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  1. Hello friends! Join my streamers and win a lot of prizes! This month's prizes are as follows: 1x Hair Accessory, 1x 1 week PA, 3x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) The winner gets all the prizes! (reward can be split between several characters by your choice,) ************************************* To participate, just subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave the nickname of one of your characters in the game in the comments (only one char per participant). The draw will take place once a month. YouTube Thank you for watching!
  2. @Kse Boss. Can I collect the participant's nicknames for one (or two) week, then draw using "" and record the numbers draw on youtube? The winner receives all prizes. Is this method accepted as legitimate? Look at my ad, see if it's acceptable:
  3. Hi. Can these costumes be used at the same time as combat armor or not? Are the costumes permanent or do they work as a buff? I know it can be purchased with Streamers coins. Grateful!
  4. ZeTrovao's adventures - Heine Solo YouTube
  5. @Kse Yes you are right The problem is the limitation of Twitch, I will use youtube... You do the best you can.. 1. I would like to know if I can claim "Cloak Streamer", is this still active? Is this still a reality? Is there a rule to qualify and receive extra coins?
  6. @Kse I believe there is an error in the accumulation of hours evaluated, because from January 7th to January 22nd I spent 76 hours of transmission. However, only 50 hours were calculated. There is a very significant difference in the calculation. My streams are just gameplay... I don't stay still for more than 5 min.
  7. Silent Valley XP > Twitch <