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  2. skills 81 when will they be available? titan bp ....
  3. @San0 all top A grade weapons are viable on any class except the bow, witch is very slow it was made like this because when it was introduced in interlude it was the only bow you could add focus SA till S grade draconic bow so it was made like this to not be overpowered, but now with rune and curent server status is definitely not the case. So my suggestion is to make Shyeed's Bow to have slow atack speed otherwise it disadvantage a class that is already behind others
  4. all prints on the original post has it, light yellowish glow on left hand of character that leaves a little trail when you run
  5. what will the primavel talisman last level look like on a player hands? any glowing effects like toi6? show us if possible im curious *--*
  6. you use scroll, scroll is consumed and oyu get passive skill that stays on char as any other skill. they are 3 seperated skills so yes you can use all 3 in same char. yes
  7. talisman crystal will be abtained only clan hall still?
  8. Once activated the Sailren scrolls, will it last forever as a passive skill? Can i use the on the same character?
  9. Ok. I understand drop/spoil items just FI weapons, not lower. Thx
  10. no most of A grade stuff will be able to be abtained in the monsters in the island, we will try to have the database updated when update goes on live server.
  11. Today
  12. I dont see anything about recipes for A helmet, body and mid-A weapons? Any more info ?
  13. the primavel talisman and the tower talisman can be used at the same time? or you need to choose one?
  14. Now daggers can fight now not only each other, but other classes too, OP impact ofc:D
  15. same as baium, you use npc to port but anyone can port at anytime if sailren isnt dead. no balances in this patch, i want first see how the dagger change is going to impact the "meta" and how classes in general will be able to preform in new content.
  16. So is Sailren going to be instanced? or how is it working? bcoz i see npc
  17. No class balances? like reduce mp to skills, inc power to some, nerf dmg on that and that. Or that's the full list what we gonna get ? p.s. goob job
  18. And no mass summon pet spiritshots/soulshots. Im done
  19. Nice trolling posting them during olympiad.
  20. This topic is going to cover most of the changes coming to the live server on 02.11.2020. Reminder: things that will be added might be subject to changes and adjustments with time if we find it required. 1 - HUNTING ZONES 2 - ITEMS 3 - SKILLS 4 - NEW EPIC BOSS - ANTHARAS 5 - OTHER CHANGES HUNTING ZONES The Hunters guild recovered from one of their expeditions to some ancient temple's library some scrolls mentioning 2 ancient tribes that have been at war since the beginning of their existence. The Ketra orcs and the Varka silenos. Scrolls talk about a mysterious island, with some especial power and some unique relics hidden within. They talk about how this tribes have battled each other for ages in order to gain control over that island, not only for the chance of finding this relics, but due to the strategic position of the island being it was a completely isolated place from the rest of the world and hard for someone to attack it so it would be a very safe outpost for any tribe at war. Reading this, the hunters guild immediately decided they wanted to study this island and this tribes, not only to know what war secrets and combat tactics this tribes might have (being them a warrior tribe for so long sure they would have something you could learn from), but also they were very curious about this relics the scrolls talked about, with some passages of the text mentioning "ancient weapons of great power". They formed a expedition led by Master Hunter Helena, a very young but very skillful hunter in the guild. When the expedition arrived to this mysterious island, they figured out something was not as much as the scrolls described. Upon landing on the island they right away start feeling a wicked feeling of intimidation, like something was living there that they have never seen before, or even heard about it before, and its power was so huge that they could feel it in the air around them... This island definitely had some wicked power about it. When they ventured in the island they quickly realized the stories from the scrolls were no longer real. You could indeed find some ruins and reminiscences of what once might have been a Varka outpost, and not further ahead what was left of a Ketra village, but this tribes no longer live in here. Houses still standing, you can still see their flags up on the poles, there is still weapons and armors and daily utensils laying around, but no sign of any living creature that once belonged to this tribes... Not even any bodies... Shocked by what they found on their first day of