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  1. SoulMate lf CPs

    You hurt my feelings...
  2. SoulMate lf CPs

    OH what a shame, ill try next year.
  3. Chinese want to say

    Leonidas why u keep stibas photo ,is he atractive for ya or what?:D post ur own photo here or no balls for that ?
  4. Music Thread

  5. Music Thread

  6. rip in peaces

    what the ... :DD
  7. looking for emi+15

  8. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    was fun
  9. rip in peaces

    first song name ?:DDDD
  10. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    The part of 1 vs 9 was best...
  11. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Not gonna waste time with such a crap like u
  12. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Nono ure best gladi in server for sure, and myrciu is best ..mhm now dont know which one is better...zacman is best too...oh and monster , monster just DEAD
  13. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Need a tissue?
  14. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    mad or zacman and monster cant defend u anymore?
  15. Buff Scammer be carefull

    its not 1lvl char, i bought buffs from him few times and i was buffed, also he forgets to put mental haha.