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Automatically set stores after server restart.

Do we need this?  

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We need automatic store setup after server restart, as it works on two very popular servers. This can be done on java and l2off files.

We have two restarts a week + sometimes a few after the established ones.

Manually setting up the store takes a lot of time.

Sometimes there is another restart after the store is set up.

Then I do not set up stores again because I am a waste of time, plus I do not know if there will be another restart soon.

After logging in to a character that is a shop, it should be set to shop options with items displayed and a ready description.

Every two weeks, remove all stores to clean up.

See how it works on other "E" and "L2R" servers and do it here. This is a great convenience for players.

This solution will also be useful on a new server, so the introduction of this solution will certainly not be wasted.

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bad idea. you know why?

Because people like me had 20+ stores, to sell shit that I had. now if I could I would put 100 of them if I knew I would not need to log them them after every RR and put shop, put  prices etc.

if they made this, everyone will shit tons of toons to sell things, which will lag even more. if it was limtied to 2 accounts fine, that would be fine

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