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  1. I am not crying already quit from 1.5 years . but just in case they will make a new server i just share my point of view . or let’s say feedback for the staff of what i think is going to be more appropriate. it was wonderful experience to play classic . and as the staff satiated they are not hoping for a miracle to come and they are doing there best on this server. but this topic wasn’t intended for the current server . Just using my own logic to say what is right maybe i am wrong maybe i am right who knows . it was a simple massage for the future
  2. Just came back to check the ice cold winds standing near to a look a like npc’s in aden had a little belief that someone will break the sleep and eventually move nah nothing. went to the new zone empty gc fi empty went on my lvl 30-70 boxes same thing all zones are empty i know i am not typing anything new so what’s the point of this massage . simple for the idea of adding new server then merging it . its more complicated than what you all guys think let’s take several points and let me try to clear some of them . 1. Lineage 2 private server community is sadly decreasing faster than ever even mmo’s as a whole . According to more than 50 individuals that i had an impact over the years and it’s not based on this server but a statistic over all l2 servers i played in the majority say this will be my last experience and my last fun with l2 then they will quit . player base is aging and no fresh blood is getting introduced to this game and it’s not appealing as the new mmorpg games lost ark , new world , final fantasy 14 ect . 2. The idea of a new server that it will get merged later on is not the solution on a server that lost 90+ % of his population. why is that you may ask because all the new comers will clearly come for short amount of fun and simply leave because after merge let’s say about 1 year as an avarage there will he max 10 refined core aq orfen . maybe 1-2 zaken and 0 baium again it depends on the server population. so all the hard work that happen can be devalued by 2 individuals of the old server . if that’s not a big deal joining oly with players lvl 83-85 will be impossible to play against . 3. Why not just making a server and keeping it separate from the old one . lineage 2 servers isn’t made to live for that long any way . 4. What are the odds of new players coming to the least popular chronicle of all time numbers speak for it self . In the end player base is shrinking in very fast base . I encountered alot of comments like yea let 300 new players farm epics so 2 korean’s will get most of the epics with single credit card swipe each . the new server idea if it happens it will be the only attempt that it could happen to make another player base play classic . and investors and server staff can make a living out of it . merging can be amazing idea with server that has 2000 online players . (20 moving in dion -10 in gludio 100 in aden . but not 1530 and all the zones are empty litterly all the zones i checked every single on of them in eu prime and asia prime in low lvl . Let’s not try to kill 2 servers 1 is enough and it was super Successful 6 years speak for it self it’s time to move on . i would like to end it like this . i know it’s hard to see your 3-5 years of hard work go away and imagining some dreams on a new wave of players come to increase the value of your hard work . forget your greed you already done your achievements in the end it’s a video game for fun and the whole point of mmos is the community. i already throw everything behind i would love to see new server announcement without merge. see you in the new server i guess
  3. I don’t play here any more but you are comparing 2 baium rings 2 titans with 2 weapons are hitting for less than c grade blunt + 15 . while i have gs + 18 and dragon slayer + 16 .
  4. True . You know what also true my point i list above you can’t fix that by admin side
  5. True let’s take more advanced example essence is what after classic . raid bosses take more than 30 min to kill by 100 k euro stacked party you will see alot of people try to interrupt and try to get it alot of times it leads to clan wars and the stronger clans get it . i agree on that BUT . lets take eu side at eu prime ppl didnt pvp from 6 months because eu prime is dead after wu ally break down from last year . you need new side new ppl to fight against ppl leaving the ally . if you say kicking the Chinese and the Koreans make 0 difference because they don’t see each other at eu prime witch it’s around 5-6 am in asia . look at the other side China prime and Korea it’s amazing daily pvp madsive fights mini sieges at Fi it’s wonderful. thats my point when i said it’s on us not them bring 100 more players you will pvp trust me eu prime is a myth and empty
  6. The pvp part is on us not them . And you can’t fix that . unless your cp leave the side and declare war on every one that’s other story
  7. Nah this thing is dropped not crafted should be easy
  8. Everything is tradable with baium rings kappa
  9. @San0 with new runes you are making orcs Ridiculously over powered i think it’s still max crit rate with hunter song if not should be max with zealot frenzy it’s like free 80% baium ring for orcs if you take runes lvl 10 . other than that it’s wonderful update good job for real . forgot to mention new shilen templar buff just wow if you compine everything solo farming is better than ever
  10. i would like to add RB farmers is like 500-800 pvps from Delvl . there is approximately i can say around 2000-2500 pvp kills like that
