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  1. DecaDurabol added a topic in Recruitment   

    DA 52 lvl C grade. LF International CLAN
    Good day,
    Looking for clan to play with.
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  2. vanity added a post in a topic vanityz grocery list   

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  3. Lichy added a topic in I need help   

    E-Mail Transfer or change! NEED HELP PLEASE!
    Welcome Game Masters! I wrote ticket, i add you to Skype but nothing happened yet. Can you please add me to your skype? Or answer me to my ticket?  
    I want to transfer my char from Old E-mail to New E-mail!  
    How much euro ? Or how its works??
    Waiting for your answer as fast as you can please!
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  4. pocani added a post in a topic маг кп   

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  5. datplays added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    i rechecked previous threads about this, coz this one is doubled and tripled alrdy.

    Soil trash previous threads with his not funny images and then opens new thread. He should be not allowed to create new topics.

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  6. skumbre added a topic in Trade   

    bw heavy
    WTB bw breastplate 60% recipe and parts. PM with price
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  7. EtoRazEtoDva added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

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  8. EtoRazEtoDva added a post in a topic Review L2 Classic Club (Обзор сервера л2 кл.клаб)   

    Судя по уровню ДЦП похоже на Сойла.
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  9. driver added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    i guess guys need one chat for all so they can write "LFP ABG". dunno we have 3 ally and dont see a problem.
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  10. Commfort added a post in a topic маг кп   

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  11. skoner added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    more slots for ppl in clan
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  12. qloc01 added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    oh god,i miss you , reaver
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  13. datplays added a post in a topic GMT -6   

    For sure is. But u wont find that out on forum. We got like 1k+ players, but only like 200 ppl reading forum at all. Where u can find 10 GMT -6 readers and u get dissapointed
    Better check it in game on top of ur time, the low lvl spots etc if ppl re farming.
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  14. datplays added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    Soil ffs sake, stop making polls. 1st u dont know how to do them 2nd all ur polls re crap.

    u suggest some sht XX slot XX clan in 3 polls. Theres no poll whats the only right choice: "Original Classic" so for me this thread can be closed bcoz its misguide ppl voting.
    secondary there was already two threads about this crap idea, nobody was interested about to improve ur zerg. Start finally using TS then u dont need more slots.
    As i see on ur vids u re total noob leading alliance using only CC chanel to type

    Again. This poll is crap and should be deleted. U re manipulating votes by misguide ppl. U send ur zerg to vote the option u like.

    Stop making any kind of poll. U wont change anything.
    @Phoenix to revise

    doubling and tripling threads, Soil trash previous thread and open new one.

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  15. SteelWind added a post in a topic monopoli compilation   

    ЧСВ зашкаливает 
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  16. ProGressive added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    Just put more clans into alliance for ally chat. When 2,0 comes PoB will be used for clans skills.
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  17. pocani added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    like a classic
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  18. SteelWind added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    5 clans х 50 members - best deal 
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  19. Lin added a topic in Media   

    That dude who sketched..
    Anyone remember the guy who created sketches of L2? Seemed to be a newer player. He shared some Photoshop/other "landscapes" of Lineage 2. Link me the thread, and I'll send you 1 adena.
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  20. Lin added a topic in Recruitment   

    GMT -6
    Just seeing if there's  anyone  within a prime of GMT -6 on this server.
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  21. Lin added a post in a topic Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    Voted 50-60 people per clan because I'm about 5 glasses of scotch in, and also I feel like having ONE organized group for each major ally would help significantly with communication all-around. Whereas we would have 5-6 clans (puppets included) per major alliance now, we'd have 2-3 clans (at most now) for each major alliance, and easier communication. Plus side: no one needs to shuffle around clan leaders, clans in the alliances, etc.
    I don't see a downside to this. It's not like our server has 1k+ active at one moment anyway.
    The way I interpret this, SoiL, is it's just opening up communication efforts for clans. As a result, there will be more activity all around. So for me, this is a plus.
    But again, I'm 5 glasses of scotch in. Who knows. Deep down inside I really don't give a f u c k.
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  22. SOiL added a topic in Suggestions   

    Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]
    This will solve communication (Don't start saying about CC, we know about CC) and will solve the problem with new clans that doesn't have CH. I guess if there are 3 clans with CH's and merge in 2 clans or even 1, they can sell their CH's to people, it's win x2.
    Why to don't give a bit hapiness to people that doesn't have a CH or a castle? A home to play this game. Now i'm not talking just for newcomers, i'm talking about my folks and even the enemy side. We have people without CH and we have 2 and 3 alliances in each side, I don't get it how they find this option good.
    However, our server is not following official server 100% and that's why is better, I said that before, you people said this also, so why increasing slots at clans may be bad for us,you,folks in server and even our server? I'm not talking about 180 peoples or whatever was that on last chronicles before classic per clan, I'm talking about 60 people, 6 parties per clan. I don't really agree 4 clans per alliance, just added the option in case of people will vote it.
    Our CS's are like 400 people active overall, maybe more. So it could be 6-7 clans, 1v1 alliance, not 3 alliances vs 3 at the same side. 

    Or at least, lets change it at 2.0 when it comes up.
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  23. MoDoy added a post in a topic Suggestion mini patch   

    ​yes, but for me BS is still far away from being a sh1t spot for example, so i dont really need new spot to xp, however cannot say same for 75 lvl, for which mobs are not ideal there, just saying that adding FP zone will just result in many more ppl being 77 lvl once the real patch is released, which isnt anything great
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  24. SOiL added a post in a topic Suggestion mini patch   

    ​Well, it won't open just for us. It will open for you too and if i'm not wrong, forsaken plains is another good area for archers than doom knights-LOA. Best idea could be max lvl 75 + these 2 areas, but people reached 76. (I don't agree either with max lvl 76 at 1.5)
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