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  2. Nope, that's the money that I got selling my heart pieces.
  3. it's not about him(sry for agressive behavior),his clan pk-ed cruma/DV all the time,not allowing new cp's to do something except if u are on his side
  4. I have recorded the 9(+anarchy or ES dont remember well, +3 FUN maybe more pts where all come to attack) vs 2 pts and didnt add it in video. It's clear in the video above that 6 of my ppl attacked and won that round. You can feel boss I don't care we know all what happens every day. What I rly care is to see even more ppl in upcoming 2.0 and see some real challenges (lets be honest I come from official and so far I haven't seen any real challenge last 6 months and the behavior between enemy alliances its childish). I suggest take Soil's challenge if you wanna prove something.
  5. dagger

    WTS demon dagger +3 pm me carterwife
  6. It's vendetta (not nice inviting new ppl to join server and see some stupid ppl start pking because you dont do their favors joining their alliance since 1 lvl, I can avenge them if I like.) and also advertising the server in all of my videos
  7. 9v9

  8. Well it propably happen what koukou said i know its a big deal for you but its not for me Send a payment mail with 1kk name SSC i want that lesser healing pot
  9. Today
  10. man, i am no hater and really liked videos of war. but watched here just 29 sec, the intro words show the butthurt and the willing to avenge the past. and also saw first gang, well it shoulnt be in a movie:))
  11. 9v9

    We will rape you Soil, np. But koukou play in our party
  12. I talk about abg pvp. Ofc we pr after 5 ppl died cos pvp looked like lost already. We tried to kill u 9 v 18 lol, u think we would pr on sight like ur ally cps? Ofc we tried to win.
  13. It took 5 ppl to make you PR...
  14. And I never see you arround in any of them... maybe camping in your clan halls?
  15. Rly you put 18 vs 9 of my pt? Now i feel like a boss
  16. i saw some very very sad pvps here....
  17. im sell demons dagger+6
  18. Next time just u can use function sell and without stress set up cost for your item and he can buy it from sitting char.
  19. I think he didnt give you 1,17kk but he gave you only 173.000k
  20. Buen día, Estoy interesado en comenzar en este servidor, tengo ya bastante tiempo sin jugar al L2 y me encantaria empezar en un servidor classic nuevamente. Existe una buena comunidad de españoles/hispanos? Para mi es importante. Saludos
  21. BTW I tried to re enter to the game, and the adena is not there
  22. Hello, I just did a trade and the adena of this transaction doesn't appear on my bag. I sold a reinforced longbow for 1.170.000 adena to dalena. Trade was with her, negocition was with surimi. I verified the adena, she didn't try to scam me. Please help.
  23. on my own experience when a stable project open 2 different serves is a good revenue for owners, but eventually both servers die, hope you know what you are doing here and dont make a mistake just for a month H5 server...
  24. A new start, with all the fun it means and it brings, is a big atracttion for anyone.
  25. 9v9

    This is even better, because we could have same equip - lvls. An event like this should been made with live stream and before live stream comes, need to be announced to sites (2.0 coming, live event 9v9 bla bla bla) it could be cool for the server. ROK are strong, i think we could lose to them and to few other parties as well, i'm not asking for this to win the trophy we looking for some fun
  26. i read this sh1t and think what the hell this man could do to you so you can act so stupid? the amount of idiots is increasing drastically
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