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  1. Friend, don't incite changes for the worse, because as things are, it will stimulate: the desire to search for craft materials, farm items, appreciation of craftsmanship and greater circulation of coins. People I know have really appreciated the direction the server has taken. Now we all have the same chances. I believe that with these changes the server population will be revitalized without the need for a new server.
  2. Archer lvl73 - Heine YOUTUBE
  3. This was a great update for the vast majority of people playing on the server. Before, the best rewards were provided by RBs. However, only 5 or 6 professional farmers (and their box) were awarded - these people get rich and prosper on the server - while the other players barely saw the color of the bosses, they didn't gain anything, not even EXP, maybe a PK for getting in the way of the pro farmers. Now the server is more balanced.