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  1. Don't worry our lovely admins will introduce lucky wheel so we can gamble exp scrolls and cure our real life addiction <3
  2. Attention: The only reason I am typing this is to Raise awareness and have civil discussion about couple of topics : ... 1. The First thing that really caught my Eye was Wit nerfs // Dex improvements it was clearly focused to change the old mage pvp meta . let's start with wit as you guys stated : WIT 1-30: +5% → +3.5% per 1 point of WIT WIT 31-99: +2.5% → +1.5% per 1 point of WIT. so to my calculations 30 wit was 150 % bonus it got decreased by 45% to 105% . so all mages with no dyes are now weaker approximately by 30 % this also effect buffs dances ect ect ... so now we have 30 % less cast speed let's say and 30 % m.crit it's not 30 % nerf it's more the cast speed alone is 30 % over all dmg nerf and the 30% crit nerf is another layer on it . and let's not forget that cast speed nerf will nerf kiting by alot ( the natural way mages play in pvp ) . after ress with no dances or buffs for example it will be way more crucial . BUT THERE IS A PLOT TWIST now lets see dex : DEX 1-30: +0.9 → +1.2% per 1 point of DEX . DEX 31-99: +0.5% → +0.8% per 1 point of DEX . if we do the same calculations above fighters in general get 33 % buff in dex also will get effected by buffs ect ect . who greatly advantages from Dex Archers// daggers . if we take it to human dagger it will be more frequent on how better his land rate will be . i think it's fair . but for ARCHERS it's diffrent story because in all lineage 2 chronicles Best classes for pvp and to farm frequently is archers . lets take dark elfs for example who can 1/2 shot robe users in pvp now he crit more he cast faster and he is ranged that means they will do better at kiting and crit more frequently attack faster . do this charecter who can 1/2 shot at early game need such a buff ? . it may be acceptable for mages if seraphim buff still in the game or that passive (forgot the name) . question 1 : we will see an apearance for one of them or both atleast ? question 2 : daily quest and Adena i dont think its good to make inflation from the start . the idea of the quest to lvl up faster is great and the adena part is also good but not from the start it can be abused . i can make 10 chars and make 10 quests daily 10 rewards + the drops it will be great source of income . will you guys decrease or remove adena reward form the start . Question 3 : . Best Dyes the +3 - 1 // +4 -2 // will we get any drops improvements in the future . if we take talking island x3 as an example there was max of 10 dyes in the server and it took 7 years at least make it realistic to obtain . Question 4 : Fears / stuns hello ???? . i don't need to type Question 5 : there will be auction house on new server right ? and lastly PLEASE CHECK HELEMTS ENCHANT RATE FUCK THIS SHIT it's not correct . thank you in advance i hope the community share // add stuff or whatever .
  4. Jokes on you it's HARAM . maybe the effect of shawarma with 4 energy drinks or i am just toxic piece of shit i accepted it truely from the source my soul long time ago . and i am loving it so far
  5. The thing That we are asking for is Simple We are not looking for the current server they can keep it Online it's irrelevant For the people Who already Quit . The point is we want new Server we know it's gonna happen Because the attention it reflected in the Past few days optimistic Confident and Most importantly cheerful . First Things First : optimistic. Past mixed with Nostalgia surrounded with fun and surrounded with care from our lovely Gm's @San0 @Koll Who proved they are peace makers and solution finders and l2 players in their core . all this Good energy will deliver a solid thoughtfully structure for something is not found physically a Null a Void it's like your belief when you see the neighbor 6 years old daughter and you Hit That dark joke :- she will have lovely future and even more lovely figure and definitely the belle for my belly . it's funny Dark But it has some Truth beside of the fact that's it's a joke . how do we know you may ask(server perspective) simply Experience we saw we played we tested and we .. we... we... . several if not tens of servers in our life time and hey i know the time is going fast but it's been 20 years since this game got released . Confident : when i talk about confidence i mean this guy @iAxZp . no need further explanation . cheerful : Community is The aspect of making MMO an MMO A Massive Multiplayer online game . but hold on a second we are missing something don't we the Massive part believe it or not this kind of games designed to be massive . the after math of discord invasion from well known old players is something we have to admire this 5-8 players are not individuals they are influencers Leaders and most Importantly Toxic males who are willing to Shrink there genital area to dominate someone emotionally and create some permanent mental damage IRL . and those are the players will most likely bring 100's of players to the New Era . it was hard for me also to leave the server it was my life for a year it's like my grandfather refusing to sell his 70's Mustang because of Legacy . but you are more involved my guy Legacy Stupidity and most importantly Paypal :wink: . i wonder what was your wife's reactions about the Questionable amount of Transfers on your Wechat . we ain't asking you neither to leave to join us nor to stay and play a SMO Solo Multiplayer Online Game . We don't care to be honest . and in the End server investors will make the best decision for there pockets it's the only logical situation . but i know i will see you in the new server and i will spit on you you will be exhausted to even whipe it up from your face and will DRY leave a sign of smell like how road whores smell Cum from 70 cm away but you are special it will be my Spit it will honor you . once a slave always a slave
  6. New Server With unNerfed Bosses NOICE !!! i will be definitely in . Zealot Frenzy PEW PEW PEW . i can't wait