expedition and with the fall of dusk, the expedition decides to go back to the beach and set camp for the night. There is more to investigate tomorrow. As the night sets, weird noises can be heard from inside of the island, sometimes heavy stomping, sometimes loud roars, and sometimes just a so strong silence that could make their souls chill. Helena wakes up next morning just to find she is the only one left in the encampment. All the gear from all members is still around, all their equipment, cloths, tools, everything still there, except the members of the team themselves. Left alone in this new mysterious world, young Helena made this her home and decided she would figure out all about this island, being it what now seems to be faulty information from the ancient scrolls, or something else that is going on in that Forgotten Island. RELEVANT ZONE INFO - Recommended levels: 79+. - Characters under level 76 are not allowed in this territory and will automatically be teleported out of the island. - When escapes are used on the island character will be teleported to Aden. Outside zone recommended group: Solo / small group. Inside zone recommended group: Full group. - Monsters on the island are mostly all social and will help each other. - Monsters on the island are mostly aggressive. Pterosaurs patrol the inside part of the island and are slightly stronger then the rest of the monsters and use a set of different debuffs that can go from simple bleeds to stronger debuffs like paralyze. Tyrannosauros can spawn ANYWHERE in the full island, they are much stronger then the rest of the monsters and its advised to not take on them alone. RESPAWN: from 2h to 6h Sailren is the boss of the island, he lives in a hidden cave and will come out only to feed, or to fight whoever is crazy enough to challenge him. RESPAWN: 24h+12h Helena is your friendly NPC in the island. You can talk with her to buy normal grocery items, especial items or to challenge Sailren. ITEMS Together with Frogotten Island territory, a new array of weapons A grade will be available. - This weapons can only be obtained in the Forgotten Island. - Different recipes and parts can be spoiled in the different monsters both on solo and group area. - Pterasaur can give by spoil any recipe or part. - Tyrannossaurus can give by spoil or drop any recipe or part. - Sailren has a small chance of droping the full item. - Create Item level 8 is required to be able to craft this items. Sirra Blade Naga Storm Cabrio's Hand Behemoth Tuning Fork Sobekk's Hurricane Themi's Tongue Shyeed's Bow Barakiel's Axe Daimon Crystal Sword of Ipos Tiphon's Spear PRIMEVAL TALISMAN Helena will have available a new talisman that can be improved into a better one using some items that can be farmed in the island together with the normal items required to make a talisman. NAME EFFECT REQUIRED Primeval Talisman - Scout pdef 19, mdef 16, poison bleed resist/attack 5% stun attack 5% MEN+1 40x Elemental Stone 10x Talisman Crystal CANNOT TRADE/DROP 100x Primeval Bones Primeval Talisman - Searcher pdef 31 mdef 22 poison bleed root resist/attack 5% stun attack 5% skill reuse-1% MEN+1 CON+1 40x Elemntal Stone 20x Talisman Crystal 150x Primeval Bones 100x Dinosaur Tissue CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Scout Primeval Talisman - Ranger pdef 42 mdef 30 poison bleed root resist/attack 5% fear resist 5% stun attack 5% skill reuse -1% mp consumption -1% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 100x Elemental Stone 30x Talisman Crystal 200x Primeval Bones 100x Dinosaur Tissue 10x Carbonemys Shell CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Searcher Primeval Talisman - Escort pdef 51 mdef 39 poison bleed root attack/resist 6% fear resist 6% stun attack 6% skill reuse -2% mp consumption -2% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 WIT+1 100x Elemental Stone 40x Talisman Crystal 250x Primeval Bones 200x Dinosaur Tissue 50x Carbonemys Shell 10x Pterosaur Talon CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Ranger Primeval Talisman - Commander pdef 62 mdef 49 poison bleed root resist/attack 8% fear resist 8% stun attack 8% skill reuse -2% mp consumption -2% skill power +1% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 WIT+1 INT+1 200x Elemental Stone 50x Talisman Crystal 300x Primeval Bones 200x Dinosaur Tissue 50x Carbonemys Shell 15x Pterasaur Talon 5x Tyrannosaurus Fang CANNOT TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Escort Primeval Talisman - Leader pdef 73 mdef 63 poison bleed root resist/attack 10% fear resist 10% stun attack 10% skill reuse -3% mpsoncumption -3% skill power +2% MEN+1 CON+1 DEX+1 WIT+1 INT+1 STR+1 200x Elemental Stone 100x Talisman Crystal 500x Primeval Bones 200x Dinosaur tissue 50x Carbonemys Shell 15x Pterasaur Talon 5x Tyrannosaurus Fang 1x Sailren Claw Adena 50.000.000 CAN TRADE/DROP 1x Primeval Talisman - Commander System