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  2. Aden Castle Siege Event

    China doesn't need more adena, they are rich. Buy staff +12 for me instead, better investment, ty.
  3. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    thats the reason i call u chaos.
  4. Today
  5. Aden Castle Siege Event

    Up!kiam u will leave? ifc.our manage group has afk for more than 1 months .we just do some serve for newbie of chn ppl now .cus 99%of them dont know english at all .im one of the left active managers .perhaps we will let chn play themself .and stop do serve anymore . 1 years in this server with 1.5..... BTW ...can some part of chn join Biz as 4 side?XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  6. English Streamer - Come watch Late night stream come watch
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  8. Vicious Stance

    I made some tests and i noticed that Vicious stance dont work on AA critical damage but only for daggers blow.On Autoattacks dmg remain the same with or without even if i have lvl 70 vicious stance.Any explanation to this?
  9. Talking Island x3 Huge success!!!

    Hello. Skype: koll.classic
  10. Talking Island x3 Huge success!!!

    How to contact admin? I have creat acc but cant login in game? In web site login good but in game not. When I creat new acc and first time i can login but next time when i try again show me errors login or pass but everithink is corect when i write. whats the problem?
  11. Active sps lf mage cp

    i found a cp ty a lot
  12. Global discussion

    Why not, i will really up it when top party RMT
  13. Estou aguardando uma resposta...

    I think it is less about the "full" part and more about the fact that you put a NG helmet there to trick people into thinking your sale had Doom Helmet too, afterall it is a package sale named Doom Set Heavy.... Obvious scam attempt, stop crying. If it was your first warning, luckily for you, just make ticket and get unbanned.
  14. DS recruitment ppl

  15. Global discussion

    Dont understand how this topic is still open lol
  16. Stream

    Another great stream, hit 29 viewers again, i hope its not rip with 29 computers. Not that great stream pvp wise, we sucked ass today. Not going to stream on saturday, we have day off, also im not gonna stream on siege, id prefer having more fps than stream. Thank you all who tuned in to watch, thank you all for follows, i hope to see you on monday, byebye ily!
  17. Night mode for forum

    +1 switch button for lights off
  18. I appreciate the sentiments, but probably too many ways for people to abuse your solutions in the opposite direction to avoid pvp. I play L2 over other MMORPGs because I love the very specific roles of classes and their requirement for good party play. That was lost on newer versions of L2 and it's lost on higher rate or npc buffer servers. I'm a social gamer, the party is why I play. When I'm forced to solo (or dual box) I'll drag my ass, play 1-2 hours, get bored and log off, repeat daily until I can play with actual people where I'm then happy to sit around for 8+ hours in a party. When I'm forced to solo and all progress is going backwards or nearly halted due to nonstop griefing.. yeah I'll just not bother playing at all cuz I'm not going to get to the goal of not soloing anytime in the foreseeable future. @RipI played retail when it was closed beta, prelude, etc. I played when soulshots were manual use and only for pvp you couldn't win without them. I played when it took a month to get to level 20 and people sat in 24/7 parties unable to leave until their replacement made it there to take over. I get that classic is supposed to be hardcore, but I'm sure you find that easier to say from your lofty 6x or 7x standpoint. From a level 2x support class perspective, there's no point in playing this server.
  19. Stream

    Up as always
  20. Aden Castle Siege Event

    For ppl that dont belong to any of the 4 sides yes
  21. Aden Castle Siege Event

    u dont think 2 billion adena is enough?
  22. Eu cp lf necro 72+

  23. Estou aguardando uma resposta...

    It's difficult, one tells me to create a ticket, to check the penalty, the other comes in the post and says something else. I want to know what kind of justice is using kse. Read the whole post with Koll. I read the rules, And as the (Humilde) said Not written Set FULL, After all neither will I enter into discussion because the set doom heavy takes the shield, in order.
  24. Stream

    Live stream:
  25. Trader at GH

    again? I said above, that I created a post, with several Prints of other players giving something in trade, and selling something else. said that I'm waiting there, but I'm just being answered here, I want to solve the problem, and you need to review that question.
  26. Aden Castle Siege Event

    Any reward for participation?XD
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