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  1. who said i dont know, read (understand) then read again @pistolas .
  2. What try, i were not such cry baby like these ones are... i tryed to do something with my pt mebers but .... Dont remember if i had war with him , most likely yes.
  3. People cry cry cry and cry , i did that i will do this and i know where to find you guys...Dafuq is wrong that,people did same to me,i was low level pistolas was fearing me to mobs and etc its fun , its part of game ,and if you want to farm only - go play farming simulator, without this shiit its aint L2 anymore!
  4. V4siukas


    2.0 dabar viskas cia greit
  5. V4siukas

    The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    @Xafi <---- This moron everywhere...
  6. V4siukas

    1st serious destroyer pov

    OHOhohohoh V4 baby , i got deleted !!!!
  7. V4siukas

    Dark Screamer ++++

  8. V4siukas

    Dark Screamer ++++

  9. V4siukas

    Dark Screamer ++++

    WTB Dark Screamer +++ pm/mail ingame "V4siukas !
  10. V4siukas

    Disrespect for United Clan!

    rooting randoms in abg*
  11. V4siukas

    Disrespect for United Clan!

    Modoy sorry for that, i know we could do better...not gonna happen again
  12. I just want to say big thanks for chinese summoners party at TOI 11 , a little tip for you guys dont AFK.
  13. V4siukas

    Log in problem

    he probably bought stolen (cheap) item from Giran Harbor.
  14. V4siukas

    Rizos #7 Ya DDshnik

    1:58 best spawn kill ever, mah hero !