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  2. Mounts poll

    necro's power level is directly proportional to the amount of epics you and your enemies have. ES doesn't rely on epics. Also ES carry mass pvp like no char can after 2.0.
  3. Mount Abuse

    OMFG I found someone who believes just like me that custom modifications are a cure to the cancer of this game ! I can die happy now Seriously DEVs you should customise stuff without insisting on announcing it to everyone on the world. Make a balancing thread regarding a particular issue, ask for opinions, if there won't be hords of raging lemmings nuking the thread down, approve it, implement, done, issue fix. It was discussed with community, announced (although not posted with font 291709173 on the main website), your PR work is done, noone should feel liad to. If someone is very interested in a particular custom change he will dig into the forum and find it, but 99% of people (including me) who have no clue how OFFI L2 classic "should work" won't even notice/identify the difference. Gawd it pains me so badly whenever I think even for a swift moment how great this game could be if someone had the balls to do sth about it. I mean outside of fun mass PvP concept, these chronicles are crap. PvP is repetitive boredom based around being 3+ levels higher and stun/fear locking people. Ok sry I might have gone a bit too far with it :f Anyways @Reaper this is what you said: Faster movement to get on your farming spot - AGREED Fster checking for enemies on big landscape spots - AGREED Possible to get some time for regroup once you see enemies comming for you - a bit iffy but could AGREE to this one too Ok so if these are your arguments you should be ok with change like i.e. auto-dismount upon being attacked (Debuffed or damaged). It doesn't affect the benefits of mounts that you appreciate while satisfying some of expectations that plenty of people have regarding mounts PvP being bad for the gameplay. I just want to finish my wall-of-text post by sharing very wise thought which I read on some classic forum (quite recently): "People should stop believing/telling themselves that every bug and/or balance flaw made by koreans on official servers is a planned and intended feature"
  4. Mounts poll

    Not sure about ps but es is really stong after 77+ both in mass and 1v1 pvp
  5. Mounts poll

    Do you really consider ES/PS stronger than NECRO ? I'm not sure if you'r trolling me or not :f
  6. sprzęt dla newbie

    Kurde, czuję się sławny Dodam jeszcze, że jeśli dobrze pamiętam to jakiś sprzęt D gradowy powinien być dostępny z Daily MIssions (te nagrody za wbicie lvli 1-50) ale nie pamiętam jaki sprzęt i na których lvlach :f
  7. Mount Abuse

    Totally agree. Customization is one of this server strongest sides. There are much bullshit on official
  8. Mount Abuse

    I can say that ppl should not adapt to brain-dead staff of NCsoft balance department. I can say that it's obviously made to make more $ with moving OP from 1 classes to anothers with each update. I can say that seeing "a great sense" in the place where it is obviously just a $ greed or stupidity - is stupidity itself. I can say to @San0 - please stop be afraid to send "like on offi" retards to offi servers. And panic ppl "u can broke the balance" you can send the same direction. You can do it better - why to keep the broken things here then? You didnt make custom changes to PRs and what do we see last 6-8 month on the server? Only PRs in archers pt + several HE\SR left only to contest for heroes.
  9. Today

    WTS GREAT PATA +7 pm hare or in game "DanKolov
  11. DividEtImpera - Rekrutacja - Infernal Corpse Ally

  12. Suchen noch Paar Leute zum zocken

    Da wirst du wahrscheinlich wenig Erfolg haben. Ich kenne eigentlich nur noch einen Deutschen Mitstreiter (und natürlich jetzt euch). /summon @chevignon Welche Klassen spielt ihr und welches LVL habt ihr?
  13. Mount Abuse

    I gave this answer in other topic: What i can tell you is no matter what i say, this 20 extra "omigi m0nt sAx, dilete pliz" people wont get persuaded, because they have zero experience with 2.0 and future updates. Its same as when people were saying summoners will be useless when there was discussion to remove custom party pets, and here you are, 3 weeks later those same people are crying they are OP, they can use mounts while using skills with pets, that they can attack you from range they barely can even see you, that their pets have incredible resistance to debuffs, that cubics are OP and should flag if they proc on you, etc. etc. Only thing i can say is that people are stuck in 1.5 and they simply cannot adapt to new changes and new playstyles which 2.0 provides.
  14. Mounts poll

    Because i was talking about necro, not ES or PS or DA
  15. cant log in

    Or it's possible you typed too many times wrong password to your account and got 5-10(?) min temporary-auto ban after which you can attempt to login again
  16. Mount Abuse

    @Reaper lets shift the conversation a bit and instead of everyone trying to convince you that mounts are bad, you go ahead and throw some arguments to why you think PvP on mounts is ok and should stay as it isd now. Maybe you will convince us with solid arguments and prevent 20 extra "omigi m0nt sAx, dilete pliz" threads that will most likely happen during this weekend
  17. Mounts poll

    So you made 11th topic. Damn that's so clever! LOL wtf why TOP5 and not TOP1 ?! Oo
  18. Question about GH.

    Get to the chopaah!
  19. 1 week on 2.0

    2018 we will go 9 v 9. Cant wait ^^
  20. 2 компа по локалке

    гугли hwid l2
  21. Fish exp drop

    Agreed with San0. It always varied for me as well
  22. Fish exp drop

    it was never stable. fish exp varies acording to the charcater level
  23. Question about GH.

    Too uncomfortable? Well bad luck, this is Classic But even if we go that far as making the game more comfortable (which I think shouldn't be a goal on this chronicle), there can be a compromise which would still be around 500 times better than Giran Harbor - simply make the most stressed areas an offline ticket zones instead, and move the free offline areas a bit further from the teleport. This way people with PCs like this can't complain about having to wait an awful 2 extra seconds when teleporting to Giran.
  24. WTB Avadon parts +6

  25. 1 week on 2.0

    Ασαλιωτα με αγάπη
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