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  1. delay and very hard to get connection?

    Network issue in DataCenter.  
  2. Logging in...

    Login server down. Workin on fix, please w8.
  3. Logging in...

    Workin on it, please w8.
  4. About the adena droprate.

    XP: x3SP: x3ADENA: x3 (amount) <-- not chanceDROP: x3 (chance)SPOIL: x2 (chance) x1 (amount)QUEST: x2 (xp/adena)Raid Bosses: x1 (chance) As Koll said, It was bug. We get report about it. We fixed it. After all everyone is affected by this change not only the ones who complain.
  5. [FIXED]Quest in Oren from Galiberdo

    This quest was added in Classic 2.0, in 1.0 database it was not available. It will be disabled.
  6. Drop Spoil Addon

    Yes, you are allowed to modify your client to have that info added. We will try integrate that if we have enough time by the grand opening.
  7. Old accounts

    The accounts on website are disabled at the moment, we've changed our host/data center. 
  8. New here.

    1. Yes, we have around ~100 testers daily. 2. 24th Oct 3. Yes Welcome!
  9. I'm glad to present you new team members!

    ​Since we have a date now could you inform us please if the deal with the other private server went through? Everybody would like to see this project being revived because playing a grindy, low rate server can be succeeded only with high population especially in the beginning to get the economy started.. ​ Hey, NicolaasNL We decided to merge the other private project under our domain -, as you can see already.
  10. Provisional Clan Halls

    We did not enable them yet, we have the system working but they are disabled, we are not sure if they exist in Classic 1.0, if anyone can confirm it, thank you!
  11. Lightning Strike

    Please offer detail information of what is not working right.
  12. SoulStone and Spiritstone with weight still not fixed =/

    We did not reboot, that's the reason. But thanks.