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Classic Club Goddard part 1 patch notes

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This topic will cover the new content coming to classic club servers on next Friday 05.07.2024.














Long long time ago, there used to be talks about a vast, rich, strong, fortress town, of light gray stone built within a mountain and with a castle as big as the eye can see far in the horizon. A town that was known to be a gateway point for traders, adventurers, and even simple travelers on their journeys from north to south and vice versa.

At some point in time, this what sounds to be such an amazing place stopped being so popular, for some reason people stopped wanting to pass by, and then they just didn't anymore, and with time passing stories of this town became legends...legends became myths... and myths became history... and then... forgotten. To the point of latest generations even wondering if such place really existed or it was just stories that passed from father to son along history. Or was it...?


In one of their latest excursions the Researcher Guild found some artifacts and ancient documents that made them believe the stories about this town were true, there was indeed something, somewhere northern, although all the researcher teams they would send deeper into that territory would never return... countless teams of brave researchers and adventurers were sent there to gather information and report back, but they never did, and then mercenaries were paid to do the same job, but also never returned...


The Researcher Guild was now finally understanding why at some point this town passed from a supposedly wonderful, famous and busy place, to not being used and eventually forgotten... It had become just too dangerous.

When they were about to give up on the project with fear of further unnecessarily loss of young researchers lives, one lonely member of one of the latest expeditions managed to come back... with dreadful news.


That person was Researcher Fiero.




Researcher Fiero had found that the whole territory being blocked out by tribes who used to be at war in this region. Investigation found reports that for ages these tribes were in constant battle not only with each other but also with the population of this area and all the other peoples who would pass by.


Eventually, these tribes grew smarter, and they realized something interesting... If they work together, they could get rid of the population in the zone and split that territory among both tribes, and then they would have more territory for both tribes and no reason to fight anymore. 


Fiero became extremely curious about all of it, and he was not about to come back with all this information  without figuring out the situation at the moment, so he mustered all his bravery and 'stealthiness' and went deep into it. 


After some investigation and careful scouting, Fiero figured out the mazing plan of these tribes, they had found all the entering places for this territory, man made or otherwise. and simply blocked it, killing everyone who would get in sight, no one would go in, no one would get out, after some point no one would even dare to come near... and eventually everyone just stopped coming or trying at all.


"...but it exists... it is real... and its every piece of amazing as mi grandfather used to say it was lads..." - Fiero, Researcher expedition 343.



Now, after we received these reports from Researcher Fiero we cannot let those bestial tribes rule over that territory no longer, and we thought "who else could save that place if not the brave adventurers of Classic Club Community?"

So we are here together with the Researchers Guild to recruit YOU, to enlist on a mission to put those tribes back on their place and to help restore the town of Goddard to its former glory, and once again make it a place of trade, life, love, celebrations and friendship.


But first things first. we must find these places where the blockades exist, and figure out a way to break these defenses down for the ones following us.


According to Researcher Fiero notes, one of the more fortified places is a gate in north of Blazing Swamp, this gate is closed with some mechanism, Fiero reports this mechanism needs some sort of lever, his reports say he has seen such device being used by "the big one", and then he followed this same creature to some fortress near Outlaw Forest, where all the other creatures greeted this bigger one with some respect, he must be somewhat important, and Fiero is sure he is the one holding the lever.

His reports account for countless soldiers guarding this fortress and from time to time he could spot some "different looking" ones that seems to have their own quarters and  were given spoils of war and foods before the rest, he gathers this ones should be some type of generals. He believes there should be at least 3 of this generals. 

In the middle house of this fortress, the bigger one that is according to Fiero where "the big one" lives.

About the generals Fiero points out some information that might help on battling them, on his words:


- "...the little one outside likes to shoot things with some sort of long range shooting device, and i saw once he shot a deer, poor creature didn't die from the shot but some minutes later he slowly perished, I'd imagine some sort of poison... maybe..."


- "...fat guy with chains, he looked to be responsible for the prisoners, some tried to escape but he used some type of magic ability that drag the ones escaping back to him and it looked like they were magically imprisoned right there in place... don't know what is that kind of sorcery... but he looks a scary fella..."


- "...looking to the other side i saw one looking like he was wearing some robes or i don't know, maybe i was too far away, but it felt like they were coming to him when they had some injured or sick soldier, so my guess would be he is some sort of a healer among their people... or some shaman...he might be hard to deal with, he looked really powerful healer, saw them bringing sometimes soldiers in brink of death and couple of seconds later it was fully restored, might need to find some trick to deal with this one..."



Fiero also managed to include some pictures on his reports, they are not the most informative but he says he couldn't get closer to not risk getting caught


Fortress up the road from Outlaw forest, where he saw "the big one" go with the lever.


he marked the location on the map for us.



Place where he last saw "the big one" use the locking mechanism




So, with all the information Fiero gathered for us and the Researcher Guild, the plan is:

At Sunday 07.07.2024 16:00 UTC+2 , we must gather as many people as possible and venture into the fortress where "the big one" is expected to live, battle through all the enemies, slay the generals defending it, gain access to "the big one", and retrieve the key for the door mechanism.

After we obtain the key, we must go to the second location where the gate is and battle the enemies there to gain access to the gate to release the mechanism locking it. According to Fiero these enemies at the gate look strong, so be prepared or be very silent.

Fiero made some arrangements with a small group of militia that has been living in hiding in the territory, they will be waiting on the other side of the gate as reinforcements waiting for the gate to be open.

Good luck, we are counting on you.






With the release of Goddard territory 3 new zones will be open.

Garden of beasts



All around Goddard you will find various beasts to hunt.