works similar way with tower of insolence talisman, you bring the items to Helena and you can try to upgrade your talisman to the next level, note that with exception of first and last level, upgrade can fail and leave you with the same talisman you had or in some cases even delevel it for the version before. SKILLS When killing Sailren, he has a small chance of droping 1 of 3 forgotten scrolls. this scrolls will be usable by any class level 82+ and upon using unlocks the following passive skills. NAME EFFECT REQUIRED Protection of Rune mdef +15% chance to increse further m def when take damage Any class level 82 Protection of Elemental attributes resistance +20 chance to further inscrease m def and attribute resistance when take damage Any class level 82 Protection of Alignment Holy and dark resistance + 20 chance to further inscrease m def and attribute resistance when take damage Any class level 82 NEW EPIC BOSS - ANTHARAS Antharas the Land Dragon has arrived to the club to wreck havoc on everyone who dares to face her. To face Antharas you need to dwell inside of the deeps of her lair. Deep inside Lair of Anthars you will find the Heart of Warding. This is the seal keeping her locked inside of the nest and protecting us all from what would be the world if this evil beast would roam free. The bravest adventures can try to challenge her by using a Portal Stone on the Hear of Warding to be allowed to go inside of her nest. Up to a max of 200 players can port inside to face her at one time. Be advised this is a foe like you never faced before, a daughter of a goddess, a dragon creature born out of evil, hate and spite with only one propose in life, destroy all that exists in the world in the name of Shilen. Bound to be the hardest challenge adventurers have to face since their path started. During the fight Antharas uses a huge list of different type of skills, some of them are only debuffs like paralyze and fear or curses, while other are some devastating damaging strikes, some of them are usually telegraphed by some specific movement she does before using the skills, try to study it to get the hang on whats going on in other to avoid getting your raid force obliterated by some of her skills. At certain stages of raid Antharas will call for the help of her Behemoth Dragons, this counts as a boss itself and will, if survive for long enough, enrage like normal bosses. Make sure you have either someone to control this or you kill them as they spawn to avoid extra chaos. At random occasions Antharas will also spawn a zerg of little dragon bombers, this one will spawn, run from center of the room to the walls and explode when their path finishes, make sure you are no where around one of them by then to avoid massive damage. By defeating Antharas players can obtain a lot of high end items including a new epic jewel - Antharas Earring. NAME EFFECT Antharas Earring mdef 74 mp+9 bleed resist/attack + 5% stun resist/attack +5% Mental resist/attack +5% Healing power +6% MP consumption + 3% Vampiric rage +2% In order to enter Antharas nest player need to obtain a portal stone. this item will be consumed by the Hear of Warding to allow the player to move inside of the nest. Every player wanting to go inside has to have on inventory a Portal Stone. To obtain portal stone players must complete the quest "Audience with the land dragon" Quest "Audience with the land dragon" can be started after lvl 76 by talking with Gabrielle in Giran Town next to the CH auctioneers NPCs Antharas will spawn 20 minutes after the first player ports inside. If no one attacks Antharas for a long time She will go back to sleep and kick everyone out of the nest. Antharas respawn time will be 10days +12h of random window. As per usual on new added epic bosses ANTHARAS WILL BE DEAD ON THE UPDATE DAY AND START SPAWN WINDOW FROM THAT SAME TIME. NOTE: Our Antharas is slightly weaker then the official version, about 30% less stats and less minions will spawn during the fight. This fight will be adjusted with time according to how the raids will go in order to bring it to a stage where it would still pose a big challenge but wont be completely impossible to kill. OTHER CHANGES - Fixed problem with dagger skills facing full stats of crit damage resist effects such as knight heavy armor passive, chant of protection, counter critical etc. From now on blow type skills are ignoring half of the values of this effects as it was supposed to. EXEMPLE: BUFF A gives 40% critical damage resistance, Characters attacking this target will deal 40% less damage on their crits. Dagger skill users will deal 20% less damage on their crits instead of 40% due to the fact dagger skills are meant to ignore half of it.
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  22. after watching all videos i understood that everyone 69'ed with each other
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