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  1. you know you can farm with rabbit with bw +8 . this nerf was mainly for PVP more Than Pve . Glad they dont have Rush the main reason Tyrants Are Farming Gods is there Rush and fast cast Hex
  2. Can you please Have 1 proof ? . It Was A Fair Trade With Pey it has nothing to do With RoolBack . And the DS + 13 For me And it has nothing to Do With Theprophetx
  3. First Things First Theprophetx Has nothing to do With me . he is other player other person This happend 2 months ago if i am not mistaken Gm make What had To be made. and Theprophetx is 100 % clean and (he) can prove it in any given day .
  4. Mad Never Competition is mandatory Its the part of The Fairy Tail . I just login And killed 2 bosses And those big mouth Players Logged off Doer + kargo (they are multiple ppl ) 3/4 +. RMT Is A big Word And you Should have proof before Saying Random Stuff like you Are :D. have Best Destroyer Server in the game with more Than 5 B + 16 Items Dragon Slayer + 13 and many many more items . Hard work of Years No place To rmt
  5. No NcSoft made a unintended Bug For Raid Bosses something not intended . Now We power lvl our pvp Charecters Losing Every single one i highly Doubt That We will see in Futer Days
  6. And the main Topic Got Greatly Shifted settle it down Its Moon Bright As You're Personality . In the End no Hate That's My job in life To change Some people. criticize is something good for all of us Use it To You're side
  7. Aggression . Special Personality --> Welcome To the invoker Modoy . look bro no Hate You don't know Who i am Bellion is Just Farming Figure it Changes From time to time .You mentioned Questionable Stuff We Are Here For A >Solution< Not for a >pollution< .
  8. Already Mentioned It it will Be a benefit For The Whole Community Including me . am i a part of The community i doubt Yes .
  9. I will gladly tell you like its clear as the water you don't know the income that RB farmers Make . LVL 65 RB Do no Drop Top B Weapons IF it Got Removed It will Be like A wind that moved Under Our Armbit There is no Value of it . The main Reason Why we Do it : 1. Why not . 2. We Exp our boxes // Clan members. IF you look At revenue its Slim To Non Of Our whole Business It is not Pressured Just to Rb Farm There is alot of profitable stuff out there
  10. Would You Think Removing The Essence Frome The Game Is the Way To go i may be mistaken Could You explain The Pro's And Con's pf This Selution
  11. First of all I am Not Chinese I Already Said I Get More Than Enough from it Me and My partner Already full Epics We Should Search For a Path Instead Of Typing Questionable Stuff. You're Words Is A mirror For You're Self Just Wipe it Up . and Dont let The -->Envy<-- Side Controll You At the End It's just a Virtual Game nothing to stress About
  12. You know There Is a Big Chunk of players Just play in DAily Rb Time Would that Be healthy For the server ?