Hunting type advised: solo, duo.


Ketra Orc Outpost


Levels: 78+

Hunting type advised: group.


Varka Silenos Barracks


Levels: 78+

Hunting type advised: group.


Varka and Ketra hunting zones will work on a progress based system, where players will hunt enemies in any of the territories and more features will be available for them as they go.

Together with the Researcher Guild we will be working on figuring out more and more about this tribes and the more we know about them, better we can exploit them and take advantage of them.


Stage 0 - Liberate the Territory.

At Sunday 07.07.2024 16:00 UTC+2 help the Researcher Guild to eliminate the blockades isolating the Goddard territory. After this stage is complete, stage 1 starts.


Stage 1 - Weaken their ranks.


players will have to hunt a certain amount of monsters belonging to the Varka and Ketra tribes. When certain amount of this creatures are slain, we enter on stage 2.


Stage 2: Research of the altars


When we enter stage 2 we will venture deeper into this tribes culture and situation to investigate this mysterious magic altars. There are various across the zones and from time to time they lit up blue


When the altar is activated its magic powers seems to call for stronger monster to appear nearby this activated altar, this monster will give bonus experience but no normal loot and will have chance to drop A grade Gemstones.

After certain amount of this special monsters have been slain we enter stage 3.


Stage 3: The Heroes.

Monsters from this tribes will drop Soldier's Badge, on stage 3 you can now use this Soldier's Badge to trade into Hero's Badge, if you take the Hero's Badge to the main sacred altar of varka or ketra, you will be able to summon one of their Hero raid bosses.





One random boss out of 4 per tribe can be summoned from the altars every 20 minutes using Hero's Badge.

You can obtain Hero's Badge by trading up your Soldier's Badge with Fiero.


After certain amount of Heroes are killed we enter stage 4.


Stage 4: Researcher's Bounty

On stage 4 players will be able to accept a quest that consists in 2 parts.

Part 1:  Hunt Ketra and Varka tribe members and all 8 of their respective heroes.

after part one is finished part 2 is available.

Part 2: at this point you are on the maximum level of trust with Researchers Guild and you gain access to their trading business, from this moment on, players who completed part 1 of the quest, can hunt any enemy in this locations to receive Researcher's Guild Badge that they can trade later with Researcher Fiero for a box containing a random A grade armor/jewelry recipe. 500 Researcher's Guild Badge = 1 Researchers Guild Box.


NOTE: Not all NPCs in Goddard will be available from the beginning, more will keep coming with time as the situation in the region becomes more stable and safe.





With the increase of the level cap to 82, new skills come into play for all classes. (DION)


  • Shield of sacrifice - phoenix knight - 80
  • Insane crusher - hell knight - 80
  • Eva's protection - Eva's templar - 80
  • Mass lightning strike - Shilen templar - 80
  • Maximum sonic focus - duelist - 80
  • Spear howl - dreadnought - 80
  • Demolition impact - titan - 80
  • Maximum force focus - grand khavatari - 80
  • Exciting adventure - adventurer - 80
  • Wind riding - wind rider - 80
  • Ghost walking - ghost hunter - 80
  • Flame hawk - Sagittarius - 80
  • Arrow rain - moonlight sentinel - 80
  • Ghost piercing - ghost sentinel - 80
  • Song of purification - sword muse - 80
  • Dance of berserker - spectral dancer - 80
  • Flames of invincibility - dominator - 80
  • Great fury - doomcryer - 80
  • Counter critical - hierophant - 80
  • Servitor share - arcana lord - 80
  • Servitor share - spectral lord - 80
  • Servitor share - elemental master - 80
  • Arcane shield - Archmage - 80
  • Arcane shield - mystic muse - 80
  • Arcane shield - Storm screamer - 80
  • Vampiric myst - soultaker - 80
  • Miracle - cardinal - 80
  • Blessing of Eva - eva's saint - 80
  • Lord of vampire - Shillien saint - 80








With the new Varka and Ketra locations we adding 8 new raid bosses to the game as the tribe heros.

This Bosses can be summoned using the Holy altars from Ketra or Varka to summon one of the heroes from Ketra or Varka respectively.

One Hero can be summon from the Holy Altar every 20 minutes using Hero's Badge.

This bosses have loot table equivalent to the priests bosses but with lower chances.

This bosses have a small chance of dropping Cloth Piece.





Progress Hunting 7 (Strix quest) will now be working in ketra/varka also.

Expand Warehouse 8 no longer requires Fresh Mackerel

Level cap increased to 82 (Dion)

First and second class quest marks added to nostalgia on Dion same way as it works on TI. 

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I have to say that most of our new maps are boring

FI-interesting map,not too big,can't gate

GC-map is too big,hard to meet pvp,can gate

HB-toooo big,hard to gank enemies,can't gate

anakim/lilith-big,but interesting map,best aoe farm zone.

on my watch,GC and HB almost cant meet pvp,although i know enemies are farming there,im lazy to go so far to gank,

if GC and HB closed,i wont be sorry for them


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10 hours ago, deathangel said:

When droplist/spoilist is gonna be available on l2db? 

After tomorrow restart. In case there will be any changes in items/npcs.

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these 2maps in GGD almost the same as HB and FI

both HB FI GC are best for tyrant solo farm team,do we really need so many solo team farm spots?

and if you dont want to flight for farm spots,Congratulations!these solo team farm spots are so big,just hide there

I missed these funny maps such like Forge of the gods,4sepulchers,stakato nest,these aoe farm spots are very good

for team,and we were glad to flight for these spots all day.

about these solo farm spots?no reason flight for these,just change another spot

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