  11. now my final question to this topic will you be surprised if any of Those RB farmers Login 4 Se lvl 80 ? . by that move don't you think you will just make Raid boss farm just for Rb farmers . first let me define RB farmer a guy who kill 70 RB in 1 Zealot and all the bosses below and i am persoanlly capable of killing 75 RB in also 1 zealot +30 seconds oh hitting normally ( on some bosses ) but most of them 1 zealot so don't you think you are just making stuff harder for randoms . like my clan has more than 6 SE lvl 80 it's not hard to login 4 or even making 4 Se 80 in my perspective you are just making new struggles to randoms . it's not hard to gate twice you know . --> wc pp bd orc orc SE SE SE SE that will be the main set up for farmers . and let me tell you 1 more thing in advance all RB farmers include Luckii ( intel69) and me (Wacao69/wmwm) we are not farming alone we are farming as 2 guys and we have a clan that always leach exp behind our back i don't know how this topic can really be changed but i suppose you will remove all the competition to us so randoms with not proper setups that run to 70/75 rb they cant start it so they have to wait those rb farmers because making Charecter lvl 80 won't take more than 5 days . if this change really happen for us i will be more than happy but i don't know the reflect to the general people There is 1 way to find out right ? . my point that i was trying to make in this conversation you cannot make damage to the Top 0.1 % but you will definitely make critical issues the further you go down . when i start my conversation it's double Edge topic here is why : you may think you will hurt rb farmers but they have (Easy) solutions did you dmg them Not Really because all rb farmers are aware of this topic and they already making the answer by making at least 4 SE 80 . you just raise awareness to them and they already let's say done with this hill but if this actually happen RB farmers will have 0 issues but for it because they are already prepared but for new people it's 1 more struggle like come on let's be honest current server population will not allow randoms to kill 65 + Rb alone some time facts is facts thats all i have . for me personally i will be happy if this change come to the server i will kill the competition for me so smaller Rb farmers that Try to get 2-3 Rb's per day i will have them for my self . and randoms will just Beg for CC and spam chat of my orcs like always . but if you want my advice from an experience of killing more than 5 000 + bosses i lost the count already maybe much more it's very very bad idea . thats all i have changes not always good
  12. any way to prevent Farmers from using SE 80(Life steal) at 70 + RB ? while they are delvled to 78
  13. so Reading this actually an interesting double edge Topic here is Why :- . So mr/mrs.Reddish is saying Raid boss farmers are just making unpleasant Experience to the new comers : . 1. They are not getting as much experience To skyrocket to 3rd Class With there Karmian Set and Kris dagger . 2.that one of those potential 15 players has a small chance of getting acceptable drop like 4 % each 70 RB to Get Top B weapon that get sold for 20 million to help him a little in his journey . 3 . after 30 Rb's When they hit lvl 76 Some one Maybe hit the lottery to Get 2 Top B weapons So maybe he can invest in Top B set + weapon for his Class And still dying in 1 shot in GC . Now lets change to my perspective and lets see how it's actually processed in that old Player mind : . First things first i would like to address adding reflect Dmg to raid bosses For Top farmers is next to useless They have Already Top items possible (Zaken/ Baium) and fighting with no soul shots will be very easy way to killl the raid boss with healing Boxes + BD dance for reflect + bw +8 + zaken 3 2 . i heard some rumors That there is a skill for SE called Lord of Vampires that you Get at lvl 80 that will make you life steal for more than 100 % with the other reasons i typed above So the reflect dmg is not effective in this case . 3.People in Daily RB 65 cant even kill the first boss alone efficiently they struggle dramatically Every time they Try - ( There is a Guy killing 3 RBS at daily + the potential dk's) and all that zerg of randoms Did not Even kill the first one and he is just fighting with couple of orcs . 4. is a conclusion of the point 3. you are making the life much harder for the new players if they Struggle to kill 1 65 RB at the highest population possible for that case do you think they can kill 70 RB that he is generally x2.5 stronger than 65 RB + With reflect ?(i am talking about the size of 12-14 players) + finding Tanks + Healers + Buffers in Every boss is near to a dream . 5.Big clans is getting anoyyed of those RB farmers so they want to make (argument / pretext/plea/excuse) choose the one you like) of RB farmers killing 70/75 RB's in there Prime Time so how can they fix That so they throw that idea ahead While they dont know and never know What kind of DMG / potential those Rb farmers has and they never will because no offense Each Rb farmer has 2-3 Clans Worth of items . 6. They hope There idea (SOMEHOW ) <-- lets mark it with a (?) will work So there clans in there prime time come with 2-3 parties and they secure the Drops for them selves . 7.My first impression from reading this Topic with all my respect to him He is Trying to make 70 + Rbs like -->Epics<-- so big sides will take them for them selves . 8.he dont like that 1-2 players kill Raid bosses in there prime Time while they are helpless from doing any thing . 9. randoms is Getting Command channeled 80% + of the times . (Useless information) 10 . so the benefit for randoms in Raid bosses is for a Short amount . 11. i highly recommend new players to farm in normal zones and lvl up because in raid bosses the benefit is so small and it wont support them in the long term . so in the end Farmers has full items that reflect is almost useless 2. if its hard for them they just login SE 80 and GG EZ .(unless you guys want to rework the game around raid bosses that would be interesting ) i think big clans in there prime time want the Drops for them selves and 69 the existence of there prime make it family Friendly environment and they dont like some one out of there prime to go inside for there cute family moments like for real go to discord / this forum discussion it just draw big Cp leaders and old players for there own benefit i mean it's obvious . my recommendation is to stop crying at 6 years old server and you have to deal with it . Edit: Don't Let Your Envy Kill you