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Dear friends!


We are now opening Knowledge Base!

We are inviting everyone to join, and help us filling it!


Create a guide about anything, related to Classic gameplay, publish it in the Knowledge base, and earn reward for your work!


Rewards for Guides can vary, reward amount starts from 5 CoLs and goes higher by Administration decision!

Amount of reward will depend on the quality of the guide, text, screenshots, videos, overall impression. 

The better guide is made - higher reward will be earned.

If the guide is beyond good, additional rewards, as hat/agathion by your choice, can be added by Administrators decision.


At this moment Knowledge Base will be separated by 3 sub-categories:


All quests should be published in this category


Races and Classes

Everything, related to Races and Classes, as leveling guides, tips or tricks goes here



Any guides about ingame items, mobs, Raid Bosses etc should be posted in this category.


Guides in Quests section can not repeat each other. That means, if, for example, the quest "Saga of Adventurer" is already made by someone, second published guide of this quest won't be rewarded. 

At the start, to not have a lot of duplicated works, and not make you work for nothing, we are adding following system (Please, read carefully for full understanding. This system is for Quests section only):

  • Each player can pick one topic for the guide.
  • Create a thread on the right Quests section, give it a name of your guide, and not fill it - It will be considered as a reserved by you quest guide.
  • You will have 24 hours to create a guide and add it to your empty thread

Only 1 reserved thread can be done from 1 player! If more than 1 reserve will be posted from 1 player - all will be deleted

If within 24 hours the thread is not being filled with the guide - thread is being deleted, and another player can reserve it.

If another person will publish a guide of the same subject before reserved thread will be published and complete, it will keep being considered as a second work, and won't be rewarded, unless reserved thread won't be complete in time. In this case, 2nd work will get reward as first.

Guides in Races and Classes and Gameplay sections can duplicate eachother, but only if at least 50% of content is different from existing guide.


Guides Requirements

  1. Guide has to be done on server
  2. Every picture (screenshot) in the Guide has to be done by author of the Guide and have our server's logo. You can find it at the end f this post. Screenshots has to be uploaded on the forum via or directly to the forum.
  3. Texts of the Guides has to be written by authors, and not copy/pasted from any other sources
  4. Guides can't contain anything, what is forbidden by server/forum rules

By not following 1 or several of these requirements, the work won't be rewarded

How to get reward for the guide

  1. Publish the guide
  2. Send PM to Kse with title "Knowledge Base". In the message write category, link to your topic and your character's ingame nick.
  3. Within few days your post will be checked, and reward delivered to your character in game

Please, keep in mind, that guides, made just to get "easy money", not informative, containing 2 phrases, troll-guides etc, will be deleted, and won't be rewarded.


Logo for pictures/screens




Best regards,

Classic Team

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ive been writing a guide but... in vietnamese, purpose was purely for my community, doest it count ?XD

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I propose to open a post at Knowledge Base where everyone can ask for a guide and there is a list of them. For example:

- Materialista ask for a guide to spoil for lvls 40-55.

- Materialista ask about a database or list for drop/spoil of antharas lair (2.0).

- LovelyPrincess ask for a guide to marry with his LovelyPrince.

- Someone asks for a guide on archers. Which is the best archer?

Like this we can satisfy the demands of users and give ideas to those who want to make a guide. Thanks for all ! 

PD: on every guide it will be usefull to set the creation date and which update was based. 

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On 4/11/2017 at 4:14 AM, rhaegar said:

Colored Texts, Messages counts as well?

I think a guide for modify the system msg can be awesome. If u share how to do it i will upload my system msg tunned :P

Edited by Budesca
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9 hours ago, Budesca said:

I think a guide for modify the system msg can be awesome. If u share how to do it i will upload my system msg tunned :P

First I will try to build the system msg. If it works, I will post the guide :D

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