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  1. Dude u had 6lvl tali ,+16 dagger and u telling something about op chars when u cant even reach lvl 70? Go lvl up not farm money,and u gonna be op "char"
  2. This guy just wants to make more money from it, he had 6th tali and sold it , want more.Dont be greedy!
  3. Best duo for exp/pvp and or money

    vr sux, pp will give all buffs u need + clarity and recharge from ee.
  4. Easy Farm

    Pure magic.
  5. Easy Farm

    This bastard V4siukas....
  6. Clan Unity

    when i use it lasts only for 15mix and thats it not for 3hours as it says.
  7. Siege 5/11/2017

    he broke my back with this golem.
  8. Violation of 1.14 rule

    Im wondering how does he manage to do such big camera distance on second screenshot :DD
  9. Violation of 1.14 rule

    You deserve perma ban on youtube for ur mindblowing videos!!!

    my london sux
  11. Clan Syndicate

    Maybe i can help you with this contact me ingame

    easy frags inc.
  13. Castle Siege

    I agree i die alot, mostly when i solo im suicidal and just haveing fun. Also you always with few ppl on ur back like pistolas and etc, so please dont speak about my pvp/targeting skills none of us are perfect we make mistakes and there is lots of circumstances why i stunned him you or ur friend in that pvp like bd or tank agro. And i dont agree with ur "solo dying around the map from everything with karmian or better" , big part of 1 vs 1 when i meet someone from war i win, lots of shit happened when i solo just im rly upset i didnt recorded any of them.
  14. Castle Siege

    Can u learn me Sensei? sorry for my targeting issues ill try to improve it ,and if its not secret tell me ur ingame name since i dont know who the fck are u.
  15. Caruso, the man who did nothing

    Maybe there is slight chance that ure drunk right now ?