Team 3x times in 1 nite. And we won. Now we are facing TheGrandmaster/ikikiki/DeviL00 cps and still. I believe that they got an huge angry on us xD.
  11. rhaegar

    Chatuba de Meskita

    Here, child, we see a bit of butthurt.
  12. rhaegar

    Chatuba de Meskita

    Show some respect, pls. Its Meskita's Song. Huh? Well... U from WS said that Kiam CP was worth more than 3 of ours... Whats the matter? Bro... It was sad days without active BD. But know its over! And we will see this pussy guy hitting like a man. At least like a half man. That day I arrived from work and logged in the middle of pvp. Half of the enemies was already dead. Its sadder than playing destro without dances.
  13. rhaegar

    Chatuba de Meskita

    Another masterpiece from our President Lula. We hope u guys enjoy, even with Microwave Screen from this pussy Portuguese guy. Well, at least is 0,3'' bigger than @Arcanum 's screen. FrontLine CP, AKA TimeForStun CP + Stairs Maniac.