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  2. Quest Mania

    So much this. It takes literally under a minute to finish the thing, so just make it a static daily reward please @[email protected]@[email protected]@Manton
  3. Need help plz!

    fijate si escribes bien las ID's de las cuentas... y al juego? te deja entrar? o solo salta en la web el error?
  4. When CHN do Feed !!!

    Hi man, Tell me a reason why i must “hate you?? Maybe I made that picture by photoshop, and upload that video 10years ago? Ok i will stop hating Chinese
  5. Yesterday
  6. When CHN do Feed !!!

    china dota, best dota. china numba 1
  7. OutGoing Team

    нашли пока неактуально
  8. When CHN do Feed !!!

    i dont follow lol , all i know is that korea is dominating it.
  9. My nice screenshot

    if u cover nick or atleast title would be purrfect
  10. When CHN do Feed !!!

    Chineese team won last tournament in lol aswell
  11. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    What does your situation in TOI compare to harbor? What the hell are you on about? The fishing in harbor remains crap and needs to be moved elsewhere.
  12. Quest Mania

    cuze it takes time to do it, than they have to re-add it next patch
  13. Quest Mania

    I wonder why, to avoid all confusions, they didn't remove it from Daily Missions...
  14. Quest Mania

    1. reward of exp scroll is since 2.5 Zaken 2. We are at 2.0 Saviors so the reward is Daily Coins 3. Quest Mania is bugged (not fixed) and u can't finish it to get daily coins. 4. Admins dont care (to not say are unable to) to fix it or atleast make it static to pick these Daily Coins everyday (static same like "login all weekend" and "login all month"). Why static if cant fix? Bcoz it doesnt make difference. If the quest would work all u have to do is start quest and abort it to get Daily Coins (in future exp scroll) so if w.o it the Daily Coins would be able to pick w.o wasting 5min nobody would be hurt, yet nobody decide to do it like this.
  15. Need help plz!

    si me deja! pongo mi id en la pagina y la nueva contraseña y me aparece error de contraseña! Ahora anoche probe en ves de poner mi id puse mi email y la contraseña nueva y entro desde la pagina, pero con mi id de juego no me deja entrar jaja!
  16. when u think it's boring to play support

    Hey BizQQuit, just look what he wonna do at 01:45 to 01:55. With friends like SHTORM you really dont need enemy. Joke, nice POV, GF
  17. Quest Mania

    can anyone translate this?
  18. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    This argue reminds me Paralympic Games... no matter if you somehow "win" with arguments, you will still be cripple...
  19. Quest Mania

    Quest Mania reward is for daily quest - this isnt on our server (and idk if its on classic btw.) .
  20. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    quickly change some of their passwords to even the numbers
  21. wtt demon staff 10 feoh 8

    lf dama/sls overenchanted
  22. SM recruiting pm Valeera

  23. Comeback on best Free classic server

    "posted 3 hours ago" already offline... Casuals
  24. Quest Mania

    Heya folks, Just started on this server. I've made 2 quests and as far as I know there should be a reward of one exp. scroll. However, the reward is not active. Is it not working on this server?
  25. When CHN do Feed !!!

    Im a huge fan of your DotA 2 teams china n1
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