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  1. sharpnipple added a topic in General Discussions   

    agression mechanics
    Can anyone explain me how aggression works here
    was killing rb, tanker loses rb from time to time, aggression and hate aura are used on cooldown
    sws/bd can reagro rb from tanker with his aggression skill
    tanker can't take rb from party members even if they don't hit rb for ~2 minutes
    when tanker uses aggression for ~5min before party starts to kill rb - nothing changes
    i guess gms did something with mechanics, like drop of aggression counter after some period of time,am i wrong?
    should it be fixed?
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  2. MoDoy added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​well, i dont think making full clan skills is something easy to achieve, so not everybody on server should have access to it, thats why i am against it, ppl should work for those skills, not just let others make it and invite next 50 ppl to clan who can enjoy them for free
    PS: what changed your opinion on this matter? 
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  3. fishfood added a post in a topic GMT -6   

    I'm GMT-5, and I know there is quite a big south american population they are gmt-4-6 I think, also some places in USA are GMT-6
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  4. Chaparrito added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​no way i feel ofended, is just absurd... cmon you can continue.. 
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  5. datplays added a post in a topic horror vs mental shield   

    gods bless @San0 . Hope it will affect on horror.

    Yet please take care of Horror, test, revise, remember on Olympiad theres no Mental Shield.

    Thanks for this good work so far.
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  6. Chaparrito added a post in a topic Archer CP LF1M   

  7. datplays added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​sorry u feel ofended
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  8. San0 added a topic in Updates   

    - AQ fix will be installed with restart on live server. It shouldn't get out of her normal territory anymore. AQ spawn time will start counting after 18:00CET as it was the last time that it died in a normal way.
    - Mental Shield buff effect both from NPC and chars values was tuned up to better match the official values:
    lvl1 - 20% lvl2 - 30% lvl3 - 40% lvl4 - 50% Resists to Hold/Sleep/Fear/Mental Attacks.
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  9. Chaparrito added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​hahaha hilarious how this guy just trolling around, the only thing you do is trash talk on every post on forum, you never have a good argument, or a personal opinion cmon your only work is trash talk on every single topic, but is good this forum need a pet, so im ok with you.. =) 
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  10. SOiL added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    I agree with you modoy, but this won't stop you from not having clan skills. Also i'm talking about +20 people per clan, not +100 people. About CH's is important if we need new people here and I can't agree more with Rizos about adding option of selling CH's. You cannot trust everyone to sell your clan/ch and also you make people to rmt without having this option in game .
    Balu in 2.0 you won't see goddard or rune or whatever, so you won't see any new CH and that I'm saying it is a solution, believe me. I named 3 CH's before, that means 3 new clans with CH's, that means 90-120 new people with home in game. But you prefer 5 people inactive keeping the CH's and playing on other servers or whatever they do I don't really care about what they really do.
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  11. datplays added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​contradict? lol thats sucky name, i would call it "mhahin" (making him aware he is noob).

    why u re so stupid to come here saying we re contradicting him. We dont say this bcoz we dont like him, we say that bcoz there was question and there is opinion.
    and we have personal opinion, his slaves defending him on forum makes me just sad, u dont have opinion, u just upvote what he says, what for ur existence here.
    last thing, why u play classic if within every ur move u want to make it easy game when its supposed to be hard? Theres no logic in it. Deal with it, prove u can lead big alliance, if u can not make it within clan/slots amount u dont deserve this alliance, dont try make game easier as easy it is.
    my god, why do i have to deal here with such a puppets.
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  12. San0 added a post in a topic Ant Queen Bug   

    Fix for aq will be instaled tomorrow at server restart.
    AQ respawn will start monday at the last time it died in a normal way wich is 18:00cet.
    Sum up: Monday restart fix will be instaled.
    Monday 18:00cet spawn starts.
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  13. Caverex added a topic in Recruitment   

