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  2. SoulMate lf CPs

    Thats how i feel login in day time and trying to farm UP
  3. Lietuviskas Klanas "Nosferatu" iesko nauju zmoniu

    Yra nemazai Lietuviu bet dabar ten issivaiksciojo kas i kaire kas i desine jei neklystu CPs pasidare.
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  5. Eu cp lf necro 72+

  6. It is fine to start playing here?

    you mean online activity? i think have about 2k online
  7. English Streamer - Come watch

    Hmm, I wonder why no one live stream on youtube yet, maybe you can try.
  8. English Streamer - Come watch

    If you find your stream from this thread let me know, i don think bumping this thread is effective, prove me wrong.
  9. hola gente se busca a Korgan, cuchillos, alfonso.. cualquier dato avisen.. missing children tucuman aparece juuuannn
  10. Yesterday
  11. It is fine to start playing here?

    500-800? i am playing in another server that has 1200 people and has 2 times more for sure so don't spread inaccuracies
  12. SoulMate lf CPs

  13. SoulMate lf CPs

  14. shitpost

    if i wanted to rly shitpost i would have said that those clips are from AD's hometown. oh well i guess i just did
  15. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    there is nothing to talk about. your ally sucks if you even consider to kill someone with your ally crest.
  16. shitpost

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  17. Game disconnects after logging in

    Hello. Char name? Or you can contact me at skype: koll.classic
  18. shitpost

  19. shitpost

    if ur gonna post bulgarian gypsies, atleast post godo ones myrciu nice versace suit bro
  20. shitpost

    Best ending part ever, is that hardcoreballet or something?
  21. Eu cp lf necro 72+

    EDIT. We play 6 days a week not 5, the only day we're not playing is saturday. If multiple people want to join we will have trials for couple of days to couple of weeks.
  22. shitpost

    big boys are at loa lul
  23. shitpost

    Come join us in hardbass!
  24. shitpost

    hahaha .. ending worth!
  25. Stream

    on, say hi, ill maybe say hi back to you.
  26. basicly it goes like this: - i put the accaunt info in the log in window; - i access the select server window; - i move into the character selection window; - i select a char and i digit the PIN to enter in game; - loading screen pops up for 10~15 seconds; - when it finally loads the main screen in game, it disconnects right after few seconds. basicly it pops up the "you have been disconnected" window, then it sends me back to the login window. i didn't change anything with antivirus or other stuff, it was all working fine 1 week ago. i also tried to do an update via launcher, in case i was missing some new files, but nothing changed. any idea about what's causing that, and a possible solution, will be much appreciated. [edit] i also deleted system and systextures folder meanwhile, re-downloading them via launcher now.
  27. shitpost

    Coming Video rip ahahahahahahahahahahaha
  28. shitpost

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