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  2. Hello, new CP under construction. Looking for active players over 55 lvl prime time 21: 00-23: 00 + - 1h CEST (every day will be awesome) If you are looking for relaxation after a hard day working in the adult circle, You do not like wasting precious time on some bullshit and have a sense of humor and do not look for bloody revenge on the kids at the gymnasium -> this is the place for you;) For other information or in case of any questions pm Enid (as Prozac on forum) and Kazsyrk on game. (the answer will be 42) *with lov Enid (aka Prozac) PS: If you are looking for flame or drama story or pretend you have more than you have then this is a bad address. Go look for epic uber pro emo hiper seriouse CP with some silly bad ass title
  3. Ah, even 9 + 1 ooc, my bad, sorry seems not strong in maths or just believed in title
  4. UP! LF SE/OL or players on our ready chars !
  5. Vale perfecto iré probando de vez en cuando a ver si te pillo conectado, gracias!
  6. U should have starter buff scrolls, free top ng weapon and free soulshots. Should not be a problem. Haste and ww pots u can buy in grocery store. Use "party matching " button to find AOE party after 20lvl. As already said - only moon armor quest is valuable.
  7. CHN

  8. ur talking out of ur ass as usual, talking about one situation where we waited for u at heart for 30min and u didnt come and we soe-ed out cuze orfen spawned and didnt want to stay at heart cuze u would wait on top of us lol. We accepted ur offer to 9v9, u lost badly, even with empower out of party by your retarded cheating rules and you still cry. In last 5 months i probably died 9v9 to you 3 times total once when u suprised us with low hp 2x pr's and twice in one day on mages cuze we attacked in bad positions and had 7 live ppl. You always want to fight on your own terms and most of the times you lose. Guess what you are the ones that asked for 9v9, you are the ones that cheated with out of party buffs and you still lost without killing a single person. Also you are highier level than us, please go make more excuses. p.s also cuze u cry about epics, the only epics that matter are on my necro and every single epic i used I own and use on my char all the time.
  9. buenas, yo tb llevo poco tiempo y nada de clan español activo por el lorizonte, yo mientras leveo, me he creado uno y subido a lv3 para el extra de exp/mob. Si quieres y me pillas online te doy para que te aproveches, whisp a xoxopelado, karkos o putaoscura, siempre voy con esos 3 leveando
  10. after 25lvl moon armor quest
  11. Thx for the info..much appreciated..i started as a DA but i have a hard time lvling in elven ruins(well no buffs is a pain )but i think everything is gonna be easier if after i find someone to play there any quest in my lvls that worths spending time on it???
  12. Hello, International mage CP recruiting BP, SWS, OL 52+ for more info pm/mail ig "Junachi, "PainDealer, "PelkiuVelnias
  13. UP - recruiting active SE 70+ or player on our ready character and OL 70+ or player on our ready character !
  14. CHN

    Sucking up to Sayomi wont help you with anything. I can't read your bullshit anymore. You speaking like some authistic kid, who lives in his own world. Shut the fuck up dude. China proved many Times that they use many illegal sources to get better items, buy clanhalls or win fights, so your fucked opinion worth 0 here.
  15. For the lvling i'll probbly be doing it on my Dark Knight, since all those are boxes Summoner is gonna be main but since we dont have beast shots atm i'll do it on Knight. and will be much easyer once we get 2.0 with the new macro system aswell
  17. my char in game is Ter0 i cant speak in forum with this nickname why i play with this char in server from 3months and char is not renamed atm that is all
  18. Again same sh1t, once youre pt members already were speacking about "no ballz uchi, doesnt want go coly" , after you cry about it wasnt fair cause i had "epix,castle,etc" PS:About situation that you are talking, we were waiting you're pt about 1h to come heart, but you stayed before sniper farming mobs, biz came to my channel and told me that it's enough waiting for you, and i need to help ally protecting epix. But anyway, you are afraid to speack with me from your main chars/forum acc, always from some sh1tty twinks. PSS: woof woof cp
  19. Use that Damn rocks in the heart and try zone them fear-anchor-arrest-frostblot and kite."Step out of rock hit-step behind the rock and repeat "
  20. xahxhahx ok will see who from cp make screens how time make pr from hearth when we come ... and back with bizz you never stay 9vs9 only ++ cp`s . All server know that and you same ,but no ballz to say
  21. If you are a knight get a brigadine heavy and get in there with pots you will be fine If you are a mage i suggest you mithril More mp more p.def so you can control the situation when 2-3 mobs get on you
  22. Can you proof some of your words? About pr's, full epics? PS: I can send you some daj/rizos movie. Or you think ppl on forum are blind or what?
  24. Count again - you are welcome.
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