  7. @Sensei. you know what is the definition of a joke. when punch of randoms some how get a Dodge challenger Hellcat and put (Hello Kitty) sticker with rainbow LGBTGBNOIFQWEA attack helicopter MAO<ASMSGODFMPTB Stuff . and THEY PUT 2000 horsepower engine to fix every time you reach max speed. is the 700 horsepower Hellcat original model with the company black color isn't enough well its gucci but you know i have The only dodge challenger in the city with hello kitty sticker and weird stuff you will get fame you will get kinda respect with the car dudes but as a joke . modifying what 1B dollar company did is always bad when you go to extremes . you know when it comes as good as possible when people spend there life on cars as a team never as single . but they never make something extreme . on my dodge challenger i will put my best 3 letters first letter of my family mother father RMT with Lineage 2 classic club because those are my favorite stuff in life . man if you don't know what the fuck you are doing so don't do it simple as that . if you take rolex for example just peeling the plastic from the watch instant 500-1000 euro drop from the value modification on something top Tier and stand alone up there and unique will remove the Experience the History the Taste of the Day Date for example . Gold White Gold Plat or Rose gold its still the same watch dont dent alot of eyes will never blink toward it again and lose alot of value
  8. i miss it 2 Q_Q . not for sale
  9. I have a theory if someone was good at his job and someday he started fucking up and delaying his work to fix it after some time the general view of people around him will eventually be in a decline. he achieved what he wanted a delay. that means x amount of money for y amount of work was enough at some point people appreciated the work he got a promotion Finally he achieved THE promotion. jobs are like anything in life its exchangeable like genders dick size boobs transplants fake abs yea that's a thing recently then the company started to realize he is getting more than what he is achieving he was the CEO the investors made 3 fast punches -3000 $ each in a 3 months row pew pew pew. he started not giving a fuck and doing minimal stuff before it hits a red flag he fix it but people sniff sniff. and others lick. some people lick and sniff. and sniff lick and you are sniff lick my man you are playing it right. you the G my man. the lazy CEO always listens to his right-hand money makes people blind it and will always be more impactful if you are in the second row you are running the company. my suggestion is to listen to Nancy as I said he is the G. fuck I am bored I want bots like in Fortnite at least they try to hide and fix something at the same time am i right or not mistaken
  10. I am not crying already quit from 1.5 years . but just in case they will make a new server i just share my point of view . or let’s say feedback for the staff of what i think is going to be more appropriate. it was wonderful experience to play classic . and as the staff satiated they are not hoping for a miracle to come and they are doing there best on this server. but this topic wasn’t intended for the current server . Just using my own logic to say what is right maybe i am wrong maybe i am right who knows . it was a simple massage for the future
  11. Just came back to check the ice cold winds standing near to a look a like npc’s in aden had a little belief that someone will break the sleep and eventually move nah nothing. went to the new zone empty gc fi empty went on my lvl 30-70 boxes same thing all zones are empty i know i am not typing anything new so what’s the point of this massage . simple for the idea of adding new server then merging it . its more complicated than what you all guys think let’s take several points and let me try to clear some of them . 1. Lineage 2 private server community is sadly decreasing faster than ever even mmo’s as a whole . According to more than 50 individuals that i had an impact over the years and it’s not based on this server but a statistic over all l2 servers i played in the majority say this will be my last experience and my last fun with l2 then they will quit . player base is aging and no fresh blood is getting introduced to this game and it’s not appealing as the new mmorpg games lost ark , new world , final fantasy 14 ect . 2. The idea of a new server that it will get merged later on is not the solution on a server that lost 90+ % of his population. why is that you may ask because all the new comers will clearly come for short amount of fun and simply leave because after merge let’s say about 1 year as an avarage there will he max 10 refined core aq orfen . maybe 1-2 zaken and 0 baium again it depends on the server population. so all the hard work that happen can be devalued by 2 individuals of the old server . if that’s not a big deal joining oly with players lvl 83-85 will be impossible to play against . 3. Why not just making a server and keeping it separate from the old one . lineage 2 servers isn’t made to live for that long any way . 4. What are the odds of new players coming to the least popular chronicle of all time numbers speak for it self . In the end player base is shrinking in very fast base . I encountered alot of comments like yea let 300 new players farm epics so 2 korean’s will get most of the epics with single credit card swipe each . the new server idea if it happens it will be the only attempt that it could happen to make another player base play classic . and investors and server staff can make a living out of it . merging can be amazing idea with server that has 2000 online players . (20 moving in dion -10 in gludio 100 in aden . but not 1530 and all the zones are empty litterly all the zones i checked every single on of them in eu prime and asia prime in low lvl . Let’s not try to kill 2 servers 1 is enough and it was super Successful 6 years speak for it self it’s time to move on . i would like to end it like this . i know it’s hard to see your 3-5 years of hard work go away and imagining some dreams on a new wave of players come to increase the value of your hard work . forget your greed you already done your achievements in the end it’s a video game for fun and the whole point of mmos is the community. i already throw everything behind i would love to see new server announcement without merge. see you in the new server i guess
  12. I don’t play here any more but you are comparing 2 baium rings 2 titans with 2 weapons are hitting for less than c grade blunt + 15 . while i have gs + 18 and dragon slayer + 16 .
  13. True . You know what also true my point i list above you can’t fix that by admin side