    É isso ai rapaziada. Depois de umas 2 semanas de teste pra ver como as coisas andariam no jogo, eu tomei uma decisão, formar um novo time (CP) para EXP, War, Farm e etc pra jogar na parte DA TARDE (horario de 14h > 18h) de segunda a sexta.
    Preciso de gente madura que nao fique:
    Chorando por que perdeu EXP.
    Saiba ouvir.
    COMPROMISSO com horario.
    Lv 55+
    Tenho uma certa experiencia com liderança de CP, ja liderei em 4 servidores de rate baixa, um grego de 3x (LineZeus), 2 russos (RPG-CLUB 15x, RPG-CLUB 7x) E aqui no Classic Club, porem fui obrigado a quebrar a CP por motivo de falta de tempo pro jogo (coisa que foi resolvida agora). Enfim, sem mais papo furado, a setup vai ficar assim:
    Dark Avanger - Caverexx (Leader)
    Gladiador - Sk4z
    Gladiador / Warlord / Tyrant - 
    Gladiador / Warlord / Tyrant - 
    WC - 
    SWS - 
    BD / SE -
    EE - 
    Bishop -
    Qualquer coisa, só me mandar email / pm no jogo ou me chamar no facebook
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  14. pocani added a post in a topic маг кп   

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  15. Gydra added a topic in Pусский   

    Шансы попасть на крытую.
    Собственно какой шанс попасть в бан, из за обиженки со скрином матов в пм?
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  16. repilof added a post in a topic Newbies come to me :)   

    ​You are right man but the thing is after i stopped l2 i moved to league of legends and counter strike global offensive in both games i reached high ranks like in lol diamond and in cs go global idk if you know about those games but what i wanna say is then i just stopped those games cuz i did what i want i reached where i want then it was just no fun for me playing those games and you know what? we are old guys man for ex im 23 years old too old to start a new mmorpg game and start learning all those new things and try to play new hardcore thats why i wanna play here and about xping solo and with party you said it doesnt change anything for me it changes when i play with good guys WHO are not stupids but know how to have fun its just ok you play together you just dont farm you speak also and believe me ive friends from this game like 8 years ago i still talk with em and they are from diffrent countries so its cool. ty for your comment but i think i will still play here and i hope many people come after 2.0 update
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  17. driver added a post in a topic FamiliaD CP PvP   

    ​ pistolas is king horror
    doesnt matter if people like or dislike your vid, post more - hope to see more videos on our forum from all people and both sides,
    only ES dont post your sh1t go farm some mobs
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  18. Chaparrito added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​and?? will be the same for everyone, i just dont got you point guys, you just want to contradict SoiL thats it...
    a big +++++ for CHs, is useless for inactive clans, that maybe they will not show anymore...
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  19. Rizos added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    yes, you can make clan skill smuch cheaper
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  20. Chaparrito added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​and this is a problem??
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  21. MoDoy added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    expanding number of members in clan is big no for me, because then u can make new clan skills in 1 clan and wuala, whole ally running with maxed passive clan skills
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  22. Rizos added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    ​Problem is u cant sell CH for adena, if u could i bet namy ppl, would use this option. You can only give it away for free or try to RMT. Thats Very stupid, dunno why it works this way. But no wonder ppl try to rmt it
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  23. datplays added a post in a topic FamiliaD CP PvP   

    dont even need use agro, just spam horror, boring.
    lf forward for fix
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  24. datplays added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    lol gj for recapturing after 5 month or so, u stronk, or just improved ur zerg - this. U do this to improve ur zerg, somebody alrdy told u - get used to it. If u can keep playing i guess topic closed.
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  25. Baluu added a post in a topic About the last poll i made   

    Well i felt that 6-8 months ago and then Aden came and for some time people where happy cause new clans got CH's there. Don't understand me wrong i'm totally against alt clans having the CH on hold. But it's also not right just to take it away like that or help people take profit of having one extra with expanding Clans/allys emptying other clans and selling CH or keep them for alt characters, you must understand that with comunity growing as it is what you suggest is not a solution, and there will be never a solution for this unless community stops growing and that is not wanted. So yeah i too think it's kind of useless the thread you made unless its offers a real solution for the "problem".
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