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  1. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    This video is good only becouse im in it
  2. Massive disrespect TKD!

    ye it was his prophet or something...
  3. Massive disrespect TKD!

    He was jus killing me each time i bress myself, probably he thought wl with no cp and buffs has no chance against him fully buffed + dances.
  4. Massive disrespect TKD!

    Just wanted to say thanks for our smart friend who likes to pk people few times in a row ,i took a reward for my 30x bresses i bought few days ago. Next time be carefull #TheHun - rest in peace.
  5. Valentine's Chest Event!

    If there is no cloak reward in event - fail event !
  6. Mercenary for hire

    WTB "the hitman" target Anytime , buying for 2 hours...you can start on his prime time.
  7. owner theray /thegay

    maybe TheHomo name would be better?
  8. Daily Reward

    liar !
  9. Hello FOG

  10. Hello FOG

  11. When Anyone dont know where we

    Im not offended at all ,im just really excited and i hope you reroll to WL also, like ganja did, and you show us how to make some Warlord stuff.
  12. When Anyone dont know where we

    And that not trash wl is your second char probably?

    Few days ago i saw guy selling 31x tablets for like 3.1kkk, maybe farm adena and try to buy it.
  14. B vs C grade